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Dear loving God. Thank you Lord for everything u a doing for me although I have nothing in hand to offer u God! I'm not working but course God u are always on my side u provide for most of my needs! Thank u oh Lord for your everlasting mercy and love on me thank u !
Letter 21123
June 10, 2019, 5:56 am
papa thank you for protecting me all the times i’ve been alive or dead inside. . Thank you for your guidance for what you provide me for the air in my lungs, I have scars that have been caused by me and me alone… I used to wonder why bad things happen but I know that this is a university. The ultimate university. You are the beginning and the end. And through you I live my journey through the beginning and end… you told me once that the greatest thing you could ever have is a relationship with God… I just want to say thank you, I just wanna hug you and give you my love even though at times I know I don’t feel it I know you hear it I know you’re there I thank you for your patience I think you for the things that I have and the things that will come to me because just like a father you provide for me everything I need. I love you papa
Letter 21122
June 10, 2019, 3:01 am
Brian James
Dear Lord: please Lord put a hedge of protection around me while I write you and even when I am not writing you. Please just keep me safe from satan and all of his demon's, to fight satan for a mortal man is impossible. I do believe that with your almighty power than a person can do anything. Evil is what evil was. I pray to you Lord for help with my refinancing of my house and the small loan on top of that loan to pay on my credit card and also to buywell l a second little truck with a four cylinder engine to drive so I don't have to drive my big old ford 4x4 f-150 which drinks gas like no body business. Lord please help me with my back pain, the doctors at the veterans hospital a re taking away my back pain medicine which it does really help me out. With all the heap here in america on addictive type medicines is harmful to the people who really need them. I would gladly give me pain to anyone who thinks back pain is nothing, when you back is hurting really bad and the only thing that helps is your back pain meds. Why take away. The only thing that helps you get through the day. Thank you father in heaven. Your humble servant brian
Letter 21121
June 9, 2019, 5:11 pm
Danny Master Skipper
Father I have a lot of memories and feelings I wish I could be better at the way I remember things memory is such a important part of life. There are things in it true context is not true specially about me feelings and life experiences away from my children. For years I have wanted to show them and express my interest in them and love them they are more apart of my life my mental life than ever before. If they knew how hard it is and was without them I missed them much and was frustrated even on their birthdays - holidays. I gave up for a long time and was a active alcoholic / drug addict with mental health issues. The money I had when I made it went mostly if not all to alcohol and drinking to be with people I tried for years to be happy and sober but never found any relief. I thought I was better off and they were to but our love my heart was never satisfied I longed for love and thought I could find it in a different way, that had to do with my sexuality. I spent after some years of questioning my self and what God wanted for me I realized Maybe it was to be gay but I was afraid I did not want separation from God as well. I went through religious changes for years over catholism and what was right and doctrinal and went back and forth it drove me crazy but I wanted to be right with the true father God - you. Being hundreds of miles away not affording much and for years at a time using hospitals psychiatric hospitals as a way to have a safe place to stay and get help. I was lonely and found through my drunkenness it made it easier for me to sexually act out and I became addicted to the life style and behavior. Any money I made went to drinking / drugs / sex, I was never compliant with my medications or therapy absolutely nothing. I tried to stop but could not I never found any one to love or a special group of people I had made friends with a few guys and drag queens. Everything I attempted accept for a few jobs in floral designing - events planning failed even when I left florida for california. My heart was broken I never found any right I never found mr. Right and if I did I blew it or was just disappointed even more - my feelings were broken - my heart. My heart really was with God I could never leave or brake up with him forsake his love and his ways it is almost romantic God. Not sexual but emotional that’s all but it still is everything to me to know that I am loved by my father God the trinity to know you and your spirit is everything I do not forget. I never looked at another women for lust / love / affection after Christine ann and susan. I just never had the interest and thought Maybe my life was meant to be with gay brothers and sisters - I would make friends with them it just was not the same as family. When I thought I would loose my kids and family I decided to change it has taken me many years of many trials and more drug / sex related experiences to get to where I am today and by chance and prayer many prayers requested by me said by others and the trinity. I want to have good memories memories about and on feelings that are good the feelings have to do with love even a righteousness about love. I want more out of life and to serve my God yeshua yhwh the holy spirit in me is what I desire to please.
Letter 21120
June 9, 2019, 4:25 pm
Jai Bhagwan
Dear God, I love you. Please forgive, bless and guide us. Amen
Letter 21119
June 9, 2019, 3:56 pm
Bhagwan Jai Ho
Dear God, I love you. Amen
Letter 21118
June 9, 2019, 7:29 am
Dear loving God! I seek yo help Lord, can you kindly help me get my money back from my uncle! Its been a long time now and he shows no interest in paying me back tat money! I rest need it, thank u Lord amen
Letter 21117
June 9, 2019, 5:30 am
HI God it's been a while. Hope u r enjoying the show. I don't really wanna ask u anything. Cuz it doesn't matter what I want anyways. Even if u know what I want, no matter how badly I want it, u will only do what u want. So go ahead. Punch me in the face. I don't give a damn.
Letter 21116
June 9, 2019, 1:57 am
Dear God, I want it to be sunny tomorrow because, I am going to valleyfair tomorrow afternoon. Could you predict the weather for sunny? It would make me happy! Love you father!
Letter 21115
June 9, 2019, 12:02 am
Dear God, please let me get the mortgage and let us get this house as so much depends on it. love you thank you xxxxxxxxx
Letter 21114
June 8, 2019, 11:46 pm

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