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Dear God, I am in love with blair so much, but I have done things that I regret doing, and now blair is going away from me. I want to have this one last chance to prove myself to her, oh God, please, please, please, I have been praying so hard, and doing my best to reflect inside and change, and talk to so many people, and even her mom, and want to appear good and without fear no more. Please grant me this one last chance with blair in a relationship with her. Please.
Letter 614
Dear God, you know all to well my suffering and my pain. You know my insecurities and know how long and hard I have battled to overcome certain demos of the past. But I need your help! It seems like this cycle is never ending. Just when I think I am getting past it, my past seems to creep from behind and taunts and haunts my every move. Please God help me for I am only human. I can only take so much. Deep down inside I want to have a heart like yours. But this demon continues to haunt me. I am worth so much more and I deserve to be happy. I deserve to carry on and live my life in peace and happiness. Help me! Help me! To overcome this. Please don't let anymore people hurt me! Don't let anymore people hurt me. I ask that no one should find happiness at my expensive and that you let no person ridicule me. I cannot suffer and continue to take the rejection of life and love when I so desperately want to find it in my life. dear Lord just remember all the good that is in my heart. I ask for your mercy and ask that you look deep in my soul to see the great person I am, and in this I pray that you will find me worthy of not suffering anymore. I know my Lord JesusChrist suffered and he too felt the pain of rejection from loved ones. But I am weak and am not as strong as him. I wish I could be but I know I am not. Please father give me strength. I thank for listening and I know that there are others who need you more than i. But perhaps you May find time to listen to my prayer. Your own word tells me that if I only ask you will not deny me because you love me. So please father. Please help me to overcome my past. Help me to move foward and accept whatever May lie in front of me. But please father. Let me not suffer so much. At least dim my pain just a little bit. in JesusChrist name. Thank you. Amen
Letter 613
God, why its become like that? yesterday we still okay, we dont have any problem wit our relationship. But why for 2month, he changed. He dont like me anymore. He want marry his x-gf. But, why he still lie to me bot that? I feel so hurt. I donno wat I must to do now. I feel they already killing me softly now. I dont think. Really dont think he will do that. Are they really will married? Or they just play the game of love? yesterday he said he luv me, n he wanna marry me next January. Is he lie? Plz God, tell me. Is it u wanna do for me? Is he not my prince? giv me the reason God.
Letter 612
Dear God can you please tell me why poeple are killing other poeple in your name? and why are there so many children dying because of aids and hunger?
Letter 611
Dear God, at this moment my friend is being cremated. He died on Sunday in a car accident and am so shaken by this, was only 23 and from one second to the next was taken from this earth. I know you have a plan for everyone, just wish I could understand why! Seems so unfair. He was back home, so can't go to the funeral. Thank you though for being there, been thinking a lot, being angry, upset etc. Yesterday went to old church close to home, just sat doen, lit a candle for my friend and somehow found peace with it. Thanks for that. And please be with his family and friends, he was one of the most goodhearted people I ever met, and will be so sorely missed by so many people. Fritz, if somehow somewhere out there you can hear this, thanks for being you, am very grateful to know you and will always remember you.
Letter 610
Dear God, I thank you for giving me problems. Because problems usually makes me stronger and be a better person. God, right now im in the lowest point in my life. My best friend betrayed me, and she changed into someone who I never know. She stabbed me behind my back. Sometimes I do think awful things about her in my mind. I know im not supposed to. So God, please help me to forgive myself. To forgive her. And to forgive us for being sinful. Please lead us to the right path. I know she's not that kind of person. Thanks God for everythin.
Letter 609
Oh my God please remove all unnecessary tension which was hill since last many years. Please fillup my desire on new plot which was I was unhappy recent news. Please give that 114 in my name as soon as possible. yours thanks make.
Letter 608
You suck. Eat a fat one, also cocks.
Letter 605
Dearest father, I know you wont give me anything more than I can handle. But its been getting very difficult lately. Ive been growing sick in more ways than one as you know. I'm not going to ask for anything from you for myself right now other than the strength to make it. I love you dearly and thank you for protecting me through the'se years.
Letter 604
HI God, if you are in reality then give me what I waqnt. if you are God then I have no need to tell you what I want. ok bye and fulfill my wish.
Letter 603

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