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Brian     Saturday November 13, 2010

Dear God NO diseases in life never and no diseases in life either for my family never. NO cancer, no stroke, no heart attack, no diabetics, no gall stones, no kidney stones, no high blood pressure, no diaysis, no rare diseases, no blood clots, no blood disorders, no alzehemer disease, no parkinse disease, no infections, no tumors, no health problems, no blindness, no hospitals, no tranpslants, nothing and no accdients or injuries in life never and no accidents or injuries in life either for my family never. I want to be cured now of keratocous left eye cornea problem and I want to have normal vision left eye again and never go blind never. I got this 5 years ago. I have blured vision. I need healing and miracle now. I want to meet a nice women now. I am 35 years old. I am getting older now. I have a disablity. It sucks being disabed. I want to meet someone now between 30 and 35 years old never married or divorced and no kids. I had friend disabed and no disabed use me. Why are people so meat to me. I am a nice guy and I don’t understand. I thought this women I like JOanna liked a couple of years ago and used me also. I wish god I wasn’t disabed and born normal. It’s hard to meet someone. I wish god I wasn’t disabed anymore. I wish I could be smart and do things like non disabed people can. I have bad luck and in general. I go to church every sunday. I want to win the lotto also. I feel women don’t want to go out with me because of disablity. I hope and pray god you can find me the right person now and she wouldn’t care about the disablity. I want to lose weight and be heatlhy. I want to live a long life without no health problems at all never. I want to be happy now. NO hurrricanes or earthquakes never and no big storms and no disasters either. Pray thing will get better now and be cured now of my eye problem and never go blind never and healing now and pray I will meet someone now.

krishan     Saturday November 13, 2010

Dear god i think no body knows me better than you do , dear god you know what i want …..please help me on this …please…

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A sinner     Saturday November 13, 2010

Dear God, I can’t do this on my own. I need your help. I owe the bank more than $20000. I need to find money for renovation which costs $30000. Please help me with my plans, I just need enough to get over all these financial issues.. Please.. I can’t do this on my own.. Please help me… I can only turn to you for help.. One of your children, A sinner

darryl dunlap     Saturday November 13, 2010

dear GOD i got laid off today and it came as a shock but some how i knew it comming, please look after me again like you always have ,i trust you and i know you will find me something else even better i know you will, in jesus christ name amen.

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ABBA FATHER     Saturday November 13, 2010

Lord you know the troubles I had these past few years. I have struggled with being in your perfect will and feel so betrayed….abandoned…Your Will… I know you hold those in ministry in higher accountablility..and I’ve made things as they should be. Married….seeking ministry…then now jobless and in debt… trapped…but why all these trials..Loosing my house, our family vehicle, the chaplaincy (dropping out due to financial debt to Vanguard University), going from one rental to another. The more I try and do ministry the more troubles I get. Now, I can’t even stay in the chaplaincy.. where is your help God. How am I to minister where I can’t even use my education because a Christian school says I have to pay in full for even the Army to pay for my Masters. I was most happiest in ministry in the army.. I feel my wings cut and trapped in this life of misery. All these 15 years of dedication, purity, directing, ministering.. I’m living JOB’s curse….I pray that not to be so.. Dispite these cercumstances I still trust you..My children are my blessing.. I’ve tried to look at them as my joy and blessings. You have kept them safe and healthy and that is what keeps me trusting in you… hopeing and telling them things will get better. All my secretes and short comings you know.. I repent is the wicked blessed more than I… I’ve helped the poor, my family, my friends, the orphan…done missions since a teen…lead ministry.. Can I not be blessed too…I feel all that has been told, that I’ve learned of you works for all those I’ve told.. but not me. Why is that Lord… SELA

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sudha     Saturday November 13, 2010

loving god in heaven, me in helpless and hopeless, failed in everything at last came before your knee, dont know what to do, no future hopes, i dont know how many days i live but my life should be helpful to others and little meaningfull to me, i did many mistakes, but now am accepting everything before, loving father kindly excuse my sin and forgive me, am i doing wrong? i dont know my behaviour is rite or wrong, correct me in every sense,please give pass marks in my m.c.i,am living alone though i believe ur always with me,guide me n never let me feel alone, ur there for me every time, no human likes me still u like me becausse ur god, so many worries troubles around me, why am like this why these problems and why am selfish and jealous and y anger??????? please change me softly, every day am dyieing with people words and behaviour, or else take me once at a time, ur there for me, ur my frnd father n my partner n everything, please change that person too that whom am waiting since one year, he dont know what am thinking about me, u know everything, if he is true and am takeing right desicion give me little sign, i believe this letter reaches to you and listen my request and give me reply that am waiting for your reply, dont keep on test till i die, give for me also little happy life, atleast daily 12 hours happy life, i dont want lacs or crores, mould me to help poor n orphan s especially in my place, use me for ur work, please dont check my patience any more. its enough now and give me happy life, this is onle little write u more in empty paper bye for now god come tonight in to my dreams and talk to me something about this matter and u deside it fast, no time only 2 months, later if u give also i dont accept, this is my last warning, please keep me in ur mind only once at this moment, ammad in u lord, in future i may become memore lost pt, so please see life long as gud healthy person, and help my dad also, hespaeks every time about u only, my fee he tells believe in u faith in u, and my mom and my brother and my orphan childrens,and my begging friend at our railway staytion, give me one day to have food in good restaurent, this week am planning to give 100 yuans to beggers, in that 10 per head, enough na one day they will have great meal, then what is ur plan/? send my tusion fee soon, k dont insult me this time also, am strong enough in u, now am ready to stand infront of you because am walking correct in your way, this week am going to preech haha, give me knowledge to speak that too english, i dont know whatt to speak stand behind me and talk with me, u r there for me always, see god show me the correct person tomarrow that i can share with k, please come tonight to my room that am inviting u, my rm mate wont say anything to u, k, she is also gud but she is having many gods, bless her also to walk in urt way, u know that am keep on talking, dont get irritated am stoping now, i have to study now, give me knowledge and wisdom, and pls give me gud study group to discuss and study pls do only this for me, its urgent, exams are near, kkkkkkkkk no more, gudnite, bye bye, miss u love u like u, my fatherrrrrr…… ur in heaven leaving me alone on earth, i will not come to u know, but for me u pls come on earth iwill be waiting ………. ur my momm, am an orphannnn, ur there for me, ur everything for meee lord i love uuuuuuuuuu a lotttttt more than everything that am having, u know that am having nothing except u, u are all to me bye take care of ur sellf n also for me, bye bye

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u know me     Friday November 12, 2010

hi lord, you know me, I am your creation, I need not specify my name, after all name is for body which is immortal right? though this body is immortal & I know it, why do I sometimes get some desires which I feel like achieving it at any cost?you have given me all good things in my life, beautiful eyes to see this beautiful world, such a glowing skin, nice hairs(hairs are short but I can maintain it,they are turning grey too, but I can color them) and knowledge to make right decisions,there is one decision you know I am little confused about,but I want that thing 2 happen I dont know if it’s good or bad, i think i can handle it…by the way simply i am telling you to help me, I know you can….are you feeling bored because am talking only about myself and not asking about you, as u havesaid in Bhagvadgita you are always at peace then it really wouldn’t bother you if i don’t ask about you,isn’t it??? however, you can speak to me if you feel lonely…i know your way of telling me when you feel lonely or feel like speaking to me..but am really confused about this, but i want it 2 happen

no name sender     Friday November 12, 2010

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