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Dear God, this is the first time writing, but I have talked to you just by looking up. I'm asking you for the biggest thing ever. I hurt the women I truly deeply love and care about with all my heart. I did something I broke her trust and love for me. Its getting harder and harder. Not to lose it even more I dont know what to do anymore. I dont want to lose her I want to show her that I will change I will be a different man she wants me to be. I know time May make things better. But I would like a little help from you. I just want her back to loving me a just a little bit ight now. But I dont want her to go. I have all ways been scared of losing her from day one, because it sim to be in my eyes she is amazing women, has to much to give a man and give to someone heart. And I guess it took me hurting her and to hurt myself to 110% see that I dont have anything to be scared of with her. She has done nothing wrong, she has had my back all the way. But the feeling has all ways been in the back of my mind that this is to good to be true. She to perfect for me. I never decided this much, I'm the guy that doesn't get this lucky in relationships at all. I dont get girls like her at all. Not even close. So yes I get very jealous some times, yes I get myself a steam issue to come out, then the biggest is my insecure with myself. That's the biggest thing, is she is amazing super beautiful, and she has all ways been a little to good for me or even a little to much for me to love her the right way. all because I dont deserve someone like her, I dont deserver that kinda of love, I guess its because I have never know what true love looks like, or what real love looks like. its apart of me that has all ways been everyone else deserve better them I do. I have never been able to make anything work out at all. Not jobs, relationships, friendships, nothing because sooner or later. I push them all away. I hurt too many people no matter what or no matter how long it last. I still end it one way or other. she has given me so much that I should have seen it and should have let her love me in her own way and not try to get anything different at all. God please how me get violet May back to me back to I can show her that I dont wait her to leave I dont want her to let go. I will not stop from running after her. To try and found that love again. from brandon herman p. S. God please help me get her back help me please. I dont think I understand what I we lose I dont think I knew what the end would look like, because I wont be the only one that loses, I wont be the only one that hurts, if I cant find away to get her to come back and love me, and to get her to see that I deeply 110% would do anything for her for the rest of my life.
Letter 20336
March 17, 2019, 10:14 pm
Bibek Shrestha
Dear God, I am in so need for your help I feel so lonely and sad all the time, I have forgotten to be happy everything seems so hard and I have lost purpose. I don't feel like living, I love my parents but I don't know if I can survive. my spirit is broken I feel tired all the time I feel heart broken. I am desperate. If this goes on I think I will not be able to make it. now I am in such a state that I would rather choose death than life cause I cannot bear this pain any more. please make my parents happy, I don't want to say it but I want to quit. sorry God. Your son bibek shrestha
Letter 20335
March 17, 2019, 7:47 pm
Jai Bhagwan. Jai Devi And Davta, Hari Aum
Dear God, good morning Lord please forgive, bless and guide us. Amen. JaI bhagwan. JaI devI and davta, harI aum
Letter 20334
March 17, 2019, 7:23 pm
Brian James
Dear Lord: Lord I have been watching video's on you tube on the Bible stories. I am amazed at how you Lord would talk to people back in and before Christ you son. Do you still talk to people now. The so called men of faith on tv who claim they talk to you and you tell them to tell the people to give all the money they can which makes them rich. To me the one's who I will watch are the one's who do not ask for money and who really talk you. So many of them have bought jet's and live in multI million dollar homes, how can the'se false false teachers of you Lord really be men of faith. I would love to talk you Lord of heaven and earth and to ask of you what you would want me to do here on earth. I know Lord that I am weak and when satan comes upon me he really makes my life hell. And then I blame you which I should not blame you for anything that the evil one does. Lord I ask of you top put a hedge of protection around me now and forever to keep me safe from satan and his demons. I know his power is strong bur not strong enough to stop you from destroying him and his demons. You are the one true God and the only God here on earth and in heaven. Lord I pray to you Lord to heal my che'st from the pain I have had for so long and help me quit smoking that would be a day to celebrate. Thank you for healing that you will give me and for everything else you have blessed me with. Love you Lord your humble servant brian
Letter 20333
March 17, 2019, 3:19 pm
Danielle Cooper
Dear God can you please stop the rain here in townsville and can you please stop the rain in malanda I have camp on Tuesday and I don't want it to be cancelled I need the weather to be perfect please thank you amen
Letter 20332
March 17, 2019, 8:47 am
Me again, please dear Lord dont take j give him the want and desire to live. Give him the strength to know what he will be missing if he doesnt fight to live. Give him a miracle. I want him to stay here with us, to see his children grow up to walk his daughter down the aisle, to see his son grow into a man, to see his grandchildren, bounce them on his knee. Please God let the next text be one of hope. Let the doctors be wrong.
Letter 20331
March 17, 2019, 8:11 am
Loving God
Dear God/ Lord thank you. Please forgive, love, guide and bless us. Amen, bhagwan aum
Letter 20330
March 17, 2019, 7:02 am
Shayne Coventry
Dear God, I am sorry if I have ever askrd too much of you, or got mad at you. it's no excuse but I am scared. as you know, my family have mostly all died. You also know I never had them really. All I have is you. It is plenty, just wish I knew what it felt like to feel loved on this earth before I die. I don't want money, fancy clothe's, houses or any of that. Just the love of a companion and family there for me when I die. thanks for everything God. Thank you for teaching me humility and how to be humble and not spoiled.
Letter 20329
March 17, 2019, 6:29 am
Brian James
Dear Lord: surfing the web and I see video's on animal abused dogs and cats. Lord I really want to rescue the animals from a life of pain. Animals are a gift from you Lord and that is how I feel about that. Lord please show me how I can rescue the animals that need the help of people from the evil one's who hurt them. I can not even begin to understand why some would hurt a defenseless animal. Also if I ever get the chance to rescue animals I will surely rescue children, this all has to stop. To many little children are being abused by very bad people and this has to stop. Thank you for listening Lord and May your son come soon along with his legions of angles. well better go for now Lord, thank you for everything you bless me with. Your humble servant brian. Ps like always Lord your are my creator and your son is my savior and my king.
Letter 20328
March 16, 2019, 11:49 pm
Brian James
Dear Lord: just wanted to write you a letter and say I am sorry for going off on you and cussing to you and saying words that I should not of said. Please forgive me, being stressed out is not my best of times. Here I have been wanting to change my life for the better and I really failed because I went off on you. Lord I will really try harder and vent my stress towards the evil satan and his gang of demons. My mind is just freaking out over a lot of problems but I will work harder at nor blaming you. Better go for now. Thank you for all the things you have blessed me with brian
Letter 20327
March 16, 2019, 11:22 pm

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