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Mary Renea     Friday June 3, 2011

Dear God, My business is hurting so badly right now. I have tried to keep employees working in this bad economy. I an tired of having to beg clients to pay on time. I am tired of trying to crack the good old boys fraternity to get any oil and gas work. I would love to teach. I have phone interview in a few minutes for a teaching job. I ask that you let it be your words that come out of my mouth. And that you give me the strength to push through all of this with out eating my self to death – literally. I want to be around to see my son play college ball – and enjoy it. Give the strength and clarity to find what it is I should be doing right now to do your work. Help me to allow what ever is supposed to happen to me, for me, and with me, to happen. All my Love, Mary R.

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Cody Allen     Friday June 3, 2011

Howdy again, I was just writng to ask you help the heat to win tonight. You are a pip and a beast and thanks.

Samuel Ferris     Friday June 3, 2011

Dear Lord, My wife and I have been seperated since 2002.We came from Ohio to Somerset,Ky to assist her parents. We moved in with her parents and it has been a very long trial in our relationship and in fact it has taken a toll on our marriage for sure.Ever since coming to assist,I lost my job and obtained CDL and started to drive OTR. During the time over the road, I told Trisha that I wished that I could go overseas to make a better life for our family.In 2005 I was called up for Operation Iraqi Freedom. I knew when this happen that we would be able to get out of debt plus by a house.During the time from 2005-2008 we paid off all debt and purchase a home. When I came home in 2006,on leave,Trisha and the kids pick me up at Lexington Airport. Trisha and the kids did a Superb job in getting the house ready. Trisha and I spent time in getting to know each other by doing yard work around the house. After spending 15 days there,I dad to returned back to the Middle East.Then in the year 2007 the kids wanted to go to Disney World. So we plan and made the reservations. We had to be in Disney on the 23rd of July,2007 or we lose the reservations. I left Iraq on the 19th and was in Disney on the 23rd.Now mind you Lord,that I only had 4 days to decompress and reconnect. During the time in Flordia,I wanted to hold my wife hand and be close to her. My daughter didn’t want me to be close to her at all. I felt the rejected from Heather and my wife didn’t make the situation any better. As the time went on vacation,I ask to get an 10 extension approved so that I could spend time with Trisha when the kids went back to school. Heather would tell me to zip it and shut up.It didn’t bother me at the beginning but after so long I ask her to stop it or I would kill her. It was just a figure of speech.Of course, everyone was upset at me. Upon returned back to Kentucky, Heather didn’t want to live at the house that we purchase. She wanted to live with her grandparents. Of course,Trisha went along with it and all of them went back.I was left all alone in this 4,000 sq foot home. So I decided to go back to the Middle East. During the rest of my tour, I received an email in January,2008 from Trisha that she wanted to divorce me. I did Express to her that we were going to have unepected expenses if we decide to go forward. I was just overwhelmed by the information.I couldn’t do anything at all until upon returning home. All I knew that I was going to received divorce papers upon arrival back to America. I had to find my own way home from Indiana to Somerset,Ky. When I did get home,she came over and gave me the keys and left. So I was all alone. I went to church that first Sunday. The pastor,David Bullock, said there was a mission trip to Helena,Al. I went to assist that mission since my wife didn’t want to reconnect. I knew that it wasn’t a finannical issue. When I came home,I ask Trisha/ kids if she would like to come over and get reconnected. That is all my mission was. She did come over.I had a neighbor looking at the toliet. She said that she would come over later. I felt rejected agained. I knock on the door for her to come in. She left. The next day I get an EPO( External Protection Order) against me. It turn out that she did this because she felt that I was a threat. All I wanted was to reconnect and get to know the family. So I had to hire an attorney to defend me. Of course,this was an unexpected expense that I explained to her when I was overseas.We went to court and she reduce the charge to a restraining order.So we were ordered to get counseling.I went and provided three names and submitted this to my attorney. We went to individual counseling for awhile.I wanted to do couples counseling but that never came to life. During all this time, I was trying to keep the home but after the 2008 crashing ecomony,I had to do a chapter 7. Now I am back driving and my truck has been my home for now. I pray that you will heal Trisha liver disease along with her other health issues to. My vision was to explained this to you so you God would have a better understanding what has been going on. I know that you can heal Trisha body and restore to the way it was prior to her getting this. I give this letter to you to heal Trisha liver to the way it was.

Halla     Friday June 3, 2011

Dear God, I have come along way in the past few months. The drugs are certainly helping my clarity and my decision process and my disposition. I thank you for listening and holding my hand through this very rough time. I am still very very hurt and sad about Tom… I want him to know how sorry I am for the emotional roller coaster we were sometimes on…He too…some of his ways were very hurtful to me…things he said and did…and yet he seemed so proud of me and at times very jealous? How does one make an extremely passionate relationship with such extreme love for eachother work? He never really ended it…but actions speak volumns…why did he act in such a cowardly fashion? I am still very confused…I think of him every day…all day…I wake up with thoughts of him. Will this go away? Will he come back? I am trying to put this in your hands God…I have heard it many times….we are where we are meant to be….Please help me make the right choices when it comes to him…and please have him do the same…ask him to call me God…put a smile on my face… I don’t want to feel angry…I am getting better at..but not quite there. I still want to seek revenge…how awful of me? Let him know my tongue is no longer sharp…and that I want nothing more than a meaningful relationship with him…with love and respect… Thank you God for listening…I leave this up to you….and pray everyday for us to come together in love and peace. Amen…and thank you for my work, friends, and my beautiful family. Love, Halla

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Eula norcross     Friday June 3, 2011

As I offer this prayer dear heavenly father I have friends at saint Matthews church praying along with me.we may be tired in body after our daily duties. But we are happy in spirit. For we have had you close besides us all during the day this night please lift our fear quite our minds and heal our bodies. Bring each of us the wonderful joy of radiant health you are our source of body strength and peace o lord Amen

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Birhanu     Thursday June 2, 2011

My God Here I am writing this letter to ask you about my destiny, my feeling, worry, anxiety and so on… From the age of my adulthood I tried many thing to get what I am created for including being your servant, but still I don’t feel fulfilled I think it is due to not knowing what I am created for, and other things. No job has giving me the satisfaction I was looking for. I have shifted from one to another the past 4 years and have applied for many even though not secured even one. Please show(tell)me what I shall do to be fulfilled permanently stop running here and there from one extreme to another. Please my God here is your son trying different things even those that makes you sad. Please the heavenly father give me the one that makes me happy, and my family and you too. I thought my own business would make me so if that makes you too please don’t be late give today. Your confused son and his family. Thank you even though am a siner

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Inspiration for the day…     Thursday June 2, 2011

True friendship is like sound health, the value of it is seldom known until it be lost.

morteza asem-kala     Thursday June 2, 2011

dear beautiful god!please help to every sick peopels specially cancers- ms-disabled people and others sicknesses,please give our parents long and happy life ,please help the youngs in their educations or jobs or their marriages. please end war and poverty in the world .please destroy the darknesses and evils.pretty god help us in desapairs and difficult conditions.and at the end please and please look after yourself because you are the best partner and firends and strong parents for us!!!