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jas     Thursday May 14, 2009

Dear god, Dont you think I love you? i know you are around me. you watch me. you see me what i am doing, but how come you never help me? I asked you one little thing a baby? and what you gave me….ovary cyst. good job!!! i dont know i should still love you or not?

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just me     Thursday May 14, 2009

Dear God, Long time passed since i last wrote to you. Like always i hope that you’re reading my letters… Only weeks separates me from the big event … and i still too much confused. I pray that what i am doing is right. If not, i am counting on you to let it stop before it is too late. Now there’s still hope, but after it will be forever. So dear God, i hope you understand that i am too weak to take any decision. I am going forward … hoping that you’re with me. My only hope is that you’re guiding my way. Dear Jesus, I listen and read your words every day. I hope that i can stick to them more. I hope that i will become more close to you. Dear Jesus, i hope that you love me and that you care about me. I donno if i am a bad person and don’t deserve your love, but i hope not … Too much pain and fear inside me. I hope dear Jesus that it will go and forever … but unfortunatly it is not . I gave up long time ago, i lost hope of being happy and i lost the will to fight. In fact i donno where or for what to fight. I lost all my fight but i hope that i don’t loose you. Please Dear Jesus , don’t let me loose you … you’re my only hope … This bad feeling inside me is killing me day after day and the worst may be coming. Dear Jesus, I might not deserve what is waiting for me , i might suffer all my life and make others suffer. If so, please dear Jesus let it stop now , in any way you want … Dear Jesus , this great pain inside me, i don’t understand why it is not going away … why it is still the same day after day. Oh dear Jesus, I am living in a big lie , I don’t belong to this life, to this world. Hoping that i belong to heaven , near you dear Jesus … If so, please take me away from this cruel world… why suffer more , just take me before it is too late. I hope i can close my eyes and never wake up… just wake up to find my self near you. Dear Jesus , i hope i deserve that … if not, please help me to, help me to see the way … Dear Jesus, I hope that you take me to you, today before tomorow …

mike     Thursday May 14, 2009

Dear God Please forgive me father for being so selfish. Today my heart feels really heavy it aches because of the things going on in my life. My wifes friend at work commited suicide last night she was only 24 and she has a 6 year old daughter, father be with this little girl i know her heart hurts. I feel so rotten thinking about what she might have to endure. I went to see my wife at her work just to see if she was ok and to tell her that i love her but i could not speak the words was stopped by the tears. I love her and i dont want her to hurt her friend is gone and she needs you father so please be with her too. All i want is for this young girl that she is loved and taken care of. thank you father amen

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Harshal     Thursday May 14, 2009

God i have to sacrifice hey god i have done so many things wrong.That i have not to do i always lie with my family. i m a lier .Now i release that i am wrong. Last few a days i got the punishment for that wrong things. i love one girl from my depth of my heart i know that i cant get her love.I release all these things that i have done.Please forgive me for those thing. i know u have a great heart.So please forgive me please god please god .

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wong qi wen     Thursday May 14, 2009

dear god, i love you,amen

crusader     Wednesday May 13, 2009

please get me into nls delhi. i need this very bad.

Michelle     Wednesday May 13, 2009

Hi, God do you realise how demeaning it is when people talk down to me? Today at the library, a nasty old lady spoke down to me like when you speak to a foreigner who can’t understand concepts given in English translation, also as someone who has a disability which includes the idea of limitations making them stupid. For one, my limitations do not make me stupid! Is that clear with you? I hope so. Secondly, I do not need to be spoken down like you do to foreigners. You doesn’t mean you specificly, but you know what I mean anyway. Now, I don’t try to speak down to foreigners who can’t understand English properly, so does that mean that the particular librarian doesn’t like foreigners? She sounded like the way she’d talk to an Aboriginal person. Now if I was Aboriginal I would be insluted! I’m not an Aboriginal anyhow, but how dare she speak to me in a tone and make her words sound accented like, “You’re a foreigner/Aboriginal/handicapped, so I need to sound clear to you so you understand me, plus I need to have that type of voice tone to show you how I mean what I’m saying clearly to you!” How dare! I don’t need people trying to speak clearly to me to make me understand them as though I’ve never heard English before! The voice tone appeared to me like she was treating me like a mentally retarded invalid! Thanks! Well, I’m not one, and last night a mentally challenged person called me and I spoke clearly enough as obviously enough, plus I spoke in ways that wouldn’t be confusing to her, but I didn’t talk to her like an invalid or child, but more like just clear and so that it was understood now and not be misinterpreted later, like with anybody but more simplistic without the belittlement and treating her like an invalid at the same time! So if I can be like that, then I expect to be treated the same thank you very much! Thanks to that lady too!

Teng Yang     Wednesday May 13, 2009

Lord, Thank you for everything. Bless me Lord. You know what it is that I truly need. Sometimes, I feel like no one understands me; I know quite a few people but I really can’t relate to anyone. Bless with the faculty to liberate Mankind like Christ Jesus. Thank you. In Jesus’ holy name, Amen.