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Letter 23
God... if you receive this letter please consider my request you cut off our connection with you. You sacraficed your son for us we dont deserve your love ={ god why do you love us when we do so much things that are bad god why!!!! i may be a stupid 14 year old but i know that we dont deserve what you gave us i mean the earth you gave us we are killing it slowly and we are so stupid are race is so primitive god please talk to me why do you let this happen why.... global dimming is coming please prevent this from happening bilions will suffer will you save us we need you and if you dont do something we will suffer i know we are a horrible species but... we need you. help... sincerly, Michael

Letter 22
Dear god, I had been so close to you till an year back. i realise i was too selfish cos at dat time i loved u so much cos i was alone.. days went by and i got more frens.. gincey.. jeni. and then i forgot u completely. i could sit and have funny talks wit frens for hours but dint spare any time for you. i have been so mean dear god to you, am i worth forgiveness? bible sez you not only forgive but also forget ma sins. jesus pls take me as yours... i'm sorry for watever i had done or am doing. help me to change for you and live a life pleasing to your sight. please dear jesus, cleanse me with your blood. i love you. dear god nothing is hidden from you. you know how much i love pynshai. i dunno if ma decision is right or wrong. and i submit everything in your hands .. let your will be done dear god. if its your will let us get married and if its not i'll live ma life alone without him.. thinking its your will for us to be away from each other. whether we still hold on to the relationship or not you take care of him and bless him in everything he does. now he is worried about his career.. jesus you bless him and give him your assurance. change his life completely.. let him know tat you love him soooo much. i trust you god and because you live. i can face tomorrow... thanks for everything. amen

Letter 21
thank you dear father for being with me through thick and thin for every thing good is because of you dear father for bad things is satan i'm asking you dear father to give the strength to pray very hard to defeat satan i pray that you help me resolve my debts help me in jesus name Amen.

Letter 20
Hello God,tell me why is it that nothinging is happening in my live i want to be a star but no money i want to have a boyfriend but no body want me is this how u want things to be God tell me i need to no,.please lord i need u to show me thau a 4 real.maureen

Letter 19
I know sometimes you are and you dont care but you are there. Thank you god fro gigiving me the strength to do what i ahd to do

Letter 18
Dear God, i know that you knew everything what's in me right now...the pain that is killing.Pls help.I feel so alone.I dont know how to overcome the pain of losing my boyfriend despite of my efforts to fill in the emptiness. He's everything that I have.WHy you took him away from me. I need him and so his family. Now, I dont know what to do. I know that He's in heaven with you...pls give us the strength. He's the only who made me feel the joy of being loved. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO...IM MISSING HIM SO MUCH! HOPELESS, ANNJANNETTE

Letter 17
Dear God, You are the only one that has stood by me, always, and You have known me since before I was born. That's now I know You understand me better than I understand myself. So I want to know what I should do now? Since my husband left, I have lost interest in life and don't have any direction any more. Everyone keeps asking me what I will do and where I will live, but I don't have any answers. And while I'm very lonely, I don't even have any ambition to meet anyone else. Please help me to know what to do and where you want me to go or who you want me to be. It seems when he left, that I disappeared. I'm not sure who I am any more. Thank you God, for I know you will answer my prayer. I love you.

Letter 16
hello god, you smell like cheese and look like an onion. you have helped me to realise that you cant buy the purfect pair of shoes. becuase nothing is perfect..... and i seriously dont get how ur world famous, no one even has met you!

Letter 15
Dear God, you homosexual dickhead. You have caused me a lot of pain in my life, and I ***** hate you. Because of you *****got American soccer moms are about to flmae me because of some ***** Jew that was so stupid that he decided the only way to save our race was to nail his wrists. ***** YOU GOD. YOU ARE A *****!

Letter 14
Hola , creo en ti y te doy las gracias por tantas oportunidades que me das en la vida, quisiera pedirte un gran favor, ayuda para mi hermano Gastón ya que se le ha dado todo tipo de ayuda , y el no ha querido salir adelante por el buen camino, gracias por todo siempre creo en ti con todo mi amor Mery

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