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no name sender     Wednesday January 27, 2010

God: Did he love me?

Stephanie     Wednesday January 27, 2010

Dear God, I am writing to you to ask for the strength to be a better person and to be more christlike. I would also like help with the financial issues I am dealing with. Love, Stephanie

    Wednesday January 27, 2010

praised from the masses answer their prayers….but have no heart, no compassion for the victims, no love for the beaten… hope for the raped, no kindness for the un fairly slaughtered or percicuted but awww make sure that prayers are answered for the greedy. Me me me me me me me me i i i i i i i i help me help me me me me me me me, me,,,,,I have a perfect life…so any little disturbance a little ripple in my calm water……OH WOE IS ME< OH GOD answer my prayers, I need this i want that….i want my perfect life……I know there are millions who hung upside down on crosses and executed…..shot executioner style……starved to death….they praise you for a mericle to have their head from being blown off, but i know you’ll grant me that top payin job and luxury of royal life….ME ME ME ME ME. ITS ABOUT ME AMEN.

    Wednesday January 27, 2010

The Angel’s In heaven are so envious>>>>>>of us…We are the blessed of the universe….loved so dearly and so wholesomely…but the thin veil of the time, space and matter can’t simply becrossed to bring a little of the divine love to the earth.jealous of what…..? that greed always must be paid off at the price of humility? great mesures have been put forward to construct all-they can eat food lines for 10 bucks….purchcahed with EBT and government welfare…obesity runs vagerantly rampid and yet there still lays little boys and girls without a insect available for protein. Million fancy up and sit at the pew on sunday…they rush right out to over load their gut, and make someone work on them, hand and foot labor on the on the DAY of the lord….thou shalt not labor on the sacred day….on the seventh day he rested? That has such a dismal reprise to it hu? How does your Angel’s respond to seeing that all over the God’s world? Why… any logical Being would belly over and puke at the sight. Meanwhile another kid goes into cardiac arrest from the illness of malnutrition. To who ever else reads this…there is a long line of “realities….” I can come up with one or two or ten every day for the next 10,153 days left of my existence. The truth to be told….truth is, thers really not a lot of truth in this platform called the “world” that the angel beings would be envious to be here. Envious of what? That at any given second of any given day…..a nice loving angel suddenly gets raped and murdered…and the world says ” the men who make money judging people when God is supposed to be the appointed judge” make up ways to say that angel asked for it? How many ways can one spell insanity to prove that statement wrong? It goes to ignorance of thy human….is the angel jealous to be the victim or the culprit? or the panel of persons debating it? For what in ‘that’ would be the most envious of position? How about the loved ones missing thy departed…oh nothing for them. Billions put in to the pot…for the decay of the system. A alcohol saturated legal panel wearing black”witch robes” upon their “witch hunt’ being the more evil than their alledged witch. Why a person stands up for the rights of their family and they are witch hunted dressed up in a new word….for witch….TERRORIST”. Several 100,000 of new jobs for homeland security to bankrupt the poor….. by a Pagan government to create a religion of heresy agents to fund the bank cartels. yet stuff the obese and incorporate the phamesuitical companies to peddle poisons…..the new concept of alchemy. Oh I could go on all day the million of reasons why would the angels be so envious to be here….leave a perfectly good heaven to what come here and be subjected to being called a fundementalist…or tossed into a state insitution and injected drugs? WE ARE ALL in this mental institution and have no freedoms if one could take the blinders off…everyone is so terrified to even have a conversation with a stranger in the park….does that rape really happen….or is it just media hog wash to terrorize us into slavery and fear? Remember thy journal and creative writing classes….what would that project? why go get a job at the newspaper and pen down stories to scare the public. How different is it really…that I can see the slime of the rat diarea in most greedy and selfish…but be called incorrect on the same token of that…everyone is a sinner at birth and must be saved….how different is that statement? Why would a angel be envious to be in our shoes? Acts of kindness? One nice thing to some other business fellow DOES NOT FEED A STARVING DOES NOT HELP THE PAIN OF CANCER,,,,WHAT WOULD STOP THIS SUFFERING WOULD BE SOME TRANCENDANCE THROUGH THAT THIN VEIL BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH….SOME LOVE COMMING FROM THERE WOULD BE A GOOD START OF ALL YOUR PEOPLE HAVING FAITH IN YOU. DOEN’T MEAN LETTING SOMEONE WIN THE LOTTERY OR STRIKE IT RICH IN OIL. HOW MUCH SENSE DOES IT MAKE THAT ALL OF GODS WORLD IS GIVEN TO US….BUT YET WE HAVE WORK AND EARN MONEY TO SURVIVE….DOES ANYONE REALLY HAVE A INTELLIGENT ANSWER FOR THAT….DO THEY REALLY KNOW THAT IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IN THE WORLD…..AND ALL THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE…IS A LOVING GOD TO REALLY SEND SOME LOVE…STOP HURTING AND FORCING THE MEEK AND HUMBLE TO SUFFER AND FORCE THE GREED TO SUFFER. THE MOST DANGERIOUS GAME IN THE GOVERNMENT? NO, I SHOULD BE MORE FORGIVING RIGHT? SO I JUST FORGIVE THE MARSHAL LAW HARASSING INNOCENCE WHILE CHILDREN AND WOMEN ARE STILL BEING RAPED OFTEN ENOUGH BY THE SAME WHO ARE OATHED TO SERVE AND PROTECT. ITS ALL REAL SIMPLE……AT A STORE……10 CHECK OUT LINES, A STORE FULL OF CUSTOMERS, ONE LINE OPEN….MILLIONS ON THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINES, COMPANY’S ARE LAYING OFF THEIR CUSTOMERS…WE ARE GOING AFTER THE WRONG PEOPLE…WE NEED TO START GOING AFTER THE CORPORATIONS WHO INSTITUTE OUR DOLLARS……. THE PEOPLE NEED TO START WITCH HUNTNG THE CORRUPTED IN THE SOCIETY…NOT TO SIMPLY FORGIVE THEM, HUMILIATE AND HUMBLE THEM AND THEN FORGIVE THEM THAT THEY STEER A GOOD PATH AFTER THEN FORGIVE THEM, DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THE STAR BELLY SNETCHES OF DR. SUESS? YOU ALL KNOW HAT IN THE HAT…..BUT I GUESS THEY ARE JUST TO SCARED TO STAND, BITCH ABOUT THE RAIN AND WEATHER BUT BE TO STUPID TO GET OUT OF THE RAIN. IT DOESN’T TAKE A 12 YEAR EDUCATION TO FIGURE THAT OUT. AND NOT ONE SECOND OF IT WILL TAKE ANYTHING LIKE VIOLENCE. DO YOU ALL LOVE? OR DO YOU JUST LOVE THE CORPORATIONS BY FEEDING THE BULL…OR IT WAS ONCE SAID WORSHIPING THE BULL BY A MAN NAMED MOSES. SAME THING BUT NO ONE CAN FIGURE IT OUT. STOP DUMPING THE DOLLARS TO THE PROBLEM, MANY TIMES THY HAVE HEARD THIS MESSAGE BUT YET HOW MANY TIMES HAVE THY PRACTICED IT? i BET YOU ALL PRAY EVERYDAY SEVERAL TIMES A DAY, BUT YET DON’T THINK HOW ODD THIS WOULD BE THE SAME MESSAGE YOU GET BACK EVERYTIME…A LITTLE STRANGE HU? STOP PRAISING THIS MAKE BELIEVE GOD…AND START BEING THE GOD THAT IS BORN IN YOU…..I AM CURING THE MAKE BELIEVE GOD IF YOU ALL DON’T GET IT BY NOW. I WAS TOLD BY A MAN WHO HAS DIED TWICE WHO I AM…KIND OF FUNNY BUT REALLY…WHY WOULD ANYONE THINK THAT THE ANGELS ARE ENVIOUS OF US? PERHAPS WERE ARE GODS?

Becki     Wednesday January 27, 2010