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Iris     Wednesday May 24, 2006

Dear Holy One, Please let tonight be very easy, quiet and peaceful.Please let me continue to feel as good as I do right now. I believe I am a kind person. please let my kindness be reciprocated. Thank You for the rain. I love Thee.

Iris     Wednesday May 24, 2006

Dear Holy One, thank You for the easy night I asked for. Thank You that Stevie is paying more attention to me. I wonder why I worry so much about people liking me. You know who I am talking about this time. I’ll try to let it be as insignificant to me as I believe it is to You. Please bless the coming night and the early morning tomorrow. please make my next shift at work easy, easy, easy. .bless all the patients and staff, particularly the one who passed away last night. Please guide him to a peaceful place. Please make Stevie strong enough to stay away from speed and anything else he may be taking. Please make him keep loving me. I want to stay with him forever. Love, me

Iris     Tuesday May 16, 2006

Mother Mary, my only true Mother, Beautiful Star of the Sea, You are the only mother i have now. You know my “real” mother has rejected me for years. I know she doesn’t love me at all. Please take away the ache in my head. You’ve seen that I haven’t gone to work for days and days and days..and I threw up so much today. Furthermore, even when i’m feeling well, I am so anxious about going to work. I see now that it is not a very nice place there; yet, I have no choice but to work there awhile and anyway the patients do need me. Help me, please. Give me health and strenth and confidence. Thank You. I love You.

Iris     Thursday May 11, 2006

Dear God, PLEASE make my headaches go away. As you see, I am very depressed. The doctors that are supposed to be caring for me are not even reading my chart before they prescribe meds, giving me medicaiton that makes me feel worse instead of better. The last doctor was just awful, God…arguing with me about a medication I’m taking..telling me I’m only taking 500 mg. a day when in fact my dose is 1000 per day…not listening to me, not respecting me but perhaps worst of all failing to look at my chart to get correct information. Please help me find better doctors. This is just terrible, God….and I’m missing so much work and not really sure if my supervisors understand or not. Please let them understand and again please, please, please let my head stop hurting so much and so often. You know how my life has been disrupted. I can’t keep my house in order. The poor dog doesn’t get her walks. I can’t work out very often. I can’t read, I can’t persue any interests. I can barely keep my grooming up. Please help me. Today I am in despair. I know You’ll help me. you always do. Thank You. I love You

Iris     Thursday May 11, 2006

A Little Message to Fatimah, I think You sound like a very sweet person. I used to be shy, too. it sounds like you are fairly young. Time cures shyness. In the meantime there are lots of books about how to overocme it and also how to make friend{I’m sorry–right now no specific titles come to mind}. When I want to lose weight, I eat a lot of salad, very little bread, very few sauces,little mayonnaise, no cream. Lots of fish and chicken. Soup will nourish you and help you feel full.Also If you get a lot of exercise, you will lose weight. Please don’t call yourself ugly. God doesn’t think you are Bless you

Iris     Thursday May 11, 2006

Dear Beloved Holy One, Thank You for all the gifts You have favored me with. Please grant me tonight yet another; the gift of a peaceful, pain-free , easy night. Please let me go to work tonight and please let it be very calm there. I still feel so vulnerable and yes, inadequate. I feel so frail. Please give me strength. I still can’t quite forgive Rita for being so mean to me that night, so hostile, so rude. She never even told me why she was upset with me. I think she was behaving in a childish way. I keep thinking about how she would like to be in a new town, in a new job with no friends or relatives nearby How would she feel if her head hurt all the time. People ought to think about how they behave otward others. When you are unkind to another person, you may be compounding any problems they are experiencing. I wish Icould forgive her. She has behaved in a friendly way toward me since then and I respond politely to her ; but I don’t think I ever want to spend much time talking to her anymore. I think that’s ok;it’s just that I’d like to remove the anger toward her which festers in my heart. Please let everythin be ok tday, God. Give me confidence. Thank You. I love You

Iris     Saturday May 6, 2006

Dear Mother Mary, Beautiful Star of the Sea and Jesus, Sweet, Holy Teacher, Thank you for the peacefulnesss at work last night. I am writing to ask for the favor of that once again. Please let all be calm and quiet tonight. please let me have confidence, energy and a sense of well-being just as You helped me have last night. I love Thee. Thank You for all Your gifts..I thank You especially today for spring roses. Love, me

Iris     Friday May 5, 2006

Dear God, Thank You for another day of feeling well! Please let me have no trouble with my supervisors re: my frequent absence in April. Please give me the continued gift of energy and well-being . I feel so good right now! May I stay feeling this way for a while, please? please let tonight be easy and happy. Please let me feel confident. Please help me find someone to talk to about my difficulties. Thank You. I love Thee. p.s. I need help in remembering to refrain from critizing others.Thanks