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no name sender     Friday January 8, 2010

Oh god, I love him too much..tooooooooooooooooooooo much. I know love should be selfless..not demanding. But I want him to love me abundantly..beyond limits.. soooooooooooooo much ..Please..Pleaseeeeeeeee

anonymous     Friday January 8, 2010

God. I bet a lot of people tell you a lot of crap you don’t want to hear. I wonder how many people ask you what you want. I try to pray for nothing more than the health of myself and my family, and a way to understand you. I do however, have a request that benefits us both. I can not handle having a debate with people who can not accept anything you say as evidence for Gods existence, and those who will never take someone who believes 100% seriously. The only thing i wish for is a way to liberate the minds of those I speak with. A way to speak the words of the Holy Spirit and place logic and truth back into the domain of God. Help me have the words to speak a sentence and begin the turning of the gears of human minds. May we adopt a new feeling for God, one of gratitude and balance and guidance. A spiritual science will be the only way to navigate our minds through the heaviness of the coming century’s advances. As we find out more about the mystical aspects of the brain, may we not lose sight of You. Amen.

    Friday January 8, 2010

Dear God, It’s past 3 am and I’m still wide awake thinking of my love one. Ok, I fell for him and I am desperate. I pray that things will turn out well between the two of us since the relationship is rocky. I just turned cold because he hurt me so. I can not stand his sarcasm. Although I still love him but I don’t want to be hurt in the end. I ask of U God to please change his heart. I am doing this because I want him to change to become a better person. His sarcasm is unChristian-like and he obviously is not aware of it. Please God, I pray, please in the power of the holy spirit, let him realize this bad character, let him realize that he’s hurting me and I feel so disresespected. By the power of the holy spirit, please God I beg of you and I pray that he will change to a better person, kind, understanding and good listener. But dear God, still am thankful that we met despite but if only he will change this bad character.

Signe     Friday January 8, 2010

I am so so sorry that I deleted them can I please have them back? I wish I knew somehow if it was them? please make them verified. Oh and I wish he would notice me on twitter, please. It cant only be a dream. In Jesus Christ name I pray. Thank you for the answer. 🙂 xo much love. Amen. xoxo

Brian     Friday January 8, 2010

Dear God I hate snow and no more snow and it’s suppose to snow tomorrow and I hate shoveling and no more please and hate the cold also. NO diseaes in life never and no infections and no rare diseases and I want to be cured now of my eye problem and never go blind never. I want to win the lotto and meet a nice women and get married someday. I want to be happy. I want things to get better. NO more learning disabltiy either. I go to chruch every sunday and pray everday.

daris     Friday January 8, 2010

Hi sorry I am not sure that you hear me.are you? I hoped that you were instate of me for 1 month. without job.without money.I don’t want any thing ,just 1 dollar for my food and 1700 dollars for my mind(I am a translator and I wrote a story but I don’t have money to publish it(I think in this part you fasten your ears!). am I right that you don’t hear me? no matter! I am so tired ! when I havent a lying word during my life why I have a lot of problems? ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me

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daris     Friday January 8, 2010

dear God I hoped that I born in Canada,usa ,sweden why I born in this country I write from Iran. Maybe you don�t believe me but everything that I write ,is base on the fact. sorry that I couldn�t write about my name ,BA and addresses because maybe my government invite me to the prison!!! I have BA, but I dnt have any job I want to publish my book but I cant . I need 1101dollar.1100 dollar for publishing my book and 1 dollar to buy some food for my wife and I .I cant afford to buy my daily needs. In Iran nobody helped me .if you do this I kiss on the book that when I find a good job I give it back to you. I really want to write about my desires but I can�t. I want to write about my wife’s desires but I can�t.our desires aren�t as big as a Holy Book. When you believe me, and answer me I try to find a way to get it(about my add .please, please, please don�t show it to the newspaper because my government in this harsh situation make a lot of problem for my wife and I. Part of my add: no157-block 2 floor3 �Yazd- Iran I am waiting for your letter as soon as possible.(sorry about my letter writing)

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no name sender     Friday January 8, 2010

Dear Father, We are all living with pains, worries, tears and sometimes failures but with You we are able to cast them away. When things get rough it is You we call on to for we believe in Your almighty strength that You constantly provide us whenever we need it. Failures are inevitable but from them we learn something that not a usual day can possibly teach, that is acceptance. The power of acceptance gives us deep understanding of what life is. We dont always get what we want though we worked so much just to have it, if it is not for us, it will never be for us. But do not give up, there are so many alternatives that God will provide us and that is for sure. For God doesnt like seeing us sober and upset. He sees efforts, He rewards them with eternal blessing but one thing He wants us to do is to love Him and praise Him coz He’s our Lord, our savior.