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Iris     Sunday October 30, 2005

Dear Almighty Mother and Father, Thank You for the gift of an o-so-easy night.I am in awe of the frequency with which You answer my prayers. Thank You for Stevie and his love. Can he love me all my life? I’ll never stop loving him. I prayed to meet just a man such as him and wasn’t it about a month later that he literally came to my door and within minutes after he crossed my threshold he was confiding in my best friend and his best friend that he liked me? I used to feel so sorry for myself because my life has been so hard and full of abuse and pain and losses and now You are showering me with blessings every day. I think I was blind before to the blessings you sent to me. I think I’ll keep asking you for the baby. It’s for Stevie, too. I know he wants one.You know this time in my life is the first and only time I’ve been fit to be a mother. I was too selfish and impatient before. I’m ready now. I adore You and all the Angels

Iris     Saturday October 29, 2005

Dearest and Lovely Goddess; O my Mother Divine and Dear, Dear Blazing God; O my Father Divine; Beloved Ones, Most powerful Ones, Please protect me tonight at work. Please help me know what to say and do. Please grant me the gift of an easy , easy,easy night. Let the night and early morning be laden with Your Love. May I know the presence of Your Angels. May they sing to me all night long. May I think of others before myself. I know I am a kind person. Let me continue to be so. May others be kind to me. May I be confident and may I feel Your Power all through the night and morn. Bless me, please, favor me please with a good night and morning. How I Love You. ANd thank You again for Stevie’s love.

Iris     Friday October 28, 2005

Dear Goddess and God, please comfort Gayle and help her hurt go away as she has asked you too. Gayle, my husband mistreated me, too..very, very much. I was miserable. Even after our divorce when I tried to remain friend with him he continued to verbally abuse me, belittle me and criticize me harshly. He took advantage of my passivity and the fact that at the time I was physically and emotionally not well and had me sign over the house we owned to him. This was 10 years ago. I have built a new life since then, developed talents that I had, moved to a beautiful new county, got a better job. I’ve had three romances since the divorce; the first two didn’t work out and I’m so glad because “Mr. #3”, my boyfriend Steve is the sweetest boyfriend I’ve ever had. You are so wise to continue to pray for help, Gayle. I know your prayers will be answered. And I will pray for you, too. Things always get better, especially if you pray. Dear Goddess and God, please let my night at work be easy, easy, easy. Please ease my anxiety. Please let me think of my patients more than I think of myself. Thank you for the visit with Stevie. Thank you that he seems to get so much pleasure in giivng me all those little gifts. I love him so much, Holy Mother and Father…and I love You and all my bright, good Angels

Iris     Tuesday October 25, 2005

Dear Holy One, please help Armando. I think I know something of what he feels. Remember when I used to wake up in the middle of the night with that cold, awful despair? And You know that every once in a while I still feel that way, even if I pray…although usually prayer comforts me and often I end my prayer feeling hopeful again.I hope Armando keeps writing to you and I hope he keeps praying for a good job. I know he’ll get one. Thank You for the good night at work last night. I asked for smiles and laughter when I prayed before work and you gave me a night filled with just that! The job is so scary to me at times and I feel so insecure so often; but You placed me with people who have a sense of humour and are so kind to me. Thank You again for sending Stevie to me. It makes me so happy to get those phone calls from him telling me over and over that he loves me. Thank You that he’s feeling better. Please keep him away from speed and other bad drugs. Please make him take better care of his diabetes. I love You, O Holy Mother and Father and all my Angels. Can You help me figure out what to do with my life. I haven’t had a migraine for more than 24 hours!

Iris     Sunday October 23, 2005

Dear Goddess and God and my Special Angels. Thank You for making last night a good night . It was even kind of fun…i mean considering it’s a job in one of the most dangerous mental hospitals in the state . Thank You for letting Steve love me. Please let my car be ok until I get a chance to take it to the shop. As You’ve noticed, it hesitates before starting up. Please let it be ok.You love me too much to let me get stranded, don’t You? Please let tonight be as easy, easy, easy as last night. Please let the angels watch over me, guard, protect and defend me. My head doesn’t hurt at all right now. Can it stay that way for a while, please? I have so much to do. Love, me

Iris     Saturday October 22, 2005

Dear Holy One, May You bless my patients and all the staff. Please let the e night be one of Utter Peace. Please let my Angels guide my hands, my mind. Let them help me know what to say and do. Let them guide the other people around me also. I don’t feel very well..please let me feel well at work. I wish you would let the migraines go away. I wonder why I have to have them almost every day. Love, me

Iris     Saturday October 22, 2005

Dear Goddess and God, thank You for letting th e lump on my little dog’s chest be benign. Thank You for her. Thank You for letting me meet Steve. May I please have an easy, easy, easy night at work tonight, tomorrow night and the next? I have so much anxiety. Can You help me? Will You please send someone I can talk to about this? Or did you want me to continue talking only to my angels about this? Maybe there are no humans who can really help me.My head still hurts, you know. Please don’t let it hurt like it did yesterday. You know I have to make it to work. I have so much to do. Please let me have fewer headaches. Thank You

Iris     Thursday October 20, 2005

Dear Goddess and God, I think I made a mistake . My letter didn’t get through so here’s a new version. Please keep Erica away from me. Please make it so I don’t have to speak to her ever again. She’s not a relative or a friend ; she’s a neighbor who seems to just want to start some trouble with me because of a misunderstanding between her and myself. I already tried to explain myself to her; yet she persisted in her hostility.Thank You for Your help in this matter. Thank You for sending Stevie to me. I love him so much. Please watch over him, lead him toward health and away from jail. Please protect him.Thank You. Please help Leo and also please help the person who is having such a hard time with the mother-in-law