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Letter 10408
Lord, Help me decide, guide me to your ways please I don't know what to do now, I am really confused please do help me please. Lots of Love, Soulsearcher

Letter 10407
LORD GOD MY GOD, Thank you for all that you have brought into my life... I especially want to thank you for my family and friends and of course mattie my most loving dog... her love has reminded me everyday how gracious you are, giving me a love to hold on to going through my divorce and separation with my stepchildren... Lord I do thank you for bringing them into my life they are such wonderful boys... protect them and guide them Lord... I for myself pray for love once angain in my life... I pray for a good christian man who will share a life with you and will support me in my relationship with you... I feel that I am ready to move on and love again... thank you ... LORD GOD, in the name of your son Jesus Christ... AMEN

Letter 10406
LORD GOD MY GOD, Today this very special day, a day I spend with you.. I am here to ask you for peace this holiday season for one and all. I ask that war withers away, that everyone can spend this holiday with their families bringing new and lasting memories...I pray for health for the sick and love for the lonely... I pray for happiness for all and that everyone holds you close in their hearts. Lord I pray for your undying love to be shared by all.... thank you Lord ... in the name of you son JESUS CHRIST... AMEN

Letter 10405
Father God, life is so tough. I know my problems might not be as severe as others but I know You care. Lord, the pressure is so great and I'm not sure I can take. I need peace Father God. Pleas help me to find peace in the midst of this trying time. School is so overwhelming and I cant help but think that I'm not as good as everyone else at anything. I thank you that You love me but please help me to find peace. Its hard to go through alone and a close friend to share it with could help a lot. I pray that You would choose someone that would help me grow Father God. I love You soooo much and I thank you for Your grace and mercy Amen.

Letter 10404
Dear God I am disabed and nice guy and I am frustated at times because i haven't found a job in a while and I want to work and I feel like when I go on a job interview they don't want to hire me and I feel like they are discrimated because of my disabiltiy and I am handicapped and I am 29 years old and I am a nice person and want to work again and also I would like to meet a nice women and hasn't happened and when I do go on dates women don't seem to want to like me because I am handicapped and being in a wheelchair scares them and feel like they don't want to go out with me and have a relationship with me and It's horrible and feel like crap and I am a nice person and being in a wheelchair isn't easy at all and I wish I wasn't handicapped and normal and I feel women out there are not nice or even nice women don't want to go out with me and for people who are disabed men or women out there it's not easy and we get treated bad alot and even though things have change somewhat things are still not good and I wish things would be better and I pray every day and go to church ever sunday and wish I go work again and have a good job and have a girlfriend and get married and I hope it will happen for me soon and for disabed people out there who need help now and you know how it feels and I don't blame you and I hope things will get better for people with disabilites men or women and have normal lives and we are people and we are different but we are people and disabed people like us work hard and it's true and at times it's frustated and men and women who have physical or learning disabilites its a challenge and hope and pray that society will not judge us and treat us like people and women and men out there like us need support and find good jobs and find love right now and hope and pray things will get better for us now and forl me especially and right now I don't believe I will find someeone and being disabed it's always like this and I don't believe in true love and I hope I'm wrong, but women don't seem to like me and they don't want to date someone like me in a wheelchair and turns them off and shouldn't be like this and it's not fair god and I wish people out there can look past that and it's the person that counts and being disabed isn't something which I can't control but I can do things and wish people out there would give me a chance right now at job interviews and dating also.

Letter 10403
dear god tell whitheny jones that i miss her she was my best friend and the mom was a wonderful person tell ms ribbon i said hi up in heaven and tell my granpa thompson i said hi and dale and everyone else i am so blessed i have a wonderful family and i like the people at outcomes the agency i go to and my friends and my job coach my dog and my boyfriend and my cousin aunt and uncle i am so blessed that i have a wonderful grandma happy thanksgiving to everyone up in heaven i will pray for the homes people and the sick kids and everyone else who need a pray i am so lucky to have nice neighbors and have a nice warm bed and clothes and store and special olympics ski team. i am so blessed to have a great community and the ride on bus to take you places and metro access and nice food to eat

Letter 10402
God, Please Help Me.

Letter 10401
God please bring me wealth help me with my wish all i have is you

Letter 10400
please take care of my cousin grace costello. she died last wednesday and i miss her a lot. all of her family do. we love her and miss her so much and i want you to make sure that she knows that. lastly, i want you to make her life in heaven as enjoyable as possible.

Letter 10399
Dearest Power, I am writing as a further effort for guidance and support. I try to talk with you, but don't feel connected. I have been blessed with health and happiness (for the most part) throughout my life, as far as I thought. There is something missing in my life, and I am letting go of my need for control and certainty. I believe that what needs to happen will happen, if I let go and let the course be guided. But what I am really asking for is help getting through the sickness I am fighting. I need the support to stay strong and fight the things that take over my mind and body. Please help me see the way... Letting Go...

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