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Iris     Wednesday May 3, 2006

Dear Holy One. Thank You for a day of feeling well. It’s been a beautiful day, warm and all abloom . The stew is simmering on the stove and Steve is at my side… and the little dog …and the guinea pig—oh, yes and the newcomer ; the pretty ink-black cat. I love Thee

Steve     Wednesday May 3, 2006

Dear God, Thank You for another day, thank You for hooking me up with my girlfriend and Jou-Jou and the guinea pig. And thank You for the stew we’re gonna eat. check You out later. Peace and Love. P.S. Behave Yourself

Iris     Saturday April 15, 2006

Dear Mother Mary, Queen of Heaven, Holy One, Thank You for granting me peace, for protecting me and guiding me. Please let tonight be easy and tranquil. Let there be kindness and healing. Please give me the gift of confidence. please let me feel all right. Please give me only burdens I can bear. I continue to feel frail. Please give me strength and stay with me all night long. May I feel the sweet presence of the Bright Angels. May I know their Power. Thank You . I love You.

Iris     Wednesday April 12, 2006

Holy Mary, Beautiful Ocean Star, Healing Mother of humankind, thank You for the gifts of peace and love last night. Please work thorugh me tonight so that I can be a healer myself. Please let me think of others before myself. I still feel so frail, Mother. I am asking You once again for another gift of peace and ease tonight and strength within myself as well. Please protect me. I love Thee and I am please to be growing into what You plan for me to be.

Iris     Tuesday April 11, 2006

Dear Mother Mary, Please watch over me and guide me all through tonight. O Holy One, thank You for last night’s peace. Beautiful Star of the Sea, grant me such a gift tonight.I feel so frail, vulnerable; but You give me strength. Thank You for enabling me to feel the Presence of Angels. May I feel Them near me all night long.I love Thee.

Iris     Sunday April 9, 2006

Dear Beloved Goddess and God, I think there must be a reaso n You wo’t take the headaches away from me. Is it so that I will spend most of my time thinking of You and praying to You . That’s all I am able to do when my head hurts. I can’t read or look at the TV . Even the gentlest music is painful to listen to. Talking to You is so comforting and has become a continuing habit.But please, I need to go back to work. I’m so afraid I’m going to get in trouble with my bosses.I’m afraid of not having enough money for my expenses. Please help me and again I pray please let those two creeps be caught. Thank You for sending me to the young, kind investigator. I remember having the intuition about meeting him. That was about two years ago. Is he going to be the one to help apprehend them? Please send me an angel to tell me how to get those two off the street and behind bars. Love, me

Iris     Saturday April 8, 2006

Dear Holy One, Thank You for Steve. I know I will always love him and he will always love me. Thak You for helping me make that report yesterday. It was so much easier than I thought it would be. Please let those two creeps be caught. Please let me start feeling better. Thank You for letting the headache go away. Please let me be able to go to work tonight and let it be easy for me. I just can’t seem to take too much stress. please help me deal with my anxiety. Please take it away. Thank You. I love You

Iris     Tuesday March 28, 2006

Dear Beloved Holy One, Thank You for such an easy night at work last night. Thank You that my headache went away just a little while ago. Please let Steve take some of the burdens off me.I’m beginning to think that I just don’t want to keep driving him around and buying most of the groceries and washing all the dishes and all he does is sleep. It’s becoming wearying. I know I need to be assertive. Please help me be so. I still love him as much as ever but I feel stifled.I truly believe it’s Woamn’s fate to do more than her share in a relationship with a man. I hope i don’t sound bitter; but every relationship I’ve seen or been in myself, it’s the woman who scrubs toilets, wipes floors, cooks and serves the food, then clears the dishes, washes them and cleans the kitchen. I don’t think I want to get married again after all, God. I think Stevie would be hurt to hear me say that. I guess i’m feeling very fatigued right now. Please let my health get better. Thak You