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Hi I hope you are having good time, God. You must be free. On your own? I know you are. I have visited your site 10 times a day. Whenever I come here. I think of writting all the feeling into words. I think of writting, complaints. Regerts. Cursing, and so much more. I type. I erase. I was kind of puzzled. I was wondering, I mean, what are the ways to win your heart? ? How to win your heart when someone is deciding to burn the whole world! Let me tell you something straight. There was a damn time when I compromised with my bloody life. When I said, its not too late, I will have your blessings soon. Hmmm so 20 years have passed. The damn 20 year. I was wrong about you! I'm decieved, by my faith. And im so so sorry! How come you have put me on trials for 20 years? God? Its a long period? ? Right? ? :) When will I be spared to live normlly? ? When the damn complexity will end? My infriority complex? ? Huh? No I wont keep quiet! I will die infront of you, weeping pleading and screaming out of pain! But I will not keep quiet. You have alot of my sorries for nothing(? ) You had alot of my thanks for what? Ever thought you can also do mistakes! If I will get to see you one day, I wont let you go without all my answers. Fix my life. Fix it right now! I cant live like that! Dont you see? Can you live this life what im living? My heart. . Its so much in pain. Look at me. I'm so. Much dead already. Dont do this. When my heart will stop beating, put me in grave. But dont bury me alive, God. I'm in the dark! Can I live in ease?
Letter 2748
Now im laughing at what I actualy am and, what the hell I think of becoming all the time! Hell! I'm laughing and laughhing. God, comeone I am useless thing" Comeone set me free. Please. I beg you! I am feeling my self surrendere, when im facing the truth. I'm tired of hiding. And I think im donr with it! so? "
Letter 2747
Dear God, first of all I love you and thank you for all the wonderful things in my life. Thank you for everything that you have done for me and everything that you have planned for my life. Thank you for the two most precious children in my life. Please help me to be a better mother. I want you to forgive me of all my sins that I have committed. I give you all of my pain and headache's today. Please carry them for me Lord. I need a break from all this stress. I give you all my problems and fears and I have faith that you will take care of them for me. Thank you for taking them from me. I would like to pray for whistle today. I pray that we will be able to sit down and talk. I want to know his true feelings. Please help him with all his problems. Please allow us to see whistle today. I really would like to see him happier. I know his mother died at a young age and that took a toll on him, but Lord please show him that things in life happen and that he can not dwell on that for the rest of his life. That was 30 years ago. I just pray that you will show him the way that is right for him. He needs you desperately!! You know his pain and his addictions. Please heal him Lord. Please help me to be a better person. Please show me where I should be attending church so I can grow closer to you. I want to pray for myself. I want you to take away my dark depression that weighs down on me everyday. I just dont feel alive. Please show me my purpose in life. Please show me why I am here. I would like to pray for my children. Please keep them out of harms way. They mean the world to me. Please show me the way to love my children better. Please show me the way to teach them about you. I want to pray for my sister kimberly. I pray that you will heal her from the pain that she is enduring from her tonsilectomy. I would also like to pray for my sister tiffany, I pray that you will heal her from the acciedent she had on her way home. I just pray that it doesnt interfere with her career in the army. I want to pray for all the sick and all the pain in this world. Please answer the sick and hurts prayers. Just help the ones that want to be close to you, I pray that you will show them the way to happiness including myself and my family. I would also like to pray for my father. I never have before, but I pray that he can be a better father. I want to forgive him and all the people that have hurt me and abused me in my life. I want to pray for all those people that hurt me. I pray that you will heal them from whatever they need to be healed from. I juat need your help Lord. By the way thanks for you know what!!! I really needed that stress off of me. Thank you Lord!!!! Anyways have a wonderful day Lord. And I hope you make my day just as good. In your sons Jesus name. . Amen
Letter 2746
Dear God, I don't know what I will succeed in my life, but I would seriously like to help other people. But in order to help others you need money and I haven't got any!I also need extra hours which I haven't got either. So. I mean what's the meaning of life if you can't do the things you're meant to!I'm young, healthy, i've got a caring family, good friends, a good job but I feel empty!Why? I sometimes see in the street an incapable person and I feel like lucky to be myself!I mean. Why don't I appreciate the way my life is already!What more could I ask for? !Nevertheless I feel the need of something more in my life. And I'm afraid of this feeling!I'm afraid of it because if I don't satisfy it soon it will start eating" me!And I believe it has already started or else I wouldn't have written this letter to you. I don't need your advice, I already know the answer to my life's mess up!Seize the day!Live every minute of my life!Yeah. Thanks for the tip! to tell you the true. I feel much better now that I wrote all those things that puzzled me!"
Letter 2745
Good morning God, thanks for the information, and thank you archangel michael for the constant protection. Especially during my sleep, and in other dimensions. love always, karen
Letter 2744
Letter 2743
To all who writes dear God letters in hopes of finding the Lord and finding answers I pray that the Lord hears your prayers and May you all find him. God said seek and ye shall find me. Before going to bed tonight say this prayer: Lord Jesus, please forgive me of my sins, come into my life Lord Jesus and make me hole for I am a sinner Lord, please have mercy on me and fill me with the holy ghost and i'll make you my Lord and savoir forever, amen. My freind if you believe in that prayer and in him, then you're on your way. The next step is to find a church that baptises in the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost with the evidence of speakinng in tongues then will you become a child of the most high God, amen, amen. I pray that the Lord save each and everyone of you that seeks him. love willow
Letter 2742
Hello God today has been very good for me today. So far I have been given thanks by a school for helping at the canteen. I want to thank you for a such a brilliant day. I love you God :)
Letter 2740
Dear God I am sorry for sinning against you. I'm sorry for what me and my friends have done. It was just a joke. And a bit of fun. Very sorry. From dan and friends
Letter 2734
Hello people who have sinned. Do you understaned that you are commiting blasphemy. You will die, because God does not like those like you. The great creator will punish you. Be afraid. Be very afraid. goodbye. Peace is the way.
Letter 2729

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