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Brian James
Dear Lord. Just one more thing I forgot to ask of you. It is about rachel pit but mix breed. When I stole her from her owner she was going to be used as a bait dog. That is just a exercises dog for a fighting pit bull dog. The owner beat her really bad, when I saw her it was night and in a dark place in a alley and how I saw her was a miracle because it was so dark but my head light just happen to hit her eyes just right for me to get a reflection from her eyes. She barked and snapped her teeth at me but once I got her in my arms she went limp and then when I put here in my truck and my seat she just put her head on my lap until I got home. She really hates people but more so men from women. My sister joann would stop by and she would really did not get to mean with her but her husband she did not take towards him so that tells me she really hated men more than women because it was men who beat her. But getting back to why I am writing you is because rachel has a lump on the back of her neck and it really has me worried. If I get this home refinanced I am taking out a cash loan besides getting my home loan. That is why I am really nervous about getting this loan. Lord please if you could help me with this loan I would be in your debt, to be honest I have been in your debt now for a long time now. Lord rachel means so much to me and she gives me a lot of happiness and smiles, she sleeps in bed with me at night along with buba and spike plus sometimes my two kitties. So please Lord if you could please help me with this home loan and the cash out along with the home loan. Sometimes I think I need a bigger bed than this queen size Maybe a king size bed might be better but she is my little rachel girl Lord and I would do anything you might ask of me. I know Lord that if you ever came to earth as a mortal man that you would really like her Lord, I know that you would love all my animals. Thank you Lord for not getting upset at me for writing you so much. Maybe one day we could be room mates, just joking I know that we could never be roommates. But it was a good thought. Thanks Lord your humble servant brian
Letter 21163
June 15, 2019, 6:34 am
Brian James
Dear Lord: well I talked with the rep from the home loan company and she said that everything was ok but I still have this stomach feeling about the loan. Lord if you could help me out by putting a good thought in the people's mind I would sure be grateful for that Lord. I need to get into bed and I have to stop staying up so long and get into bed earlier than what I been doing. Lord I hope I can get the cash out loan along with my home loan. I do want to buy a good used little truck that would be a good thing Lord. Well i'll be talking to you this evening Lord. Thank you again for the help Lord. Your humble servant brian
Letter 21162
June 15, 2019, 5:05 am
Brian James
'dear Lord thank you for my little pets, please watch over my little duck's they are my little friends. Thanks Lord brian
Letter 21161
June 15, 2019, 2:26 am
Brian James
Dear Lord; sorry for writing you again but I forgot one thing I was wanting to ask of you, please bless the people all over the world that go out and save the life's of all kinds animals dogs, cats, horses, and any kind of other animals that need help from people. It is really sad that evil people do such terrible things to the helpless animals. Just watching on you tube what people do to animals is just evil, I know the Bible says vengeance is mind sayest the Lord so I hope Lord you get as mad as I do with the'se kind of people. Where do the'se kind of people come from Lord and also with the abuse of children. Where do the'se people come from. What really gets me Lord is that a lot of the people who torture children are there parent's. What kind of a parent are the'se people. Anyway Lord please protect the'se little one's. Thank you Lord
Letter 21160
June 15, 2019, 12:42 am
Brian James
Dear Lord: here it goes again I was almost done and wham I hit the wrong key and everything was gone. Lord please put that hedge of protection around always Lord. Satan is just so evil and he enjoys making people frustrated. Anyway I was telling you thank's for giving me that thought to do something on my computer and it fix the problem I was having with my laptop computer. Computers are great but if your like me not a computer person it can be a nightmare. But with your guidance you guided me to the right move as far as hitting the right key and wham it worked. It would of cost me some dollars which I really don't have so thanks again Lord for saving me money. the little duck's I bought last week which were seven and now I only have four I think, I hope Maybe the other three just were hiding somewhere I just did not see them. Lord you know that I love my animals of all kinds, today I need to put out the corn stalks for the deer plus the bird feeders need to be filled up with food bird seeds. Lord I truly miss my parents and my sisters but joann I miss the most because we talked almost everyday and I sure miss that Lord, Lord just one question does it get any easier as far as missing your family. My mom always said that family is everything and boy was she so right. Lord I pray to you Lord to heal my sister linda after she had that stroke she just is not doing well. If by chance I ever come into some money I would like to send her to that Mayo clinic in I think, heck I can not remember what state the clinic is in. I don't want to lose linda. Lord as a matter of fact I need to call her after I wake up later on this evening, she is the best sister a guy could have. I told her I would start going back to church and with me finding a baptist church not far from me I will start going. When I lived up in indy I went almost every week and then I started to go to a Christian orthodox church and I really like what that church did as far as the old Christian orthodox faith. Well Lord I guess i'll be going till this evening when I write you again. Lord I really mean it when I say thank you for everything you have done and everything you will do for me. Lord I love you like a child loves his father. Father in heaven. Here is no greater feeling like when a child loves his father and I really mean that Lord. Writing you the'se letters to you Lord is really great thing to me because for some strange reason I think you do read the'se letters. One more thing Lord can you watch over my little ducks I bought, I like watching them swim around the pond just having duck fun. Thanks again Lord. Your humble son brian ps I hope to get my house refinance and to talk out a small loan on top of my home loan, Lord I ask you of a favor of you to put in the hearts of the people who make those kind of decisions and they give me the home loan and the smaller loan. Thanks again Lord.
Letter 21159
June 14, 2019, 11:51 pm
Humbled Beyond
Dear God, today, I would like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your grace. you have kept me through the darkest time in my life and I am eternally humbled. I am overjoyed when I think of your majesty. You are my strength. thank you for curing my "incurable" disease. Thank you, hiv virus, for coming to do your work and cleansing me. Your grace, oh God, makes me weep. to God be all the glory. I am deeply humbled. I am completely cured. with love me
Letter 21158
June 15, 2019, 12:03 am
Brian James
Dear Lord things are not the best right now, my lap top is not working well and I called the geek squad from best buy and they could not fix it over the phone so I have to take it in. I was hoping that they could fix it but well Lord you know that my luck is not the best. I just got done feeding my little ducks and they bring me joy Lord. All animals make me smile. Thank you Lord for everything you bless me with. Love you Lord for you are my father in heaven. Brian
Letter 21157
June 14, 2019, 8:45 pm
Mataji, Jai Ho
MatajI jaI ho, thank you maa. Lord please kindly forgive, bless and guide us. Aum
Letter 21156
June 14, 2019, 4:14 pm
Dear God, sometimes I wonder if I am doomed to spend the rest of my life being disconnected from everyone else. Never fitting in feels exhausting. But this issue is, I don’t want to be like them…but i’d at least like to meet a good number of people like me. It would be nice to have friends. I am stuck in a dilemma of hating how everyone acts but also feeling lonely and wanting companionship. So, what do I do? If I become like them then that means i’m a sell-out. Sometimes I feel so bottled up I want to cry but nothing comes out, even if I allow myself to feel. Being around others is so draining. They don’t understand me, and I have truly tried to play it their way. Going my own route has been lonely and cause for social awkwardness because I don’t know how to properly act around the'se idiots. I wish everyone would f-off home. I wish the streets were empty for me, me and a friend. on the other hand, I feel guilty for even asking you. You know i’m not a good person, I don’t strive to be. Sometimes I wonder if I am an innately bad soul. I do nothing to better myself. Sometimes I wonder, what even is the point? Doing the good thing doesn’t land me anywhere. The bad does. The bad is my justice, my self-defense and my justice. I want to be good. Don’t i? Do i? I am ashamed that you, Jesus, can still care for me. I am truly unworthy. We are not worth dying for. We never were. I always ponder why you do the things you do but I thank you, Lord. You have opened my eyes up to question things, to think for myself, to be a full person. I am exploring, searching and yearning for my own truth. I feel like I am truly starting to understand myself more and more each day. Gone are the days of the shriveled up little girl whose compass didn’t know which way to point. I am going north. I hope that you don’t think the things I do are bad. In my mind, they are rationalized. I just want justice, truth, and happiness for myself and for my family. Suffering is a part of human nature; I just need to trust that you have a bigger plan for us all. All of humanity. I trust, I trust, I trust. amen. - z
Letter 21155
June 14, 2019, 1:36 pm
Jai Bhagwan
Dear God, kind Lord, I have sinned and forgive me. Lord thank you for blessing me and forgive me. Please bless and guide me. Amen.
Letter 21154
June 14, 2019, 8:14 am

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