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Arjun. U knw everything
Letter 1729
Dear God. I will start a new painting today:d I will start it with all my trust on you, and my faith on the talent you have given to me. The talent which is not yet been polished. . But in your shadow and guidence i'll try to make it wonderfull. I will get my lost talent back. I will I will I will!!!:) I believe!!!!!!!!
Letter 1728
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I admit I was such a bitch yessterday when I was rude to her. I'm so sorry!I confess that to you that it was a selfish act. Totally mean. I'm guilty. And have regretted alot. forgive me. Give me one more chance. I will improve. I'm sorry with all my heart. God mercy. Humans do mistakes unconciously. I am sorry. I'll be polite next time to everyone. I am such a looser. Unhappy, that im losing my anger on others. Give me patience, and courage to acheive everything. and please God help me to get away with that thing you know what. I need that to be more positive towards life and confident, and trust on my will. im sorry again. I will try to be more patient from now on. I promise. thanks.
Letter 1727
Dear God, I want to thank you for another day and yet again come to you for assistance. Lord I pray for help in my present and future legal problems. I pray that I don't go to jail today and that I am able to get a continuance for tomorrows pretrial. Lord I pray that 2007 is the begining of my new life. I don't want to lie or steal anymore Lord. I don't want to hurt people. I just want to go to school, work, and be a good person. I also pray that you allow dale and I to have a romantic relationship built on trust and love. I hope it is in your plan for us to be together. I know this May sound petty compared to other peoples problems but if you could keep my cell on until I pay the bill tomorrow that would be great too. Please continue to watch over my family and friends. I just want them to be happy, healthy and safe! love always, nina
Letter 1726
Dear God, thank you, God. When I needed something you always provided it in the right time. I am not feeling so good for the past week. Here's another heartache. You know, when this happens, the thought that someday I will find that person who I will share my life with, keeps me going. But with this latest breakup, I felt really scared. I thought that this person is the one" God I know that you love me. I know that you love all of us. But i've seen people who ended up alone and this has been one of my greatest fear. No human being wants to be alone. my heart has been longing for a partner in life. Why? Is it because it knows it is destined to find one? Am I fooling myself when I believe this? If I doubt please please forgive me. But Lord, you who make the future, if there is no one out there, then please remove this need from my heart. This need to be with someone, to be touched and be kept. i've always believed that I'm here to love someone. One of my purpose in this life. If what I believe is true, please, Lord, show me a sign and comfort this lonely soul. Amen. "
Letter 1725
Dear God, I don't usually talk to you much but I'm here now. Please give me the strength to get through this ordeal and guide me to make the right decision. I'm in alot of pain. I want to completely disappear from him and delete his part out of my life for good but I can't. I just can't press that delete button. I know if I do that I would be better off and move on more quickly rather than staying here and waiting for him to come up with an answer. I just don't do well with breaks. And I cannot do anything about his 'gut feeling' towards me. That is up to him to make up his mind and all I can do is to believe in him and continue on the love him. All I ever wanted, was to have someone who loves me as much as I loves them and to spend the rest of my life and start a family with him. I thought I had given up on that dream but when I was found by him, that dream came back to me. Please please guide us both to make the right decision, one that will not make us regret for the rest of our lives. sincerely, meI ling
Letter 1724
Hey. Please make my dad ok!
Letter 1723
Dear God. im hopless today. I have destroyed my very good painting in the process of making it more nicer:( I did not expect this blunder. God I thought you'll make things easy for me. But im seeing more hurdles. Please help. be kind. Be mercifull. Bless my family and me. (Ameen) and im so much in love. But giving up my love for my career. I hope you'll make things easy and nice, as controling on heart isnt a peace of cake, so please mercy. I want to be happy!!:) thankyou
Letter 1722
Lord I want to again thank you for all of your blessings and for a all and all very promising life. I do pray in the name of Jesus Christ for your help with the legal issues I am in an help that I do not go to jail and that I will be able to continue prospering in a positive direction. I also pray in the name of our savior that you can help me with my relationship w/dale, I would like him to be my boyfriend and have a good, health promising relationship. I really want that very much. I also want to thank you for continueing to bless my family and friends and ask that you continue to guide them in a good direction and away from evil. I also ask for forgiveness of my sins and help lossing weight and following my other new years resolutions. Thank you again for everything Lord, I love you always. nina
Letter 1720
Dear God, my mom is in critical health right now and I don't know what to do. She was in the hospital in new year's eve and is supposed to stay there until she gets better, but my family has to have her out because we run out of funds to pay the hospital bills. I am 8, 000 miles away and broke, and my sisters and brothers don't have much either. Me and my husband scraped what was left on our credit cards and sent it home to help with the hospital expenses, but that was not enough. Right now she is at home and not doing well, and we would like to take her back to the doctor but we don't have the means. At this point my husband is out of job and we are trying to survive with nothing until my next paycheck comes out. God please help my mom to be well again because we just don't have anything to take her back to the doctor. Please send your angels to keep her safe and well. Please help us find a way, I beg you. If it is your will please give us the strength to accept it, but please give my mom to not just give in, give her strength and make her well again. We love her so much. Please God, help us find a way. thank you, as always for all the blessing you give us everyday.
Letter 1719

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