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As you know Lord, my friend *** has apparently turned gay or homosexual. I have known zac since I was young. He has never seemed that way. I just want to pray Lord with all of my heart, I want my old friend *** back. Please Lord, help *** ******r return back to his normal self and become straight or heterosexual. This is my biggest wish right now. Please Lord. Make him heterosexual like he was again.
Letter 2071
Good evening Lord, thanks for a great day. Also thanks for your continued guidance and encouragement. So times I forget that you are the one and only true and living God, there is none like you. There is nothing to hard for you. Thank you for hearing the hearts of each and everyone who is using this site as a way of communication with you. I ask oh father that people would really see that you are the most wonderful friend and that you care for us so much that you gave Jesus, your son to take the full punishment for sin so all we have to do is what the Bible says, believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. Please help those who are not sure to get sure tonight/today. Lord our world is a mess but our lives don't have to be. thanks again for just being you, never changing, never absent always true. Lord we can trust you. goodnight Lord, talk to you in the morning.
Letter 2070
To every one hI how are you doing? You are wondering about Gods existence? Theres the Bible there was Jesus and how many people out there have had the name of there years after them eg. Bc and ad as it is now 2007ad years before the birth of Christ and after the death of chirst? Stop looking at the hole in the doughnut and start enjoying the doughnut? And if it seems that there is only bad things happening out there its because its the bad news that sells you dont see on the news miss jones helped an old lady across the street? There is alot of good things out there but we as a soceity focuss on the negitive how about that movie pay it forward do that and make a differents if everyone did that then what a better place it could be? This letter is for every one who is reading it instead of complaining to God and asking all the time how about just saying thankyou for the things we have im sure we must have something to be thankfull for? I thankfull for his patience and his grace and mercy and that he has put up with all of us when he could squash us like a bug.
Letter 2069
Miracles I am asking for my parents would apologize for falsely calling dss on me saying iメm a crack whore. my father will apologize for driving the love of my life away and threatening to shoot him. He should admit that he really abused me. God and the universe, make right the wrongs that have befell me. I want to feel better about the things that have happened to me. I want to live very comfortably and be surrounded by people who love me. I want to feel lucky to have someone who feels lucky to have me, and be together. I want to have a great marriage and a great sex life. Soon please. I want to travel to sweden and all over the world with the freedom to stay if I want. I want to be healthy, wealthy and well. I want my daughter to feel good about her and be successful in the thing she does. Her epilepsy is making it hard for her to feel like she can do well in life. I want to feel good about myself and be successful in a fair portion of the things I do. God with this heart device I wish that you would take away the arrhythmias if only I lived in a peaceful place I think that would help. I hope that you humble the ego of my gold-digging sister. Stop the cycle of denial and treacherous malicious lies in my family. Make them realize that I am not their scapegoat. Lord save my life and make it better, a whole lot better than it is. Only you know what I need so please consider me for a miracle makeover.
Letter 2068
Dear God, I know I don't have the right to complain. I have been blessed in so many ways. I appreciate your gifts to me. If the cross I have to bear for the'se blessings is personal loneliness then I accept it. I am just trying to say that if I had to lose my blessings to find the love of a man, then I choose to stay single. With that being said, I am so lonely. I have tried. I mean, I really have. I am tired. Every night I go to bed and I sleep in the middle. I would like to have somebody who loves me by my side. I would like to be married. I always thought that married life would suit me well. I could be good at it. I would be honest, faithful and loving. It just isn't happening for me. I have dated and I have made my mistakes. I hope my loneliness isn't the price I am paying for my stupidity and my sins. I deserve to pay a price and I have. I have paid a very dear price. I was just wondering if it is enough and if Maybe I could get that chance now. I have been single since my husband left in 1997. I know that you know this. I have suffered so much emotional pain at his hands. I have hurt so much that I think I can't bear to keep trying any more. I just can't gather my strength any more. I put it solely in your hands. Please, just send me a sign. I am giving up on the notion of finding him. I don't want to be alone, but I just don't have what it takes to get up again. I can't find the man who wants to be with me - the man who will love the children and me. If he is out there, you need to stick him squarely in front of me and make it that I don't miss it. I am sorry to complain. I appreciate what I have. So many people do not have what I have. I am healthy, my children are healthy. This alone is a beautiful blessing. Please understand, I wouldn't trade the'se things. I just want somebody to love me. I just want to love somebody who wasn't born in my family to love me. Somebody who just wants to be with me. Please, send me the one who you made for me. Please, help me find him. I know that it wouldn't be in my heart to want him so badly, if you didn't put it in my soul to begin with. love, sheena
Letter 2067
I sit down here at my computer looking up articles or anything to see if you exist and nothing I read convinces me that you do. I hear you must have faith to believe. " I find that to be bull*****. You are to be a "father-figure" to me and the world. I don't know of any father that would make the suffering that I go through and others to be so bad no matter how small it is. To everyone their suffering is the worst. So why is it you can't help us? I ask you time and time again for help or a sign that you exist. I'm still waiting. Where is my "father? ""
Letter 2066
Hello God, it's the first time that I am writing you a letter. My life is in a mess and I don't know whatI have to do. The whole world is falling apart. Please help me if you can.
Letter 2065
Lord, I'm really sorry for what i've done and I was really tempted to do it, it was so shameful of me. Please forgive, guide me and that I would not stray away again. I love you! Amen :d
Letter 2064
Dear God, please, bless me and let me be considered for the ct job at hup. thank you
Letter 2063
Dear God, thank you for being you. I am in need of prayer. I need all the blessing and miracles you can give me. I pray for your blessings and guidance. You are omnipotent and in control. and I will wait for you to act. thank you God.
Letter 2062

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