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Thursday January 10, 2013

Dear God,

It hasn’t been long since Iast spoke with you. Yeah, you didn’t exactly respond, but i know you’re listening and holding onto every word I say.
I don’t ask for a whole lot, and you know that. When I pray to you, I’m often asking you for a favor for a friend of mine, but now it’s my turn to ask you for something that I would like.
As you know, I gave my entire summer up so I could spend it with my grandmother, while my granddad was in the hospital. I made sure to visit as often as possible. But you see, over the summer my grandfather spent his time in the hospital. Day after day. It was a stressful and scary few months for everyone. We never knew what to expect. He encountered many tests, to figure out what was wrong and how they could possibly fix it. He has heart problems. He needed a heart transplant due to how weak his heart was getting. After many more tests, it was discovered that he was not an illegible candidate due to his heart being far too weak. So, we waited patiently while they worked out some other plans. They decided to run tests to see if he was an illegible candidate for a heart and liver transplant, and with our luck, he wasn’t. We had soon found out that he has sclerosis of the liver. At that point, I had lost all hope. I figured there was nothing else to do but wait it out, and pray.
The next day, out luck changed. The doctor came in an explained a procedure that he was able to take part in, if he chose. The doctor explained that this may not work, but if it does, he could be alive for a few more years. They told him about two other patients of his who are in the same condition as him, and are close in age and how after about two was now, they’re still alive. We were thrilled, but worried, too. This procedure was and is known as Dialysis.
Considering you were watching from up above, I’m sure you saw that he ended up going through with the procedure. Yes, the fluid has been taken off of him, but sometimes
It comes back. There has been a few times that he’s been in the hospital. They weren’t all that serious. But right now, things have turned around, and not for the best. He’s back in… They say they don’t know if he’ll be okay. That they can’t make promises to us. Do you know what it feels like to lose everything that made you happy? He’s my role model. The one I have looked up to my entire life. The one who’s watched me achieve every goal I have set for myself.
My family is stressing out, crying, and asking “why? Why him?” I ask that too.. Of all people, you want him right now? There are others out here who need him. It’s not his time. 65 is too young. I’m only sixteen right now, and I’ve already lost more than I can handle. My grandfather is my father to me in my eyes. My dad travels due to work a lot, so my granddad steps in and fills his shoes while he’s gone.
Speaking of my dad… My dad can’t handle things easily. I get that from him.. We both shut people out and pull away when we’re upset. This is a horrible thing for us to encounter together. So I’m asking you, please… Don’t take him yet… Give him another chance..Turn things around, make him healthier again.

You know, when a young man went in to give my granddad communion during the summer, he recognized him and sat there talking for hours with my granddad. He told him something that neither of us will forget… He told him that you, God, have kept him around after all he’s been through, because he has a plan for him. I believe that. In all honesty.. So please, give him that plan! Let us have him around for a little while longer!




Monday January 7, 2013

God, please save me. i really came to know how life is really valuable. with lot of head weight and proud i did many bad things, but i did not leave honesty and helping nature. i was behaving like little sadistic but i have love in my heart. i really know the value of my parents and my grand parents and my family who shows love on me but i neglected that and now i want them. i did bad things with knowing the result will happen in future, now i am suffering with those things which i did in past. i lost time, money and health and strength, even now i am ready to become good and i would help to the children and people.

god save me please please..

i was worrying about many things those are very small but i know the value of life and it’s power

please give a chance to me to become like before. i will build my self as a good character, you know the bad things which i did in past with some force on me from my mind itself. i was trying to control but i failed to do many times.i became a doll in those situations, they made me to run and made me to do those things
please save me God

you have infinite power to make thing alright and better

God please save me for my family and for my children, you know them, i love children very much as they are your images

god save me to overcome this health problems and i do not want anything
make me complete healthy

god i neglected my health took may chances to spoil it. now i am suffering a lot. please restore my health god

God please save me

i want to live my life, please help me god. i have to look after my family, my mother and father

god please save me.tell me what to do

please save me God

a Son



Thursday January 3, 2013

dear god,

i am having a strange headache, i feel dizzy and weak, i hope i am not malnourished because i eat often and take vitamins. i have trouble sleeping and wake up in a pandemonium. this is very strange i cant explain it, nor can the doctors at the hospital with the blood and urine tests.

i know i am also not being a perfect servent to you, but i want to get better. please remove my faults and make me a good individual.




Tuesday January 1, 2013

Very very thnx jesus””u give me lot’s of happines at these time@father’new year have begain plz give me gud job for spent my life and give gud health for me and my family and for my every friend family member plz jesus give me ur bless full hand always”your son aatm vibhor(aplons)


fay charles ruffle

Tuesday January 1, 2013

dear god please let my grandfather pull through this he is going into the hospital tonight he says he is not going to pull through but i wish he would so i could tell him goodbye and that i love him before he goes he is everything i have now


no name sender

Monday December 31, 2012

Growing up Christian is a great experience, still my love for Christ still remain. I am not afraid to be battered for my Jesus.

Roman 5: 16 say �for I am not ashamed for the gospel of Christ, for this is the power of salvation for everyone who believe.�

Why I am not afraid of being a christian? No one force me to be one. It was my own decision.

John 3:16 say, �For God so love the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believe in him, shall not believe, but have everlasting life.�

I believe that Jesus is the Christ, he�s the answer. I am looking forward to be with him someday.

Revelation 3:20 say �Behold, I stand on the door and knock, and if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in and dine with him.�

Are you ready to accept to Jesus in your life? All you do is ask.



Sunday December 30, 2012

Hi God,
Hi God this is Stephanie and all I want to say is that during this infection that I don’t get any bad thing to happen to me please help me though this sickness.


no name sender

Sunday December 30, 2012

Being a Christian is great, but there question that meets the eye. What’s a Christian? It’s a good question. The truth is that God is the one true God.

The bible say that for all has sin and fall short of the glory.

God never sin, nor he made a mistake. He is perfect.

I know that I am a sinner, I had astray from God, I ignore him, and mock him, but now I realize I need him, so i had ask him for forgiveness.

Because God is good, and is slow to anger, he forgive me on the spot.

It’s not too easy to be a Christian, you can get mock for your faith, faced persecution…

If God is so good, he should of destroy them and burn them up in hell, but God is not like that.

He is loving and slow to anger, and he love us.

And because he loved us, he sent his son Jesus to die on the cross, to take the punishment away.

The Christian religion is about God’s love and forgiveness, going to church didn’t make you a christian.

So can one became save? The bible says “if you believe that Jesus is lord and that God raised him from the grave, you will be save.”

I hope that you will enjoy the message.



Monday December 24, 2012

My prayer for today is that everyone having hardship & battling & in despair this festive season please realize that it is the Lord himself who plants the thorns of life & it is he himself through prayer & gratitude removes it. Have faith, stay strong & keep praying. God bless & have a wonderful Christmas.



Monday December 24, 2012

The heart full of compassion is verily the temple of God