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Good morning God thankyou for today I hope you have a nice day. Can you say hello to angel for me thanks.
Letter 1898
Hello God here I am again today asking for you to place that supernatural barrier of armour around my family and me. Please allow this armour to surround and protect my husband and children from any danger, sin, drug, alcohol, and all adversities that this day May bring. Please calm my soul Lord. I'm so troubled and sad. I have so many problems in my life I can hardly go on. I know to keep the faith. You always come through for me. I'm in so much physical and emotional pain. I feel im at the end of the rope. Please send a blessing to me to help me get through this trying time. I need a financial blessing soon. And my sweet Lord please bestow upon me your almighty grace that I May be used as an instrument to better myself and to others. Please Lord lift my sadness and my spirit. I love you janet
Letter 1897
I'm having a tough day emotionally. I'm feeling detached and angry for no reason. I'm trying to listen to your voice but it's so hard to hear today and I know it is because of my self pity. Please work in my life today and in my spirit. Help guide me today in your will and breathe purpose and love into my spirit. I don't want to be angry. I cannot forgive myself for things I have done in the past and it eats away at me. I ask that you give me grace and wisdom to move forward and rely on you to aid me throughout the day. I feel enslaved by myself and want to be released from my mental prison. I ask that you take the cotton out of my ears and allow me to hear your voice today and follow you. I am tempted today to do the wrong thing and follow my will. Please fill me with the holy spirit. Thank you for everything you have given me and the people who love me.
Letter 1896
HI Lord!Thanks for everthing 1especially for giving me the website wwwmp3pray. Com. Thanks a lot!Good night!
Letter 1895
Dear God, thank you for being so good to me and making my business succeed. But it's not going to continue like this unless you help me. Thank you for my wife. Her spirit is very precious. Thank you for our health. It's because of you I don't have cancer or disease. Help me to burn some fat off my body and have the discipline to jump rope for 15 minutes. Today is my first day of school and I am excited about it. Help me to be a light and an example of your son Jesus to everyone. I appreciate all your help in advance. Thanks! P. S. Lead me away from temptation and guard my heart and mind from sin. I pray you would give me self discipline and a disciplined mind. Your good!
Letter 1894
O mighty 1 I beg of u please cum 2 my rescue and save me from my self I have sorted my self out hope u forgive me of my sins show me the light to a slicker life
Letter 1893
U kl God can u do me a favour nd get me sum propa gd fannI to be proud of! U do it for me nd il seriously sort u out summin nice! Sweet
Letter 1892
Get your red hot yo God" detector. Works every time. money back guarrantee. "
Letter 1891
Dear God, I do not even know what to say I feel as if simple words are not good enough for you, you know everything and you see that I pray daily for needs to be met in my life but is it enough am I just a dissappointment to you, all my life I have tried to do good but it seems that it only lasts for a little while but I have to get serious about living the right way if I am ever going to raise God fearing children I cannot do this alone you have been so wonderful to my husband and I and I do not even know why I do not feel that we deserve the blessings you have given us and Maybe you might feel the same way but Lord you see the importance of this year and the things that fill my prayers everyday please do not turn a deaf ear and please Lord find favor with us in any way that you can help us to be better and do better and learn to grow in your love. all my love, devon
Letter 1890
Dear Lord: could you please help my finacial aid check get here tommorrow so I can pay off my dad and ask him to buy my books for school? I know you are busy, but I really need a miracle! thanks for listening. Amen jen.
Letter 1889

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