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Dear God(sir), just resently my girl friend broke up with me. Our problems started about 8 months ago because I started to acuse her of having an affair. I'm disabled and my self worth and esteeme was in the dumps. Plus I never gave her a brake. Always called. But she told me that the accusing her was pushing her away. Well 2 months ago she desided she had tomuch. I have been going to a theropist. Now I believe she is wth someone else. But God, I ask you sie. Please bring val and morgan(vals son)back into my life. Lord with your guidense I can be the man I should be. I hope you will consider my plea, and find me deserving of your help. Thank you God. I love you with all my heart. Scott bary
Letter 1908
Dear God, I am sorry that I have made mistakes in my life, please forgive me. Now I am trying to set things right, please help me to get through this. As you know, I am going through a very tough time, relationship-wise, and money-wise. Help me to see the light, and guide me through this period of uncertainty. I am doing everything I can to be good and honest, I ask for your mercy and blessing. Amen.
Letter 1907
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Letter 1906
I'm feeling lonely- hopeless, lost. I want to have faith in you. I want to trust you. I want to believe that this shall pass. I want to believe! But I dont know how. Please help me. Enlighten me.
Letter 1905
Dear God, thank you for prayers answered! love always, karen
Letter 1904
HI no name sender hows things been going?
Letter 1903
All I can say today is wow! U work fast. Thanks for supporting me Lord. Thanks for keeping my family safe and thank you for once again giving us another glorious day together. I'm still having trouble gettin to sleep. I dragged butt big time this morning. I couldnt really get goin til about 1 p. M. How sad is that? My kids came home from school and of course were all over me. Today I had this great burst of energy after that. I usually spend my time watching them as they play cuz im too run down on energy. To my surprise, I hopped on my daughters bike and started chasing them and playing with them. Thanks for bringing us closer today. my love everlasting to you.
Letter 1902
God, what would I do without you in my life? I would be so lost! God I just want to thank you for the way that you have blessed our family and used robin to bring us closer. She is getting stronger in her faith everyday and I am so proud of my girls!Now God, I need to ask for guidance for josh and jake. I pray that you will help josh be a spiritual man and a good husband and father and God, jake is so lost and doesn't really know what to do with his life. Show him and guide him as to what to do and bless him with the right people and places that will bring him back to you. They both need a job and I know that you can lead them to the right ones that will enrich their lives. Father you are the most high God and you can do anything. It's amazing how we can pray for something and our prayers are answered in ways that we never dreamed possible. I just thank you and praise you. Father I thank you for my husband. Lord touch his heart that he will want to go to church with me. He is a good Christian man I have no doubt, he just has a problem with going to church although we watch it every Sunday morning on tv. father show brandI and shannon what to do about their situation. Please bless them with the means to catch up on their bills and help them build their business. I just thank you for how good we have been doing and all the classes we have been having. please take us all home safely at days end. in Jesus most holy and precious name. amen
Letter 1901
Hello God
Letter 1900
HI its Gods helper I just want to be the 1000 letter there is nothing to ask for because the Lord is my sheppard I shell not want. Sorry about my spelling. Thanks and I hope you have a nice day.
Letter 1899

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