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Cindy     Tuesday June 7, 2011

Dear God I like to sit on the toliet and pee and do number 2. I like to read in the bathroom and enjoy reading on the toliet. It’s normal to read in the bathroom. I do this at home and at work. I enjoy a reading a book, magazine or anything. I do this at home and at work. I pull down my pants, skirt, dress, panties and stockings. I think more people should read on the toliet and men do this alot and women should as well and both sexes should read on the toliet. I do this at work at my job. I am a school teacher. I am 25 years old and read in the ladies room at work and do my homework planning on the toliet as well.

Dakota     Tuesday June 7, 2011

Dear father God, please help me be a wittness unto you. Your word says tht we were sent here to spread the news of your love! Father God i pray tht u will lead me to the right anwsers so tht i can go out unto the world and tell about your amazing love! Father God please send your blessings on me in my wittnissing,my music,and most importanly my life. Father God, i wanna live a life of you! i wanna love like you love me father! please diect me in the right path father i pray for your gidence in my life. and everything i do. Father i love you beyond measures! no mater what this crazy world says about you father i am yours! i am entirly yours!! please shine you light into my life father!(: i love you so much and thankyou so much for loving me(: forever and always, Dakota Kiddie<3

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Brian     Tuesday June 7, 2011

Dear God Dallas lost last night and I was hoping they would win the game and now have to win game 4 and game 5 now. I hope they come back and lost a tough one last night. nO diseases in life never and no diseases in life either for family never. I want to have normal vision left eye and never go blind never. I am 35 years old and I have keratocous left eye. I need healing now. I want to meet a nice women now. I am getting older. I have a disablity. I wish I was born normal. I hope and pray it will happen now. I want to win lotto now also.

Erika     Tuesday June 7, 2011

Dear God, I am so thankful to have you in my life. I am incredibly happy/ honored/ speechless for the life you have given me. All the opportunities you have given me. Thank you lord. I pray for my faith to only get stronger. Teach me the right ways, so that I may in your will teach them to others so they could get closer to you. Protect my team and I on our missions trip, and help us lord bring people closer to you. I love you lord, in these days bring me closer to you- and make me the christian you want me to be. Love always

Eula norcross     Tuesday June 7, 2011

Heavenly father your word is the solid foundation for my faith because of what you have said in psalm27:14.I am strength wait on the lord he of good courage. And. He shall strength your heart.according to psalm 31:24 all those who have hope in you will find courage and strength. Lord may those anointed words help me to become what you mean for me to be.I willnot be fearfulor weak I will have a strong courage because of you. I willmake ir through the struggle and trails of every day life because of your touch on my life Amen

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Anahat Grewal     Tuesday June 7, 2011

Dear God, Thank you for making me do well.I cant tell you how grateful I am to you.Please please I hope the mark sheet is also the same.I will be grateful to you.I just want to apologize for the million mistakes I make without even thinking.I keep talking about dignity,pride,self-confidence and generally speaking I found myself lacking all of this in various instances.I would just like to say that I am sorry if I make the other person feel horrible about themselves. Anahat.

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leanne     Tuesday June 7, 2011

God why did you take her away it should have been me who died!!!!!! i feel so lonely with out her….it hurts why??? why did you do it…….it hurts so much, i feels like i cant breath…….im al alone……bring her back to me

Sls     Tuesday June 7, 2011

Dear Universe, I love Daniel. I would like to try and be with him. I can wait for him. I can wait months. As long as we are moving forward and my needs are being met, I will wait over a year for him to commit. I will not wait years for him to commit. I will not continue in this roller-coaster for year. It is an unreasonable request. Thank you, Sls.

Found 13846 letter/s. Page 2 of 1731.
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