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Dear God, thank you for all that I have had, all that I now have, and all that I will have. And, thank you for my tooth not hurting anymore, and thank you for such a good dentist! love always, karen
Letter 2761
Dear God firstly I love u a lot. Today I want to confess something. God I m not doing anything substantial during my internship and even after knowing this not even trying to make any changes. Secondly I donno why I m developing a fear in speaking in english. I wll talk to u later
Letter 2760
Listen to me! If you're so holy and all this ****, why the **** are you such an ********? If adam and eve were true and the first people on earth we would all be inbred, you like that punk, yea how does that make you feel, that don't feel so good does it. Now you listen to me, unless you don't give me a freakin miracle im gonna **** the ******** pope. Heres the miracle I want, get me off level three and let me go out with caitlin u do that and the race of catholics survives and if u dont im gonna **** the pope, entire race of catholics and you, yea thats right i'll **** you. Ill climb to heaven, sneak up behind you and give you a columbian neck tie. Kapeesh!!!
Letter 2759
Hey bitch. why the ***** didn't you get caitlin to go out with me, huh punk? ? I freaking hate you!
Letter 2758
Hello God, I would like to pray for my brother, biged, he has a big head and everyone laughs at him :( it makes me sad, please stop them doing it thankyou God
Letter 2757
Hello God I am in english write now, and I just handed up my essay, I pray to you so hopefully I get good marks. Thankyou God, thankyou for my life
Letter 2756
Dear God, I know that you sent your only begotten son Jesus who died for our sins. Father I thank you and praise you, oh father I am in turmoil but I know that your words say ask, believe, and recieve and manifestion will come. Father I pray for favor, for peace, for understanding, and to be blessed abundantly and today I believe that abraham's blessing are mine, thank you for this forum and please continue to bless me with strength in Jesus name amen!!!!(Smile)
Letter 2755
Dear God why the hell u call yourself God, mother, father when u never cared to take care of your this child or his family so far!Peoples claim miracles by prayers, I wasted my most precious time waiting for some positive change in life as a miracle done by you, but, you seem to be only a stone, heartless stone, can't u see what I am going thru, can't u see how tense is my family, its all because of you and still you have taken no measure to give me compensation for what you did with me!Fullfill promises made by priests on behalf of you, don't blur the diginity of word mother, stop it, don't you feel ashamed on condition of those who have been promised to be given all comfort and joy of life by priests who worship you all day and night!Please show your kindness and improve my financial condition and prove you can do miracles!
Letter 2754
Dear God please prove your presence now, I am fed up of promises given by preists that have not been fulfilled till now!Please stop making me burden on others anymore!Please straighten all curved crooked paths in my life and settle me fully in life now, its enough time now, justice delayed is justice denied, please do some miracle asap now.
Letter 2753
Dear God, please let this interview for josh go well with in no out and finally scores a great job with a great company while he's waiting for his career to become available for him. Thank you
Letter 2752

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