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Damian     Friday November 12, 2010

Father, I ask with all I have today for you to please get my sister a job. You know her needs. I ask this in Jeus name Amen.

daniel     Friday November 12, 2010

dear god i want a magic wand. i dont know how to do magic trick can you show how to do magic tricks

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Marie     Friday November 12, 2010

Dear God I ask of you to help my sons to be happy with them self they are very good man but are lost to who they really are and what they can really create in there life if only they try it Thank YOU SO MUCH FOR ANSWERING MY PRAYER I LOVE YOU

marie     Friday November 12, 2010

Dear God I want to thank you for answering my letter mike is no longer doing drug and will be getting a new job very soon thank you so much god I love you

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priya     Thursday November 11, 2010

love you God…..thanx 4 this beautiful day….hope even my baby had a nice day….i know,he would have had a gr8 day coz u ver ther with him thruout the day….take good care of him god….let him not miss me….love u…..

mona     Thursday November 11, 2010

God im tire going through what im going through with my childs father. Im still a little hurt for what he did and i need you to completely remove him out of my heart. I know longer want to have any feelings for him because he is useless, disrespectful. God please remove that girl he’s with out of his life. Why is it that he can have someone and i can find anyone? What do i need to do God? Can you guide me from this day forward. I sent him a text saying he can see his daughter but he needs to give me respect from now on. Im tire and i want some security. I want a husband God. Please send me a good man and someone that is going to love my daughter just like if it was his. He hurt me. He’s not paying any childsupport. God i have a court date November 18 2010 for childsupport reduction that he reguested. Its not fair if they reduce it because he wasnt paying before. I ask you God to see in my favor that he doesnt get a reduction. God teach him to pay and be on guard and be a father. I want him out of my life but he can be in his childs life. God please remove him out of my life. I dont want to have any feeling for him at all. Remove it God right now in jesus name i pray Amen Amen Amen.

ash valentine     Thursday November 11, 2010

hey god i want to be a singer and i want a recording stuideo for me thats my dream please help me i love you god all men

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RC     Thursday November 11, 2010

Dear God, Please help Chloe get better so that she can come home from the vet. Please help her to eat something so she will feel better.