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    Saturday April 17, 2010

La vida es Soledad no vale nada!!!!!!! Me escuchaste????? No vale la pena vivirla!!!!!!!!!

Sherry     Saturday April 17, 2010

Dear God: You called our son home on August 16, 2009, and although I do not question the decsion to bring him home, I am so very broken hearted. I know I will see our son again, please embrace him. He was a wonderful gift to all that knew him. It was a short 28 years, but wonderful times with a person that did not have a bad bone in his body. Your humble Servant, Sherry

Jan K     Saturday April 17, 2010

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you so much for your love and for your Son Jesus Christ. Thank you for allowing me to love you and be a child of yours. You have blessed me beyond all imagination and I thank You for my life, my family, my friends, my home and a job that I have that allows me to tithe and give an offering in Your name and pays my biils and puts food on my table. Thank you for my eyes to be able to see the flowers, the sun, the moon, the stars, the clouds, the ocean and all other beauty in the world that you have created and my ears to be able to hear the songs of the birds and bees and the ocean waves crashing, water flowing and the rain and lightning and other creatures you have created. Thank you so much for my Church family, my pastor, for the songs we sing in Church that fill my heart with praise, for decent neighbors, and for new people you bring into my life. Thank you for your love and your Son most of all. I await the day that you send Your son Jesus Christ down from heaven to take all Your children home. Please let me always look to the East for Jesus CHrist coming back and allow me to tell someone about you. Thank you for the Holy Spirit that guides me throughout my days and your Angels that walk with me and protect me. You have truly blessed me beyond all reason when I do not deserve any of this. You are the most wonderful GOD, and I love you with all my heart and may I grow to love others as you have loved me. Please use me for your Glory, and delight in my prayers and praise of You. Thank You for my life, the hardships I have endured and for bringing me throught them all, I know that I can count on You to always be there for me, You promised You would never leave me and I believe in that promise. I so look forward to the day that I can Thank you and praise You face to face. How wonderful You are and again Thank you for your love and allowing me to be a child of Yours and love You. In Jesus most precious and Holy name I pray, Amen. And I love you!

Doug     Friday April 16, 2010

Dear God, Please bless me and all my kin, please watch over me and keep me in safety and in peace, please forgive mw for the sins that I have committed and forgive me for the sins that I will commit in the future. It has been a busy week, thank you for your help with it and please continue to look over me.

Kelly     Friday April 16, 2010

Thank You.

Kelly     Friday April 16, 2010

Dear God, Can we make it better? Can we work on this crisis? Can you teach me to feel alive? Can you make me feel loved again? Love, K

Gief     Friday April 16, 2010

Dear God, Thank you for handing me $1000. I cant say for sure that’s enough, because it’s far from what I requested for. I dont know whether you will be able to lend me more money that I had requested.. Hope you have a good weekend and a nice day, God. Whatever it is, thank you. Cheers, Gief

Brandon Mumford     Friday April 16, 2010

Dear God You are about to get the biggest Ass woopin of your life. If you do not bless me with some females I will fuck you and your son Jesus Christ up. Your Bitch Brandon