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Letter 13
Dieve as tave myliu ir tu tai zinai. BEnt jau labai tikiuosi kad myliu. tita gerai yra sakiusi as juk nekalbeciau su tuo kuris neegzistuoja arba man visiskai nieko nereiskia. tu man reiski. ir daug... gera zinoti kad kazkas tave nuolat saugo ir padeda tau. kad kiekvienas tavo zingsnis yra suplanuotas. gera zinoti kad viskas ka tu darai baigsis gerai. kad ir kokia zemiska nelaime benutiktu juk nieko nera baisiau uz tai kad mes nesusitiksim su tavim. DIEVE tu sukurei zmogu. sis darbas yra tobuliausias is visu tavo padarytu darbu. zmogus yra tobulas ir as esu tobula.nes juk DIEVAS nedaro klaidu. aciu tau uz tai kad manimi rupiniesi kad saugai mane. padek editai norvegijoje padek jai issivystiti doru zmogum saugok ja nes ji buvo ir yra mano sviesa. ji yra tas zmogus i kuri as sudejau savo jausmus. saugok juliu, solveiga, deivida ir visus kitus mano draugus. padek titai, nes ji yra tikrai nuostabi tavo dukra. atleisk man uz nesamones juk zinai as netycia...

Letter 12
Hallelujah! Almighty God, Loving and Merciful God! Thank God for answering my prayer sent yesterday. As I wanted to meet my mom in my dream last night, I met Mom and talked to her and Mom told me as usual. It was very natural and real, so I couldn't realize that I met Mom for the first time in many days. And also I met Dad in the balcony. Merciful God! Will you do me a favor? My daughter and I have a problem in the balcony. We suffer from the host and hostess living in the upper floor 607 house. Because of their room, we have a problem on the ceiling of the balcony. Whenever it rained, the water soaked through the ceiling through the crack. Besides, there are three more problems to be repaired by the upper floor 607 house. Please help us to be safe and to be solved ! Only You can solve them! Please deliver us from the evil and may peace be with us! in Jesus' name. Amen.

Letter 11
Dear God, I'd like to thank you for all you have done in my life. Now, I need You by my side being my partner to help in this situation that I am going through. I feel sad, frustrated and tired. My family is very important to me and I'm fighting to keep us close and lovable with each other. I need my husband on my side to do things together with our son. And I pray and ask You Lord, please make my husband change his mind and accept our son and I to go along with him on his trip. His friend wants my husband only to travel along with him. Is he trying to destroy our marriage?? Please God, do not allow this to happen... change my husband to think about us, his family, to protect us from harm and take us on this trip as a family quality time together. Yes, I do love my husband and my son very much. I need them and our family together. I need internal peace and feel happy again. Lord, you want us to be happy and we know that you gave Your only Son for us to be happy. Please, be my side being my partner, give \sabedoria\" to know how to deal with that. I rely on You, Lord. Amen"

Letter 10
God I am happy in my life but God I have done nothing in my life for your people. I am 27 years old, and God I have done nothing by which you became happy! God please help me that I can do some thing for you. God I thank you very much. God please make me a bright person that people say that he had done some thing for his God. So the people say that he is right lover of God. please make me the powerful person so that I can help the poor person and I can show the world that who is the lover of God. Please help me God I want to pray you in my every breath so that I can meet you please help me in my work I am in big problem. I am in need of money for my future settlement and marriage. I am confused and looking towards you for help. As your word says, “Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help. His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth; in that very day his thoughts perish.” (Psalms 146:3-4). So I look towards you for the help. Sorry God if I have hurted you! I love you God.

Letter 9
Dear God, You know me and you know what I need right now. Please Help me find whatr I want.Only you can help me, because you are The God of the impossible. Please help me to find my job, to buy my house and to have a good health. I know you always take care of me. But I need , please help me.

Letter 8
I need a job that is what i m looking for.

Letter 7
Dear god I wish to be rich

Letter 6
Dear God, Thank You for another day, thank You for hooking me up with my girlfriend and Jou-Jou and the guinea pig. And thank You for the stew we're gonna eat. check You out later. Peace and Love. P.S. Behave Yourself

Letter 5
Dear Holy One. Thank You for a day of feeling well. It's been a beautiful day, warm and all abloom . The stew is simmering on the stove and Steve is at my side... and the little dog ...and the guinea pig---oh, yes and the newcomer ; the pretty ink-black cat. I love Thee

Letter 4
Dear Heavenly father, I ask for your forgivness and I also want to thank you for all of your blessings. I need your help!! I have been out of a job know for 2 months and im starting to run low on money. I know it's my fault that I quit, but I was so deppressed. I had to pray each day for your help just to make it through each night, but I'm so grateful for the lesson that I have learned from that choice that I had made. I'm so sorry! I LOVE YOU so much. I don't know what to do. I feel so useless! I just want to be a good christian and to serve you the best way that I can. I'm not perfect and I'm always going to make mistakes. I just want to feel like I belong. What must I do please tell me? Guide me down that straight and narrow path of rightousness. Use me for your will oh lord. I give you my heart my mind my body and soul. Love me

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