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marie     Monday November 15, 2010

dear god I want to thank you for giving me the money to buy all the things i needed today i had so much fun

Cynthia richardson     Sunday November 14, 2010

Lord business was good,thank you for sending your angels to our store.I knew my business had been touch by you.I smiled all day,only you can make a person feel so good inside.thank you with all my love wrap in it.I love you my Lord and I am so graceful that I know you. Wonderful is you,that make us feel so good.your loving, kindness strengthen our soul,while we fear know evil because you have never left our side.Good are those who believe in you.My heart belong to you forever.cynthia

Mckenzie Schafer     Sunday November 14, 2010

Dear God, I love that i have gave my life to you. thank you for helping me through tough times. u gave me the strength to go to the fall retreat. you gave me the strenght to take a pill. i love you God and i need u in my life Love you God, Mckenzie Schafer

little lamb     Sunday November 14, 2010

Dear God, Thank you for all the blessings and forgiveness. Thank you for your love and guidance everyday. Help me to overcome my depression. Send all your angels to help me clear my mind. I know that You always listen to our prayers and I hope that you will answer them according to your will. I miss my family so much.I hope that you will help me to get them here so that we can be together again. Please help them us all. We always pray to you to protect each one of us and to continue to bless us even if we are far away from each other. Christmas is nearing, and I feel the absence of my family more that ever. I pray that they can get here so bad. I love you Papa God. We ask this with humility, with Christ your son, and Mary our Loving Mother. Amen.

mrs eula norcross     Sunday November 14, 2010

dear heavenly father how wonderful it is dear father to know that even when i sleep you are watching over me.later as tha night anfolds please bless each of us in fellowship with godshealth and spiritual healing.let us wake tommorrow with the strength to do our daily tasks thank you lordAMEN

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Abhishek     Sunday November 14, 2010

Dear God, YOU have my love and trust. Bless me.

no name sender     Sunday November 14, 2010

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Alice     Sunday November 14, 2010

Dear God I like to sit on the toliet and do number 1 and 2 and read newspaper on the toliet. I do this all time time. I read at work and at home as well. I am in my early 30’s and I do this for relxaing. I am not married and I am a nice person and caring and reading on the toliet is normal and men read on the toliet and why not women should also.