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chitrasain pal     Sunday September 10, 2006

dear god, thanks for giving such wonderful life,caring parents,loving friends,i am realy very thankful to u,u had ever help me give me each and every thing which i need love u and please forgive me for my every mistake, espacilly for [pd] plz being the same and give me strength to fight aganist the creul people and plz always show me the pathway for my happy life @always with me

Iris     Monday August 28, 2006

Dear God, Thank You for making me feel better. Please let me feel well throughout the night. Please let this be a good, quiet, easy night. Please raise my spirits and let me be cheerful. Please let my supervisors continue to be understanding and accepting of my situation. Let them understand that I can’t help this, that it’s not my fault. Please take away my anxiety. Please let all doctors and nurses that I deal with be true healers and please enable them to help me, to want to help and heal me. Thank You. I love Thee…oh, also may I please be aware of the Angels throughout this night and every night and day. Thank You. Love, me

Iris     Saturday August 26, 2006

Dear God, Holy Mary, Sweet Savior Jesus, Thank you for the episodes of relief between the pain. Thank you for letting my supervisors be understanding. Thank You for Stevie’s support. Thank You for lettting me be ok financially. Please let me start to feel better. I would really like to go to work tomorrow night. Please let the doctors who treat me be competent and compassionate. I do not think Kaiser is a very good health plan. Please put Kaiser out of business if You agree with me that healing people is not the goal of that institution despite its window dressing. I really would like energy, confidence and a sense of well-being. I want to walk in Thy light and do good in this world. Please take away the loneliness and sadness and pain and fatigue. Thank You. Love, me

Iris     Friday August 11, 2006

Dear Queen of Heaven, Thank You for this beautiful morning. Please let me start to feel good again. I’m starting to feel sick after several hours of well-being. Please make it go away. I want to go to work tonight. Please let it be an easy night at work. Please give me confidence and strength and energy. Thank yOu for my little dog and the cat who has decided she wants to live here and thank You for Stevie’s love. I love him so much and I am so grateful that You sent him right to my doorstep. What a special blessing! I wonder how often that happens;but it’s because you answered my prayer a year ago this last Spring. Love, me

Iris     Tuesday August 8, 2006

Dear, Beloved Holy One, Please take care of Gayatri.Please take the trouble away unsnarl it, let it be worked through.Give Gayatri strenth and protection and healing. Thank You. Thank you for these moments free from discomfort and pain and anxiety. Please let it continue. I’d like to go work tonight. I don’t like this continous malaise. Please make it go away. Thak you for Stevie’s love. Please protect and heal him. Please bless me, favor me, gift me with an easy night at work. Thank You. I love Thee.

Iris     Monday August 7, 2006

Mother Mary Beautiful Star of the Sea, Queen of Angels, Thank You for this time of feeling better. May it last…please, no headaches tonight? I’d like to go to work. Please let work be quiet, undemanding. Let me have an easy assignment. I think I just want to stay away from Rita. Help me deal with her appropriately. She’s nice to me one minute, then she’s rude, ignoring me while greeting others in my presence with an enthusiasm that appears exaggerated as if for my benefit. The last time I experienced such behavior, I was in the sixth grade. Please just let me avoid her. I feel guilty about my antipathy toward her but as we used to say in sixth grade.”she’s the one who started it.” I love Thee, Mother. Please let me reflect Thy grace and light. please let the Angels watch over me all night long. Thank You.

Iris     Friday July 28, 2006

Mother Mary, please make me feel better. please let me go to work tonight or if that’s not in the plan , please let everything be ok if i don’t. Please don’t let me cry today. It just worsens my headache. Please make the headaches go away. Please let Steve start to want to help me a little bit. I need help yet noone, absolutely noone is helping me…if no human being on this planet wants to do anything small thing at all that would comfort me or ease my burden, then please won’t You and the Angels help?

Iris     Wednesday July 26, 2006

please God, i’ve had enough! please! my headaches, my little pet money..having to drive miles and miles and miles to pick up Steve, then drive him back again…having many things to take care of regarding my car’s condition and now the car is making funny noises…what am I supposed to do…I have to drive to my work, i have to drive to my Dr’s apointments in order to hopefully get rid of these continuous daily headaches…are you trying to hammer me into the ground? please, I odn’t want any more bad luk…I have noone noone none except You and my Angels to help me…Steve seldom helps me with anything..i’ve half a mind not to go get him this week..i ask him for help but all he does is eat my food and sleep when he visits. I am sick of this God, only You can help me…pleasepleaseplease help me..i don’t know if I’ve ever felt so desperate so alone You’ve got to please help me..noone else will…noone cares about me at all