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Jess     Wednesday August 25, 2010

Dear God, D ‘s boss continue to humiliate him daily at work. Pls guide him n help thro tis difficult time n show him what you want him to do. Pls protect him n let him know you are with him. As for my job, they promised to call tmrw. Pls help n guide me in getting the job n watch over me. Watch over my entire family pls. Thk you!

Your Child     Wednesday August 25, 2010

Dear God, Sometimes I have doubts but I don’t know why I am feeling your bizarre closeness to me nowadays. It’s like you have always been there but I never once stop to feel your presence. Thanks for guarding me and my family. My sister and my mother are the two most important people in my life. I know that I have some complaints but who doesn’t? All I know is that I am grateful to have your blessing and even though I feel helpless sometimes, I am not being ungrateful..okay..I am a little but I thank you for being there for me. Please help me survive all any circumstances and I pray to you for a better life, and a better world. Lots of love

david     Wednesday August 25, 2010

Dear GOD im writing you this letter to ask you to make me stronger so i may help others i want to make a difference and be an inspiration to someone so there faith may help them

me     Wednesday August 25, 2010

Please watch over my family as they are traveling out of state. Get them there safe and home safe and keep us all healthy and well.

julie     Wednesday August 25, 2010

Dear Father God in Heaven, Lord Jesus, thank you very much for all the blessings you have given me and my family. I know even before I write this letter that you could see in my heart the words I wanna write. I know Father Lord that you are powerful and you could go inside our hearts however, I thought it would be nice for me to write it down so I could go back to this letter in times I need to remember how blessed I am. Thank you Lord Jesus for healing my legs, You are miraculous and almighty, I have no words to express my gratitude. You save me from severe pain and heal my son as well Thank you for listening and answering my prayers so fast =). Love You Lord

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Dilip     Wednesday August 25, 2010

God, i pray for pramod, he thinks he is right at times and tries to get over all above, i pray for his conscious God, thankyou God

Daneeshea     Wednesday August 25, 2010

Lord thank you for another day and for getting me where i need to go safely.Lord thank you for letting Robert have a second day at the new job.I’m really adamant that this will be his job Lord i just have this great feeling.My mom and aunt feels the same way like the job was waiting for.My 5yr old is getting better letting me go when she goes into the school.Thanks Lord for giving her the strength to that and letting her know that i’ll be right back.Now she knows i’m not leaving her.I just tell her I Love her and i’ll be back to get her.Well my mom and dad is getting better about letting there house go if they can get this house there looking at they say that this house they seen is beautiful.I Pray that they get it and there rent will be much cheaper than the other house.Till tomorrow Lord in Jesus name i pray Amen

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Pam     Wednesday August 25, 2010

Dear God Sometimes I do not feel as close to you as I should. I feel so lost when it comes to my children sometimes when they are not listening and yelling. I just get so annoyed and I do not show my love to them as I should. I should be calm and not raise my voice over theirs. Please help me Lord. Charles asked you into his heart yesterday Please help me God guide him and show him your love. Pam