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Hello people who have sinned. Do you understaned that you are commiting blasphemy. You will die, because God does not like those like you. The great creator will punish you. Be afraid. Be very afraid. goodbye. Peace is the way.
Letter 2729
Hey God I am not sure on what to do. I have a boyfriend called ashley but I love someone else and cannot thinking about him. I love him so much and I cannot stop have orgasms over hih. But not about my boyfriend. Please help love you soooo much xxxxx
Letter 2726
Oh im sorry about that msg about dan. He is actually really cool and tom is the gay one. He likes men. I created him on earth for people to bag him about vista. Hello jonathon. Its God. Its time for you 2 die.
Letter 2725
I like the sex. With boys. Its nice
Letter 2723
HI God its ricky bobby here the greatest racer of all time just thought id let u know that I am the greatest racer in the world im about 2 race some french *****go0t who is an absolute *****g he's soooo gay alrite peace out God luv ricky boby
Letter 2722
I am the creator I created dan it was a mistake his penis is 2 cm long he is gay, he loved to take it up the arse thankyou for reading this update I am God stay peaceful earth amen.
Letter 2721
God!!!!!!!!!! its me!!!!!!!!!! Just wondering why you havent written back to me. Its pissing me off. Cause u kno I died 4 u nd stuff and yeah u still haven't given me my reward. And that would be one of those new ferraris and I still haven't got my raceway either. Dad!!!! I'm getting pissed off. Wb love from Jesus the homeboy xx00x0
Letter 2720
Hey ***** its satin! I jst thought id send u an abusive message so ***** u!!Your a carpet munching cock smoker! Why don't u stop worrying about being a good little homo nd grow some ***** balls! Talk l8er love satin x x xx x
Letter 2719
I love you I think about you at night I have fantasies about you I love you so much xxxxxxxx ps hI dan
Letter 2718
Dear God its just me, Jesus number2, im jst writing to you because I found out that I am your son. Don't worry I will get killed accidently on purpose jst like my older brother Jesus number 1. Because ive only jst found out im the son of God I have committed a few really bad sins. I'll give up the dope now and I guess I wont be able to have sex anymore (damn u God!!! Damn u to hell!!!) Well I have to go and find some deciples now catch ya homie
Letter 2716

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