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Signe     Monday March 15, 2010

WHAT HAVE I DONE TO U? I cant remember my pasts life, what have I done to deserve this? give a sign, or just kill me and get it over with, for crying oytt loud, what the hell have I done?? I don’t get it? I just wanna live like anybody else.. I just wish I wasn’t born on this earth.. I really don’t want to exist.. Thank you.

jordan lee joyce     Monday March 15, 2010

dear god i belive in you i know ive done some sins but i am so sory please can you make someone ask me out at school and please make the people who liveing with buy me a nice car and please make vincent whant to play football with me bye love

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victor     Sunday March 14, 2010

just wana say hi as u r a busy man actually i dont trust u u know y but somtime i felll ur presence around me most of the time not so want 2 feel ur precence every moment of my life ok bye got 2 sleeep duty in nite

Elizabeth     Sunday March 14, 2010

Dear god, Hello this is elizabeth Please help me get better and have a passion for life again. I really need all the help I can get. I hate living like this. Please help, me find a treatment for this depression. Please let me find a good network of social friends or find a good man. I am so lonly and don’t know how much longer I will be able to go on like this. I am scared. And maybe we can get a dog soon. maybe it will make us happier. Me and my mother. Ok thank you!

Ankit.     Sunday March 14, 2010

hii god, I just want a very simple thing from you… Just give her everything she needs… i don’t want her to cry.. Just let her live happily… Don’t let her down… she’s not meant for …………………..melancholy, sorrowful, downtrodden, depressed, unhappy, gloomy, feeling a bit blue, down in the dumps, mournful, having a heavy heart, cheerless, joyless, woebegone, desolate, doleful, in low spirits, rueful, lamentable… Let me enjoy These situtations against her… I beg you… please.. This is my only wish from you i jus love her can’t see her lyk this.. I hope U’ll fulfill ma wish n even u knw that she’s really a nice person… Thatz ol… Love ya enu.. Muaaahh!!!

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Your Baby     Sunday March 14, 2010

Dear God, Please protect me from all harm. I also want you to protect all my loved ones, my family, my friends, and everyone else. Please watch over all of us and don’t allow any harm coming our way. Please help me get home safe to my family and my husbands loving arms thank you god. Love you always your baby.

Signe     Sunday March 14, 2010

I just had a day from hell, please let me keep our friendship :P. Right now I really wish there actually did exist a Hogwarts.. for none muggles people 🙁

Teng Yang     Saturday March 13, 2010

Lord, today is my birthday. I have no real friends, or family. I only have You, God, and Jesus. Thank you so much for all of your blessings. Continue to bless me, support me, provide for me, and protect me in all of your ways. Bless me so I’ll make an impact on myself and the world. Bless me so that I can become all that I can possibly be. Thanks God.