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Puzzled!!!     Monday June 6, 2011

Dear God, Please help me to trust in you for everything.

jose     Monday June 6, 2011

dear god, its so hard for me at times. i feel like i have infinite potential but i have never really taken full advantage of it. i just wish you could help me reach my goals becuase everytime i try something, it always seems to go wrong.. everytime i plan something something bad always happens. please help me be successful. i want my life to change and i believe in you.. thanks

no name sender     Monday June 6, 2011

Dear God, Thank you so much for dyingbon the cross for me and everyone else. We dont deserve that but you did it because you love us. Thank you again. I love you and cant wait to see you.

Alisha     Monday June 6, 2011

Dear God These last few weeks have been so hard for my family. I’ve seen stuff that i would never wish on anyone. I’m heart broken i’m trying to be a good person but it seems i fall short alot. I know you only put on us what we can handle and that is honestly what keeps me going. i wanna be the person you see in your eyes.I love my family and friends more more than words describe. I love you lord and i wanna do better i wanna be better. I want all this hurt and pain to go away i wanna be happy again.I pray more than anything my neice or nephew makes it i know its in your hands and you know whats best.I feel deep inside you have a plan for that baby i gotta believe that.I heard a prayer earlier on tv and i wanna say it angels of god from heaven so bright watch over my children and guide them right fold ur wings around them gurad them with love sing to them softly form heaven above. amen. I knw its all gonna be ok with you all things are possible and i know you have a plan for my family and me. please guide me in the right direction.

Melissa     Monday June 6, 2011

Dear God I like to sit on the toliet and read newspaper. I like to read anything in the bathroom and pee and number 2 as well. I enjoy reading on the toliet. I do this at home and in public sometimes. My parents read in the bathroom as well. It’s normal and why not. I had period today as well. I am 25 years old.

Brian     Monday June 6, 2011

Dear God NO diseaes in life never and no diseaes in life either for my family never. I want to be cured now of keratocous left eye and never go blind never. I want to meet a nice women and get married. I want to win lotto. I hope and pray things will improve now. I am nice guy and never find love or never was married. I want to be happy now and also lose weight. My cat is doing great and feeling good and my other two cats as well. I hope Dallas wins tonight game 3 and win the series and the championship. They came back from 15 points down in game 2 a few nights ago. I am a New yorker and I wish the knicks will still playing and a rangers fan also and they both were knocked out. Go Dallas Mavericks tonight game 3 and also win game 4 and 5 also and don’t go back to Miami for a 6 game and win the series in 5 games and the next three games are in Dallas.

Emerson     Monday June 6, 2011

Dear God. please can you help me with my job?. I am fell unhappy. because every day is hard where I work. Please God help me be strong and do not give up. I know that one day you will return to the world and all worry will desapear. Help me God. Thank God.

God knows my name 🙂     Monday June 6, 2011

Dear God, Thank You for the City Mission next step in a few weeks and also thank You for the possible opportunity for the teaching position. I have been searching for a job for so long Lord I leave this in Your hands please help me to do the things I need to do. Please guide me and my family to where You want us to go and how You want us to do things. Amen