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God, I know he's bad. Somethings just not right. But everyone deserves a second chance. Maybe he just needs a little goodness in his life. Help me to show him, and to do your will.
Letter 71
Dear God u r da bomb. I love u 2 da maxxx. I hav never f****** a girl im waiting until marrige I truley believe in you. You are my God and the only God. I read the Bible and go to churh every Sunday. Wat more can I do to b with you. I miss u God bless me 2 da max.
Letter 70
Dear Lord, I need your help in finding my dad a job, he is a good worker and a good person as you know, but he is finding it hard to get work because of his age. All he needs is a job he likes not to many hours that will keep him afloat until he retires like the one he has now, or if you could stop the company he is with now using him and giving him 8 hours here or there and give him at least 16 to 24 I would be so very very grateful and for ever in your debt please please please help him he deserves it, I just want my mum and dad to be happy. Thanks God love always. Please watch over all my family especialy my children x
Letter 69
Dear God, are you there? It's hard to believe that you have an email account or that you actually read emails. That button that says, send to God" is pretty hillarious though. I just want to have that button on my desktop all the time. So, for example, when I'm preparing a big presentation, I can just click, "send to God" and then it will be all done and I won't be nervous. "
Letter 68
Dear God, well thats my problem I have. I'm german living here in germany and im in love with a american soldier station here in germany. I love him so much I truely believe that you have send him to me. He is a Christian and believes in you a lot. Ne wayz well the problem is that he is station in kuwait right now so all we do is talking on the phone and over the cpu. When he comes back in sept he has 5 more months left till he goes back to the states. I'm so scared I love him so much and the same time I wanna brake up with him befor he comes back I see him again and then he leaving for good. But I cant I cant breake up cause I need him in my life so much. all my life it was horror till the day you saved me and till the day I met him. today I ask him on the phone I sayd willie do you think or do u even want this relationship with me he sayd a part is saying no a nother one says yes. im so sad right now I dont know what to do. first he sayd he will stay 2 more years and now today he telling me he wants to go back to the states. How can he do that to me knowing that he is my world. Please help me please p. S. I love you thank you
Letter 67
Dear God, what happens after you die? That's a question that I always wanted to know. Is there really a heaven, and hell, or is it just when we die our conciousness just ends, and then there is nothing? If you have an answer for me, send it to my e-mail, ok? Will you think about it? Please? For me? I hope that you do. Well, peace out.
Letter 66
You are not God and I just killed you!
Letter 65
Dear beloved holy one, thank you for all the gifts you have favored me with. Please grant me tonight yet another; the gift of a peaceful, pain-free, easy night. Please let me go to work tonight and please let it be very calm there. I still feel so vulnerable and yes, inadequate. I feel so frail. Please give me strength. I still can't quite forgive rita for being so mean to me that night, so hostile, so rude. She never even told me why she was upset with me. I think she was behaving in a childish way. I keep thinking about how she would like to be in a new town, in a new job with no friends or relatives nearby how would she feel if her head hurt all the time. People ought to think about how they behave otward others. When you are unkind to another person, you May be compounding any problems they are experiencing. I wish icould forgive her. She has behaved in a friendly way toward me since then and I respond politely to her ; but I don't think I ever want to spend much time talking to her anymore. I think that's ok;it's just that i'd like to remove the anger toward her which festers in my heart. Please let everythin be ok tday, God. Give me confidence. Thank you. I love you
Letter 64
God, please help me not to fall in love with him. I'm not strong enough.
Letter 63
Lord, I have struggled so long in my life with depression, drug and alcohol abuse. Always alone, always felt inadequate and ugly, and fat. Where is my love? Where is my knight in shining armor? Am I destined to be alone? Why dI I suffer so? Don't you care? I want love, I want a man to love me and worship me. I don't care about money, I promise! please send me someone to love! And that will love me back, I am so tired of being alone. It's been three years without paul. Mostly hell. Send me love, that's all I have ever wanted. thank you. I love you.
Letter 62

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