Seeking Work

Seeking work

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Friday November 2, 2012

Dear Heavenly Father , I interviewed for a job a few weeks ago and am worried that I won’t get it. I am very willing to work and need the job to start paying back student loans. My family really needs health Insurance since my husband has been ill. Please guide me in the right direction Lord to be able to help provide a make a difference in my family’s life . I feel like such a burden. I also would like to ask that you be with all those who felt Sandy’s wrath. May you bless them. Amen

Andy G.
Tuesday October 30, 2012

Dear Father, A lot of folks need help with many things. Thanks for being such a great big God. The one and only. I pray for those I’ve read that have been struggling with job loss. Lord, I’m employed. Miserable but employed thankfully. Please bless them this very month with jobs. There seem to be a lot of God-fearing/loving people looking hard for work but needing a miracle. Lord, when your Son was on this earth he looked at the hurting with compassion and healed them all. May I humbly ask that Jesus look on those seeking jobs, desperately seeking jobs, and have compassion once again and heal them by having them find jobs. Your ways are higher than our ways so we know Your will be done. Your loving child, Andy

Michael Joseph
Monday October 29, 2012

Dear Lord, I know you’re there. I guess you’ve been pretty busy lately. I’m praying to you because I really need a job! I’ve been looking for work for nearly 2 months now and haven’t had a single phone call. I’ve had numerous interviews and yet still nothing. Maybe it’s because I’m not 20 yrs. old anymore,..but I’m only 46~ I’m still capable of running circles around kids half my age. I know I’m a hard worker and diligent employee. I love helping people alot! My wife has been breaking her back for nearly 2 years working in a restaurant and I’m just so sick of not being able to help out. I got layed off from my last job because my employer felt that his business was going to fail due to lack of customers. Three of us lost our jobs, not just me! I see my wife go to work everyday and I’m filled with emotions I cannot describe. Most of them painful. My heart is breaking and we’re running out of time FAST! Soon our lease on this apartment will be up,..winter is coming,..bills are due,…and I fear not for myself, but for my wife and what I’ve put her through. Our heads are just barely above water because of her and my unemployment payments,.which , unfortunately run out today. I can file for an extension but I’m not sure if I’ll qualify or not. I need to get back into the mainstream workforce ASAP!!! Lord I’m sorry for all my sins,..I’m sorry for feeling so down lately,..I’m just a little overwhelmed with the fact that I live in a state where the unemployment level is lower than any other state in the US,…and yet I can’t seem to get a job anywhere! I don’t understand. If I’m being punished for some wrongdoing of mine I can understand,..but,..I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore,.I’m beside myself with worry,..anxiety,..stressed out to no end. We’re nearly broke and running out of everything. Lord,..Please take care of my family,.my wife’s family,.all the nephews and nieces we have,..our friends,..and all of the beautiful people in this world. Keep them all safe and out of harms way if you have time. I know I haven’t been much of a christian, but I feel as though I treat people with more respect than most do. I always try to help people when I can. Help them get their cars started,..unlocked,..running,..fix flats,..go the extra mile to help someone who’s stranded,..etc,.etc,..I think that counts for something,’s more than most people would do. I don’t know what else to say so I’m going to end this rant now. Thanks for listening Lord. Amen.

beth m c
Friday October 26, 2012

Dear God, pls forgive us for all the sins that we have done (all of my family);I thank you for all the things and blessings you are giving to all of us. We’re sorry for all the sins that we have committed. Lord, please don’t forsake us; we got tons of problems (you know all my trials and sufferings); pls put more faith and trust in our hearts especially to my husband, (Efren S C). He’s out of job & his unemployment benefits will end soon.. He had applied to tons of companies; had been to interviews and there is no positive outcome to any one of them. Dear God, how are we going to pay our bills–please help us on all–I have a strong faith and trust in you that you can move mountains. We humbly pray to you God, that you will be his reference–no other person is more powerful that you… have mercy on us all. My son, too help him on his goals –sometimes, i dont want to think about it towards his goals for MD; i’m having a migraine.. I know that my son, has good intentions for his dream career; you are the only one who can help him on all aspects for his dream career. My brother, in the Philippines–pls help him on all his problems. Lord, i’m really scared with all our problems– thank you for all the signs you are giving to me (pennies from heaven all the time)…And my sister in LA, pls change her into a good person; Bless us all Lord…Pls remove the evil wishes and curses that are being directed to all of my family… Lord, my mom just died last May this year, pls forgive her for all the sins she had committed and open the gates of heaven towards her… Her sufferings and trials here on earth were really a lot; when i think about it; i cant help but cry a lot (we were abandoned by our father since we are 10years old and we are raised by our mother; the three of us and then all the money she had saved and earned for decades had been stolen from her; our house has been demolished in the Philippines; she died of cancer; the people in our barrio mocked us especially the rich people; She had been mistreated by some people when she needed help by our relatives. Then my brother marriage was broken; his wife took all their money and remove his name from their bank accounts and now he is jobless & his family is really abandoning him totally. God–me too i had tons of problems; pls help us on all. Pls Lord, hear our flea for help and mercy.. Pls remove the bad luck that is going on right now in our family. Please help us and dear st michael the archangel–pls protect all of us…. thank you Lord for all….. amen..

Tuesday October 23, 2012

Thank you God for providing for me, and taking care of me. Please help me to move on and to be able to take care of myself. I need money a job to pay the debt and to be able to pay my own way. Please take care of Elizabeth. I love her very much. Please help her to gain weight. I love you Robert

Tuesday October 16, 2012

Dear God ,please show me the way to walk,yesterday was my last day at work.I was only a temp,i am seeking for a permanent job but dont know if i should stay and wait and will the open a door for me or should i go and seeki somewhere else.Please God help me find a job.

Tuesday October 9, 2012

Dear lord can you please help me today I want too live on my own at age 16 I want a car and driver’s license and I want too be smart like read or count money and I wanna be free that’s all with this dream come true I be more happy then anything I wanna have my old friend in my life her name is Laneesha hopefully she call me or write me on facebook hopefully you can help me lord loves you and thank you for this day I really hope you let this dream come true tonight 🙂

Lonely child
Friday October 5, 2012

Oh ar-razzaq, you have been so kind to me in the past. You have supported me in times of fear, and have always found a way to give me shelter. I send peace and blessings on the prophet and his family. Please hear me and answer my prayers. The situation is still the same and the ignorance and lack of god fearing of the people around me is suffocating. But I cannot judge, as only you have that right. Ya raheem please be merciful on me. you know that wants and desire, but of all I just want your love. because you are al-muqeet. Please help me secure a job so I can out of here. I wont make you ashamed, and wont cut of relations as you have taught me. But please give me a way out by giving me a job. So that i can provide for my father. I need shelter and for that i need a livelihood. Please fulfil my hajaat. I am so lonely without you. Please answer my prayer quickly. I am patient for you and have always believed that what you do is good for me.

Thursday September 20, 2012

Dear God Its me! Your daughte Queen. I know you havent forgotten my name just as you havent lost count of each strand of the hair on my head. I know i havent been much of a great child to you but i still know that you are my daddy, i have confidance that even if i run away am still counted as a member of your famiky. I know i have distanced myself from you. I cant even talk to you because of all the things i have done to you. My sins have made me so ashamed that i bow my head down at your presence and become so speachless. There is so much i want to tell you and i know that these things i cant share with anyone but you. If you still have any mercy for me Father please listen as i reach out to you. I now smoke and drink everyday of mylife, it bring me comfort even though i know that my perfact comfort is with you. As soon as i put the bottle down my troubles come rushing back to me, even though i know that with you as soon as i say AMEN they run in different directions instead. I know all this but am still ashamed and afraid of coming to you because i know that i have let you down Daddy. Look at me now am worthless and dirty, i have become a failure over night. I have lost all my ambitions and dreams to be a better me. Look at me Lord i have turned into a shameful liar. My own sins depress me. Look at me work situation Father am not performing at all and their is no one to blame i have turned so lazy and undetermind. I know what to do i just dont do it. I am forgetful of everything and this will soon cost me my job and reputation. Everyone can see that am lazy and a waste to the organisation Lord. Can you help me regain my strength and will to be the best we both know i can be. Can you give me the will to be a committed hardworker again. Can you give hope to to my boss to see the best he once saw in me again? Can you please Lord make me ano asset and not a liability to the organisation Father? Help me achieve even that, that neither me or anyone thought i would achieve? Can you be my leader and guide in the work place Lord? Look at my academics Lord i keep failing every single subject all because of the filthy life i have chosen for myself. I dont take pride in my books, i dont study all i do is hang with all the people i dont need in my life and be who am not so that they can like me Lord. How did i move from a top achiver to this? Daddy can you please bring back my focus and determination to my studies? Can you make me the head and not the tail? Please Lord help me pass all my subjects this semester father. Am i asking for too much? Father can you help me get my degree before i run out of time and loose out in the life you have published for me? Look at my finances father am over whelmed by debts and the more i fix its the more i break. Father can i kindly ask for a financial breakthrough? Can i appoint you Lord to handle all my finances since i can not on my own? I need you Lord more than you will ever know. Look at my life once again Lord i dont know who i am anymore am lost with you Daddy. I know i have messed up and dont want to mess up anymore. Help me Lord restore my finances, my relationships, my academics and my employment. But above all Father help me restore my broken relationship with you. Find me Lord and bring me back home. Forgive me all my sins father i confess that i have wronged you and am sorry Your daughter QueenB

Sunday September 2, 2012

To worship God as immanent in every atom or cell in the body is the highest form of worship.

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