Seeking Answers

Seeking Answers

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Monday November 12, 2012

God, I prayed to u on bending knees and cried to you about my situation. My daughter’s father is being evil not only towards me but to my daughter too. After all that I have done he refuses to take care of her. It hurts me because how could you do your own flesh and blood especially an innocent newborn baby the way you do. I hate when ppl treat my children like this. It hurts me more than it hurts her b/c she doesnt know anything. I just pray for this whole situation…with both of my kids being neglected by their fathers. Especially her b/c I have done so much to get him where he is today and to treat us how he does is just plain out wrong!

Matilda Briggs
Saturday November 10, 2012

Dear God, It would be nice, if I could meet you in person. There are so many questions I want to ask. I know that I don’t deserve all those luxuries that you have blessed me with.. and that I am really lazy. But, part of it is also there because I feel so lost. God, I am really lost. I don’t know where I am.. There seems to be no end to this labyrinth of confusion, sans any direction. With every second that I age, I grow wiser and, hence, I experience more pain.. Pain, the way I had never imagined it to be.. Things are not getting any better.. And I feel smothered. It is, as if, I have been buried alive. I know that there are people who suffer a lot, and I am not one of those people. And, of course, I am thankful to you for everything. Yet, I am not at peace. And I can’t breathe! Regards, Briggs.

no name sender
Wednesday November 7, 2012

Dear god, Please help my friends Houston! He was in a very bad accident Saturday and is not doing good. I have prayed and prayed! I know it is just a waiting game now but I really need your help. I’m not ready to let him go and I hope your not ready to have him!amen ‘my soul finds rest in god alone; my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.’-psalm 62:1-2

Tuesday November 6, 2012

Dear god, I feel nothing…….it feels as if I’m not bound to time anymore or this life. Why is that? I feel as if I’m going on a separate journey on a trail that has not been taken or even considered a trail. A trail that leads nowhere. And yet there are no questions being asked of as to why. I do not care for becoming my what I longed for. Nor do I care what becomes really of my future. I don’t really know where I’m going. Just going to wait until you point me in the direction I have to go. So for now ill wander blind……is it me because I don’t feel like I even love my beloved as before. Was that completely one sided because half of me says no but the other half says yes it was just my imagination…..but now I don’t care. It feels like it doesn’t matter. Why god do I feel apathetic.

Love, me
Tuesday November 6, 2012

Dear Lord, I am trying to be honest with myself and if it is possible help me through this tough time. Help me understand what I should do with my life. Forgive me my sins and teach me to love myself…I have been a bad child and I have wanted what I can’t have, but most of all let me live an honest life for the rest of my life. Please bless my family and especially the one that holds my heart. Love, Me Your grateful daughter

Joshua Harrison-Simmons
Wednesday October 31, 2012

dear god its Joshua Harrison-Simmons i am in pain with my pains in my body please give me healing im a 14 yea old teenager im not supposed to get pains at my age and tell me why do i mostly wake up i the morning with headaches and why do i wake up always when it is dark i eager to know dear god and please dear god is my daddy ok up in heaven and my cat barney and my kitten billy ok say thank you u to jesus for us from saving our sins i love you god and i worship you god armen from Joshua Harrison-Simmonsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ahmed farakhan Ameyaw
Saturday October 27, 2012

Dear king of kings. Am pleading to u this morning to make me a winner by given me good outcome of my interview. My wish is to be among the best but not the rest . I wish to be selected among those going to travel..,with faith nd trust in u i say AMEN

Brian L. James
Tuesday October 23, 2012

Dear Lord: It has been a few days since I have written you. I was pretty sick and in the hospital witch you know. Lord I have had a lot of bad things happen all through out my life. I just wanted to say that. It is a scarey feeling not knowing what is going to happen in your future or even what bad things you have yet for me to endure, it is you will be done and I accept that. The only thing I want to say is that you are and will always be my Heavenly Father and your Son my Redeemer and that will never change. I could not or would never enjoy watching any of my children suffer. I would die for you Lord and my Love is like a child’s towards his Father. My life is in such disarray and you will not even look my way but that is you will. Love and your humble servant Brain

Camilya Stringer
Monday October 22, 2012

Dear Lord,I just want to take the time out to thank you for just being God,making ways out of no way.Loving me for me,And forgiven for my sins.There’s no one like you in all the earth,And yes you do deserve all the honor,glory and praise,Because you and lord Jesus alone are almighty and there is no other.What would I do without the hand of God?I would be a mess and lost.Im glad u made known to me to me the importance of life!Love you so much and thanks for even caring:))))

Monday October 22, 2012

Dear GOD, Please destroy my EVIL husband who wants to destroy my life.Please safe my children from this EVIL, who wants to buy them with his dirty money from me. We been together 20 years and he never did any good to me. I am very lonely now. I always wanted to have a nice and peaceful family, and I did everything to have it. I was very dedicated and devoted wife. I loved him dearly, but he always was unsatisfied and abusive. I wish he will get his punishment from the GOD as soon as possible. It is hard to describe my situation right now. I just ask a justice! Sincerely, Maro.

Found 2002 letter/s. Page 1 of 201.
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