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Iris     Wednesday July 26, 2006

Dear Holy One, Thank You for helping me to find some peace. Thank You for taking the pain away. Thank You for helping Steve help me. He was very patient with me. Things have been so difficult; please give me more strength, less self-pity. Thank You for all those lovely little things; rose-purplish blooms, the warm and fragrant breath of Summer, the cat’s yellow, inquiring eyes, my dog’s unwavering loyalty, Steve’s voice sometimes stern, most times gentle. I do love Thee. Please don’t forget me, don’t forsake me. Please love me, too.

Iris     Wednesday July 26, 2006

I forgot my usual request; may I have a good, easy, happy night at work. Please gift me with self-confidence. Thank You. Love, me

Iris     Monday July 24, 2006

Dear Holy One, Please let me have an easy and pleasan night at work. Let me have energy all night long.Please don’t let me cry about my poor little pet until I get back home from work. I prayed for You to let me keep her but You took her away. This is the first time in years and years that You haven’t given me what I wanted when I asked. ..and she suffered, too, as she lay dying. I felt so helpless, horrified. I don’t understand;I took good care of her. I don’t know why she had to be in pain before she went . She was old; still, I don’t understand Your ways. I hope You still take care of me, watch over me .Please do that. Please let me see her in my dreams. Already I miss her. Please don’t forsake me when I ask You to protect me, take care of me. I still love You. It’s just that I don’t understand. Please don’t let me cry anymore tonight. Thank You

Iris     Sunday July 23, 2006

Dear God, I guess no matter how much I ask to keep her, You are going to take my little guinea pig anyway. It looks like she will go with You any time now. Please let it be easy for her. Please don’t let her suffer or be scared. I know she’s old but I don’t know why You couldn’t let me keep a couple of more years.

Iris     Sunday July 23, 2006

Please! Why are You taking so long? Please take my guinea pig! She’s never made those sounds of pain before…never never never. I’ve never heard heard make noises like that. It’s the middle of the night…I can’t take her to be euthanized…nothing’s open why are you making me witness this whywhwywhywhywhy

Iris     Wednesday July 19, 2006

Dear Beloved Goddess, Thee of a Thousand Names, Glorious One, Please make my guinea pig start eating more. Please don’t take her away from me. Thank You for relieving my headaches. May I continue to be relieved? May I go to work tonight? Please let people be kind to me. I still feel so vulnerable. Thank You for the beautiful Summer days, for the good food, for my little dog, my cat, my guinea pig and for Stevie’s love.Please keep Steve away from drugs. Thank You. I love Thee.

Iris     Saturday July 15, 2006

Dear Mother Goddess, Father God, Thank You for healing my plant.Little green buds are replacing the brown and wilted leaves. Thank You for healing my guinea pig. She’s starting to eat and drink again. Please keep her well. I don’t want to lose her. You know how much I love her. Please let me get better. I don’t feel well at all and there’s so many things I want to do. I’ve begun to feel very depressed, full of self-pity . please make these headaches go away, please. Bless Stevie, lead him away from that ugly meth, lead him toward a job. Thank You. Love, me.

Iris     Thursday July 13, 2006

Mother Mary, Queen of Angels, Beautiful Star of the Sea, Please grant me agian the favor of an easy night at work tonight. Please let me feel well. Please let me get along with Rita. I’m sorry; I don’t like her. I’ve done nothing to her. She seems to be trying to find excuses to be rude–if I’ve done something, she ought to be adult enough to tell me instead of snubbing me as if we are both still in the sixth grade. Anyway, you know I’ve done nothing bad..still it makes me feel bad. Again, please I ask you to let me feel well. Thank You for healing the discoloration on my face. Please let it continue to fade. I love Thee. May I walk with Your Grace and Goodness and Light tonight and evermore. May I begin to think of others before myself.