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Letter 33
Dear Mighty God, I know that you are powerful and mighty God. Thank you for giving me life, thank you for your mercy, thank you for your son. All I have that I can offer it to you. Every breath that I have can sing for you. Thank you for the cross and loving me so much. Love you God

Letter 32
Dear Lord, I have to have a mammogram done as a regular check-up. Please, please let me be okay. Mum had breast cancer and I'm so fearful of it myself. Please let me be okay and in the best of health now and in the future. It gives me comfort to know that you are there for me and listening, even if it's just in my mind that I pray to you. But I guess writing in down makes me feel better too. Thank you Lord.

Letter 31
Hello God, I Love you like GOD.I know that you are with me in every single moment of my life. please GOD save me from all the evil, protect me from all the sadness and illness and give me enough courage to help your mankind. GOD thanks alot for such a wonderfull life you have provided to us, give us enough strength to face all the challanges in our life. GOD please be there with me whenever i will need you. LOVE YOU GOD

Letter 30
Dear Mother Mary, Beautiful Star of the Sea and Jesus, Sweet, Holy Teacher, Thank you for the peacefulnesss at work last night. I am writing to ask for the favor of that once again. Please let all be calm and quiet tonight. please let me have confidence, energy and a sense of well-being just as You helped me have last night. I love Thee. Thank You for all Your gifts..I thank You especially today for spring roses. Love, me

Letter 29
Father i thank You because You are all sufficient. Just yesterday i debated against writing You about all the problems my family has been undergoing this past few years especially in the last few days. But You are gracious, You went ahead and answered the Prayer i havent even said in accordance with Your word in Jeremaiah that says \...While you are yet speaking, I will answer\". You touched Uncle Uche to send N30,000. Something he has not done in a long time and why yesterday if not to prove to me that i need not worry, You are HERE! Father i love You so much. I know i might not show it like i should but i do. Forgive me for all the times i have doubted YOU. Bless my family especially my mum. May her burdens be lifted and in Your time Dear Lord. Amen."

Letter 28
Dearest of all, my real God: I have nothing to say to you except thank you. Thank you for being my real God & father. You are the lord of lords & you are the king of kings but at the same time you are my father, you are my friend and my soulmate.You gave me the permition to enter your thrown of grace at any time.I love you and I want to live with you and for you forever. I pray that all people knows you the real God & the eternal life. I pray that I could always please you & bring pleasure to you. Keep close to me God and grasp my hand life long. I love you.

Letter 27
Thank you God for loving me so much! You are always wonderful to me! I am blessed to have you in my life Lord. I thank you that your son Jesus died for my bunch of sins. l always love you and I am waiting for the day to come when I shall meet with you in heaven you are Awesome! You are Beautiful beyond description too marvelous, Too wonderful for comprehension Like nothing ever seen or heard! Who can grasp Your infinite wisdom! Who can fathom the depths of Your love You are beautiful beyond description. Majesty, enthroned above! and I love you Lord. Father God help me, please. Don’t forsake me; you see that I am incapable of helping myself. Please help me. I keep praying and ask for your guidance especially with money. I need your help. The one thing that I want and have worked for in my life is to become a good social worker to help your children who have struggled for many years. I have the ability, work ethic, desire, commitment and heart. The only thing I have is God most high! I am definitely in need of money. I need God with me. God please hear my cry, and answer my prayer. Thank you.

Letter 26
Dear ganu bapa, I know u wud be fine,and how is undir mama and ur mum dad? Ganu bapa me ur sisiter Bhakti has never done anything wrong to anyone. and yes if incase i had done any harm to anyone intentionally or unintentionally lease forgive me for the same. Today i just have to pray to you for my family and all people who know me. PLease bless me god,so dat i dont become a problem for anyone who knows me or stays with me. PLease give me peace of mind and strength to control my temper. And god i also want to pray for Rahul,the one whom i love,u know he is in such bad crisis,his family and him doesnt have a proper house to stay,i want you to bless him with wealth and success so he can easily give his family all comforts that they deserve. God also bless my family members with success ain everything they do. And for mee..i dont wa sk anything special. Thanx god. PLease do the needful ganu bapa. urs loving sister

Letter 25

Letter 24
Dear God, Thank You for another day of feeling well! Please let me have no trouble with my supervisors re: my frequent absence in April. Please give me the continued gift of energy and well-being . I feel so good right now! May I stay feeling this way for a while, please? please let tonight be easy and happy. Please let me feel confident. Please help me find someone to talk to about my difficulties. Thank You. I love Thee. p.s. I need help in remembering to refrain from critizing others.Thanks

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