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Brittnay     Monday April 19, 2010

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for allowing us to see this day. I don’t have much to say, but i know for sure that Satan is attacking me every since i got sick that day. And now, i’m feeling the same way, which is confusing to me. Yesterday, I was feeling pretty good. So that’s pretty much it. I just put it in your hands.

garrett     Sunday April 18, 2010

God… My dog just had a seizure and his back legs arnt moving… pleases help.. i need you..

Marilyn tarpeh     Wednesday April 14, 2010

Dear God, With all that i’ve said to you i forgot to say thanks for one thing which is my health. You are the only one who knows how deeply i feel inside. I still wanna say thanks for been healthy. I could’ve had a very bad disease but you put me in sitaution that i have a choice. I am not happy but i know you did this for a reason.I ask you to please be with me each and every day of my life. I want to be careful in what ever i do. I have to wait for yannick to get back so we can talk about this. i have no idea what he’s gonna tell me. I just hope that everything gets settle well. This is my prayer to you. I give my heart to you and my problems. ps. I love you!!

Patty Vardakas     Monday April 12, 2010

Dear God, I am writing this letter to you for my Mother, who is suffering with many physical and psychological afflictions at this time. I wish that she did not have to suffer and would be able to enjoy her life and her family again. I would love for her to be able to walk outside and enjoy the beauty of your earth. I know in Moms mind, she misses the opportunity to sit outside and hear the birds chirping and being able to go on vacation and just enjoy herself. I pray that she is able to overcome her seizure and psychological problems and enjoy her life again.

Makanalani Oke Akua Konanui     Monday April 12, 2010

Dear God Can you watch over me i have cancer and a infection and i need your help to fight and be strong. Thank you Amen Im 13 Love Makanalani oke akua Konanui Honolulu, Hawaii Mahalo

Angel     Monday April 12, 2010

Dear God, My ant has recently suffered a brain stroke. Although she managed to survive, half her body is paralised and suffers of anxiety. Years ago her son felt very ill, he had cancer. She did everything to save her child and managed to. Please give her and her children the strength to overcome this hard time. Thanks for listening. A

Kiniest     Sunday April 11, 2010

Dear God… I know I must stick with you, I have accepted Jesus as my Lord. There are a couple things I need to ask… And things I need you to cleanse for me. I would like help with my glutton problem. I’m over eating, and it’s expensive for our family. Also… I will let Jesus control me, but would it be ok if I still could have some of my own personal hobbies? I understand your Plan. I respect it and I am with you all the way. Your love brought us freedom for a reason, so that means that I can have a little bit of my own life, right? Thank you for listening, God and Jesus. I’ll try fixing the Glutton problem on my own too. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Stan     Sunday April 11, 2010

Dear God….I cried a lot when I saw this movie as my Mom has cancer and I too wish that I had stronger faith…I know I don’t but a mustard seed…God I wish I could hear your voice , feel your touch , know that I know you love me and care about my Mom. God..I want and need you. Amen