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Iris     Monday July 10, 2006

Mother Mary Star of the Sea Queen of Angels, Thank You for the good night recently. Thank You for watching over me. Thank You for letting me see the beauty in this world. Please watch over me tonight. Please let it be an easy night.May I feel well tonight and confident and calm? Help me be ever aware of Your Angels. Please let all go well between Larry and me tomorrow morning when I meet with him. Let me be alert and articulate. Let him be sympathetic to my needs, my situation. Please let him understand me. Thank You. I love Thee. Please protect me tonight

Iris     Saturday July 8, 2006

Dear Holy One, Mother Mary Queen of Angels,Mother Divine, Mother Supreme, please be with me all night long. Let me reflect Your Love, Your Beauty, Your healing Power. Please let me feel well, strong, confident. Please let tonight be easy, peaceful, friendly. Let people be kind to me. Let Rita and I get along. Please let everything be all right. Thank You. Love,me

Iris     Friday July 7, 2006

Dear holy One, Dear Mother Mary , Star of the Sea, Queen of Angels, Please…I need Your help. I’m going to call my boss in a few minutes regarding that memo about the computer training. Pease help me to be articulate. Please help him to be understanding toward me. Please give me more confidence. Please make me feel better.Thank You. I love Thee.

Iris     Friday July 7, 2006

Dear Mother Mary, Thank you for the courage to talk to my boss. Thank You for the confidence.Thank You for making me feel better. When I feel lost and scared I know I can turn to You and You will make it all right. Please bless all those I love and bless all who write into this website, including the Helper. Thank You. I love Thee

Iris     Friday June 30, 2006

Dear God, Holy Mother, Holy One, I don’t remember the last time I went 12 hours without a headache. Is this really the way you want me to live? I’ve missed so much work that after I pay my rent and my bills, I’ll have just enough for pet food and maybe some beans and bread and water for myself. Is this how you want me to live? Please help me. I want to go to work tonight. I feel like my life is crumbling. Can you please “light a fire” under Stevie so that he helps me out with gas and grocery money? Also, you know he’s owed me little money for almost a year now. I need it. I do not want fights about money to come between Steve and me. Please help me develop and keep harmony with this matter. You know I’ve always been generous. Please don’t let others take advantage of this, especially someone I love as much as I love Steve. I really need help. Noone is really helping me. I need help . Please help me. And please..I am grateful for what I have…at least I am getting by, although it is not easy. Pleasepleaseplease make my head stop hurting for a little while and please let me find out why it hurts so much.

Iris     Friday June 30, 2006

Dear Holy one, I forgot two things: thank You for making my tooth stop hurting—and please, if I make it to work tonight, may I have a very easy peaceful, happy shift? Thank You. I love You

Iris     Friday June 16, 2006

Dear Holy Mother, Thank You for helping me to keep my head above water financially. Thank you for this lovely, soft morning. I am grateful to see the blackberry bushes in bloom. I wish I could find a dress in just that shade of palest pinkish lavender. Please—my tooth hurts a little bit; I cann’t even chew on that side…yet when I look at it , there seems to be nothing wrong. Please let there be nothing wrong with it. I don’t want any more health problems. Please let me be able to go to work tonight or if that is not your will, please let me be able to do without the pay. Please help me to be brave and strong. Sometimes{sometimes! most of the time!!}I feel like I’m all bruised up inside. I want to feel better. I want to feel confident and I guess I’d like to not care what people think. It’s very painful feeling the way I often do. Will You please help me overcome this? Please let tonight be very easy,peaceful, calm. Please shelter me from Rita’s meanness. She acts like she’s still in 8th grade, Mother. What did I ever do to her? You’ve gifted me with insight. I’m usually aware of my flaws, my shortcomings. When I examine my behavior, I can usually figure out if I’ve done something offensive; not in this case, though. That is why I think the problem may lie soley with her . Please let me know. You know I want to be good. I love You.

Iris     Monday May 29, 2006

Dear Holy Ones, Bless all who have written You here, including the Helper. Thanks again for the easy,easy,easy night at work. Can Stevie love me forever? Personally, I don’t see why not. I think I’ll love him forever. Please let me have a baby. I adore You. Iris