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Dear God, I pray that my actions in this life create goodness as much as possble so that I May live to my fullest potential. That you have given to me! P. S. Why can't people see that religions have universal themes?
Letter 61
A little message to fatimah, I think you sound like a very sweet person. I used to be shy, too. It sounds like you are fairly young. Time cures shyness. In the meantime there are lots of books about how to overocme it and also how to make friend{I'm sorry--right now no specific titles come to mind}. When I want to lose weight, I eat a lot of salad, very little bread, very few sauces, little Mayonnaise, no cream. Lots of fish and chicken. Soup will nourish you and help you feel full. Also if you get a lot of exercise, you will lose weight. Please don't call yourself ugly. God doesn't think you are bless you
Letter 60
Dear God, please make my headache's go away. As you see, I am very depressed. The doctors that are supposed to be caring for me are not even reading my chart before they prescribe meds, giving me medicaiton that makes me feel worse instead of better. The last doctor was just awful, God. Arguing with me about a medication I'm taking. Telling me I'm only taking 500 mg. A day when in fact my dose is 1000 per day. Not listening to me, not respecting me but perhaps worst of all failing to look at my chart to get correct information. Please help me find better doctors. This is just terrible, God. And I'm missing so much work and not really sure if my supervisors understand or not. Please let them understand and again please, please, please let my head stop hurting so much and so often. You know how my life has been disrupted. I can't keep my house in order. The poor dog doesn't get her walks. I can't work out very often. I can't read, I can't persue any interests. I can barely keep my grooming up. Please help me. Today I am in despair. I know you'll help me. You always do. Thank you. I love you
Letter 59
I dont even believe in you, so why am I talking to you?
Letter 58
What is the purpose of life
Letter 57
Dear God, thank you for who you are and how you are, that you cannot lie, that you are trustworthy and the sovereign God, the creator. Thank you for your word, our Bible, that tells us what you say about you, instead of what mere men alone thought up. Your consistency throughout is as amazing as you are. help me to love you and my time with you more than any other thing or person. Only you can solve problems in real, lasting, satisfying ways! thank you for knitting me back together when I was in pieces. Thank you for your great patience with my struggles to learn what you want me to know. You are the master gardener, carefully tending my growth, knowing what I need, forgiving me though you know I will fail again and loving me anyway. I want to fully accept all the circumstances you have placed in my life. You are the potter and I am the clay. You don't make mistakes. You always have a purpose. Anything that drives me back to you is good! in Jesus name.
Letter 56
God, why do you always inflict pain on me? Why do you always seem to be so far away from me? Why does everything seem to be propaganda after I start to disbelieve you after my afflictions? What are your plans for me? And, do you really exist? and God? Why can't we complain when life is unfair? Can I ask why am I so fat? Why am so ugly? Why am I such an introvert? Why am I such a shy girl? Why do I don't even have the courage to join a ministry in a church because the people there seem to be the enthusiastic, pretty and lovable people. It makes me think I will be an outcast there and totally unaccepted. And I think they are rather unfriendly too. God, help me. Please help me.
Letter 55
Dear God, my husband and I have been married for 13 years and we have been through many rough times which included him cheating on my 5 times that I know about and the last within a month ago. He says that he does not love me and wants a divorce. He went out of town to work and was only gone for 3 months and decided within that time that he doesn't feel it anymore" I love him dearly. This has blindsided me and I am going crazy with what to do. Please help!!"
Letter 54
I have a friend named sandra. I like very much. I think she also likes me. But one of her close friend do not like our friendship because of this she does not talk to me. I should be afriend of sandra or not? please help know that I should be her friend or not.
Letter 53
Dear friend, compliment of the day! I kindly express my most profound appreciation for your selfless works and timeless efforts toward helping people in terms of counseling and prayers. first, it May interest you to know that I got your email address from the internet as a powerful and trust worthy person that could help me out of my problems. I have undergone several problems in life and heavier came each task; it all seems like an evil force is against me and like i’m bound by curse. One of my major problems is the fear of the future, I am 29 years old with no establishment, I am not a graduate and I don’t have a good job. Someone once told me that I have a bad luck in me and I have noticed that several times when I try to make an achievement or do something good; hoping that it will turn out successful, it ends up in disappointments and failure. moreso, I have cousins in abroad who are financially capable of setting up a business for me, just like I told them previously but each time they intend to help me something keep obstructing their minds. Consequently, I am very sick at the moment, the doctor said I have tb (tuberculosis) and hyena including malaria parasite which need to be taken into serious consideration but no money for medication. honestly I am tired of this whole situation and I really need your intervention on the'se issues please, I need spiritual help, most especially I need to know where all this problems are coming from and how you could help me reverse the case. Thanks and reply soonest.
Letter 52

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