Wishing Others Well

Wishing Others Well

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E Le Roux
Monday November 12, 2012

Dear God. I come before you and pray for forgiveness, please heal my heart and help me to do good to others and be the best I can be. God, I pray for love and happiness and joy in my life and a life partner who will appreciate me, I pray that You will take away all the pain and suffering in my life and bless me with the riches of life! God bless South-Africa and rest of the world, let’s peace and love fill our hearts and help us to let go of anger and fear. I pray that every bad situation that has ever been brought into my life been erased in Jesus name and my heart and soul be filled with positive thoughts and energy! Amen.

Saturday November 10, 2012


Tuesday November 6, 2012

Dear god, Sorry if I steal and always lying to someone that I am rich and I wish my day is always good and pretty I am happy today because I write a letter to you and Santa its my first time to write a letter for you. I wish me and mama can now talk to me because tomorrow is my school day and I don’t want any problems anymore i promise I will not steal, lie and bully to someone so I have many friends and can you give me a six wheels bag like my sister because I want my bag to be good and plss the design is just like Diane’s bag it is my favorite bag plssss I promise I will not steal,bad,lie,bully and especially not saying bad words in my mind plss just give me six wheels bag and also merry christmas!!! And happy birthday!!!! I love you god I love you!!! Love,Michaella😀😍

no name sender
Tuesday November 6, 2012

Dear God, Please make Mitt Romney win the election.

God is meng’s savior
Friday November 2, 2012

Dear God. I’m slowly heal Lord.. Thank You my God.. there no great power other than Yours.. all soul day today, my prayer ask from You save my Uncle Rabong anak Kudi my God. Bring him together with You. my sumbuk babai akik inik and all my uncle n aunty who had died united with You Lord. My luniak.. I sayang my luniak very much.. and to those who need prayer Lord.. Amen..

Saturday October 27, 2012

Dear God, I’ve searched and searched because I had to find you again, not for myself, but for my family, for my mother. I turned to your words, read with an urgency. I opened my ears, tried to pick up any sound of your voice, even for your whispers. I’ve prayed, oh you know how I’ve prayed, and I believed you to have turned away. I saw all these sites, the write a letter to God, and there is so many. I’ve ready every story, the prayers, for hours and hours. Some are sincere and many are selfish, but I think, after all my searching, that I know now. I think I finally understand. Even though my family is in trouble, so far gone and almost broken, today, I won’t pray for them because I have a different prayer… Dear God, – please help all the broken hearts of the young and old, give them strength, help pull them out of darkness and into the light, listen to them and help them find their friends, and make them realize that they are not alone. – please give food to those that are starving, hush their cries with soothing words, warm them with your arms, and make them realize that they are not alone. – please protect the souls that hover near death. – please give good news to the men searching for a way to help their families. – please help the soldiers stay on the right path. – please let others know, that yeah, someone is listening. As for my family and I, as down on our luck as we feel, I think we can find strength in ourselves to help each other. If not, then I will give all my strength to my family and to my mother. Love you Father, Follower

Justyn McConnell
Tuesday October 23, 2012

God, I am very thankful for all the blessings you give to me. I have sinned, I have made bad choices, and I have hurt people. The first thing I ask for is forgiveness. For my sins, and every bad move I made. Secondly,I ask for a girlfriend, it’s been a long time since I felt loved or wanted and I ask for that once more with someone new. Lastly god. I know this might sound silly but I want Curtis Hussey who is a World Wrestling Entertainment performer named Johnny Curtis, to be on television (Raw or Smackdown) regularly and win a Championship belt in WWE as soon as possible. There are three reasons I ask for this. First is for my own selfish reasons, along with him being my favorite wrestler. Secondly Stacy Airwyke, my friend in Johnson City, New York. I have gotten her to follow his career and cheer for him. I speak to her everyday. She has had health problems, and could possibly lose her sister, father or boyfriend on any given day. She has been threw a lot including back surgeries and seizures as you already know. I have made Johnny Curtis a hero to her as he is to me. She gets happiness from seeing him perform. I use his image and performances to make her have a better day. I enjoy spending time with her and entertaining her making her life a little easier. Johnny Curtis’ success would make her so happy and bring another reason for her to look forward to waking up everyday. Lastly, I can see how hard Curtis has been working for the past few years to get a spot. Please god just give it to him. Let him have success and championships. Even if I never make it to the main event of WrestleMainia I will be happy if her does and I can witness it. Stacy and I are both now in good health and good spirits, if you could please continue that for us and let us enjoy wrestling and entertainment together for a very long time (many years to come) God if I am lucky enough to receive everything I just asked for. I will treat my future girlfriend with respect, make her feel loved and try to make her life better, I will get married and have children if you let me. I will continue to help Stacy anyway I can, even if it is just talking her through a tough time or entertaining her, and I will be forever grateful to you and speak to you more often. God I am not all knowing, I do not know what to feel or believe. But if you are there and this message gets to you. Please give these things to me, and I will do everything I feel is right. Please god, I cannot express how much I want this. I love you, thank you for your time, and thank you for every second you give me. Amen

kristy alderman
Wednesday October 17, 2012

Dear god I don’t know how you read this but my partner Chris strachan is in hospital with pancreatitis he’s very poorly. Please make the hospital treat him like a human being we was homeless ect and the hospital have no respect for us as you know the avent even gave him a blanket n pillow its so cold please dont let him die please make someone help him get better his all I have ill take the pain for him if you make him better. Thank you . Blessed be amen xx

Sunday October 14, 2012

Dear God Can you please let my wish come true I want my own house and I want a car and a house and I want too read and count money better I want kirko Bangz too call me I hope you let my wish come true tonight I want too be pregnant I want a girl port on my body and I want a G.E.D and drivers license and I really you can let em come true one day 🙂 please let Kirko Bangz call me 🙂

Friday October 12, 2012

@GOOD MORNING my father@sorry for late writing@i requested you before but my friend got not satisfy and he failed in his exam plz jesus i request you once again plz give gud markes to pankaj in his back paper exam b.sc 1 c.s.j.m 2012 plz jesus passed him@ and send back him again in my life he is my love and i am uncomplete without him plz jesus and regain gud health for me and provide desease free life for me and every person plz jesus fulfil my thease desire@om your aatm vibhor

Found 1455 letter/s. Page 1 of 146.
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