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Letter to God started life back in 2005. It was a simple idea that came about after I saw a documentary about Dead Letter Rooms. These are places in Post Offices were letters that cannot be delivered end up.

In these rooms a surprising number of letters are simply addressed to God. In fact in a post office in Jerusalem they have a special category just for God's letters. The idea stayed with me and fascinated by what these letters might contain. I came up with the idea to offer a place where people could Post a Letter to their God or to put it another way pray online.

Armed with a very basic knowledge I set up a simple page which allowed people to write a letter to God and read letters left by others. Some people may prefer to say pray online. I was keen to always say to your God meaning a God personal to your particular religion or faith. You may have seen the small print at the bottom of the site which says Letter to God is not affiliated with any particular religious or political organisation. It really is true it's not.

Many people have posted and re-posted over the years and what emerges is the story of peoples lives. Their fears their happiness their day to day struggles.

As the site grew I began to realise that I needed a better way to cope with the number of letters being posted. I advertised for someone to help me develop Letter to God. I was astounded when I was contacted by a young man who offered his services entirely free.

Writing to God

When you write a Letter to God it will become part of the online collection of letters and be viewable by anyone visiting Letter to God. You do not need to leave your email or sign up, just simply write your letter to God.

Read from the growing collection of over 12401 letters in the archive.
These letters were written starting in 2005 to the present day.
The letters are exactly as they were first written and have not been edited, censored or altered in anyway.

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Thank You And Please
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