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Letter 10449
Thank you dear God, Please bless and lets win ! Aum/ Amen. MahaDev

Letter 10448
Good morning Dear God, I/we hereby pray for your forgiveness , Love and Blessings. Loving God let me win and we win , in the process let me love, forgive and learn how to serve a good cause. Amen, i win =we win! Amen/Aum

Letter 10447
Dear god, I would like to thank you for everything you have gave me. I have made plenty of mistakes but I am willing to learn from them to better myself and better my relationships. Please protect me and please guide me in the right path. I am willing to grow. I am seeking a sign to confirm that everything will be okay. And that I do not have to worry anymore. Amen. Bless.

Letter 10446

Letter 10445
Jai Bhagwan/ Dear God. Please bless us and let me win so WE win. Aum/ Amen!

Letter 10444

Letter 10443
Good Mornining Bhagwan, 51 carore pranam and Love you. Please lets win loving God

Letter 10437
Dear God, help me to listen and hear what I need to hear. Help me to act when i need to act. Help me to be who I truly am.

Letter 10410
Dear God I am not happy most of my life time especailly those passed years. My husband sleep and secretly hidding girls. I do not like his mistress Lan. She been dump and had abortion from his previous man and than sleep around. She now struck to my husband. I don't want her around especially around my children. She had a God mother that use voodoo magic on my husband and so on. My husband show hate toward me all the time any time I mention his mistress. He always try to make me mentally insane, but I am strong. He been cheating every since I had my first baby. Life went down the drain once Lan appear to our life. I am very miserable and don't know what I should do with my life. My husband would tells everyone that I am crazy so they won't believed anything I say like making me less important. They all think it was in my head, that I am thinking too much and even if I had evidence they just said let it go because that his brother. He and his family does not care for me if I cry or be open with them. Actually he don't love me anymore, or show care to me when I was prenant. God please help Lannie or Lan to get his own man and leave my husband alone. I am too fat and ugly to have friend or so. I quite alone with only my children and my family, but my husband would take it away because he too controlling and demanding. He had to had it his way or nothing at all.

Letter 10409
Dear God: I'm a prostitute. I've sold my body for 250 dollars an hour and continue to do this and will continue to do this. I'm in love with one of my former students, but he doesn't love me back. He uses me for sex, calls occasionally, and will never be all the things I wish he could be. I'm sleeping with him one last time in the future, afterwards I'm never talking to him again--and I will cry so hard because of it. God I'm spiraling downwards. I don't know how or when this will end. I hope you kill me before my family discovers all my dark secrets. Lord, I have problems with my sexuality. I've only had two sexual partners: my John and my student. Why have I become so depraved. Lord, I know you loved Mary and I beg of you to love me too. I'm not a bad person; I don't hurt people, i only hurt myself. Please, God, Don't let me catch AIDS. Please, kill me, kill me, kill me, kill me, kill me, kill me, kill me.

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