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Sup g, thank you for this great day. Please let our meeting go well today and make it as productive as possible. Bless the world and stop all the hate. Peace out.
Letter 1718
God I hate you
Letter 1716
Dear God, a client at work has not received the best treatment possible. I have been involved with them every day for a long time, yet this incident happened less than an hour after I had seen him. The incident was intentional and did not follow the proper procedures which are set for safety and best practice. The staff member is very senior and respected and knew the opinion of others within the team that the procedure should not be performed until all staff were at hand to monitor the situation. As a result of what happened, I expect this person May soon be with you. please help his wife and son and family to grieve and cope with this excruciating event, please look after this man and hold him close, for his adorable, loving wife will be seeing him, but not for many years. please give me the strength to do what is right to help to constructively deal with this. Please help me cope with the emotion, politics and employment perspective - the game that is about to be played out is one of the kings and queens of the organisation, I do feel out of my depth, in spite of the kind reassurance from others. O Lord, I love my job and the people I work with, - my job has meaning and I help people, in turn my life has meaning and I can make a positive impact on others. Please help me Lord, but moreso my client and family, thank you. amen.
Letter 1715
HI Lord!It's a new year again!Thank u very much for giving us another year!By the way, im going to write j. A letter, dont u think its a stupid thing? Coz im sick of his askings and I just also wanna be myself!Its sounds crazy right? Anyway, mr. H. Called me and I thought he was myung!I wanna go out w/him coz I think a nice guy. :-) U know that I like tall guys. Hahaha!Well Lord thanks for this wonderful year and Lord im soorry w/all my stupidity. I hope and pray that I will not commit another sin. So help me Lord. In Jesus mae I pray amen. Love, angel
Letter 1714
Dear God, please continue in helping me find the right way.
Letter 1713
Dear God, it was a really rough year for the family. Must have been a reason for it but I really have no idea why. I don't like to question everything however this family member was only 23, just graduated from and had so much to live for. Sent my son into a complete tail spin. You see, well of course you knew, they were cousins but so much more. Now my son is just lost. And all his physical problems have just compounded. The 3 surgeries were a bit hard to take. Please God, give him a bit of guidance. Take his hand. Lead the way for him. He is truly losing his faith. Lead him away from all those things dragging him down. He needs your help. Myself, I'm ok. I can survive but my heart just keeps breaking for my son. Please God, take his hand, lead the way. Let him find happiness again. Love, me
Letter 1712
So far so good today God. Nothing unusual happening. I have a meeting tomorrow though and ask that it goes really well. Other then that, all is fine.
Letter 1711
Dear God, thank you for all the stuff from katie hyatt
Letter 1710
Dear God. I'm yours. Why u;ve forgot me. Why u've left me alone here. I need u. I need u badly. I've hurt many people. I was not like that. Before. U know all. I neeeeeed u. Why don't u listen me. Why. I'm crying. U don't here my cry. Why u have made me such rubbish. I hate myself. No one loves me. I'm alone. Even u don't. If u exist. Please help me.
Letter 1709
Dear God, please forgive all of my sins and forgive me for the bad things i've done in my life. let him" know I love him dearly, and let him have patience with me while I'm still learning how to be a good girlfriend. let me do well in school. protect all those I love. sincerely, your servant"
Letter 1708

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