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Dear God, please wash the turds of human flesh off of this planet, before this planet becomes just a memory. Thanks!
Letter 81
I'm gay
Letter 80
Dear God, hey I was thinking Maybe you could get together with my friend b-man. He is in need of some love and affection. So what are your stances on gay marriage and abortion. Lol :) please write back soon! peace george w. Bush
Letter 79
Asalam, iam surprised that what is this? Although I am sending my letter to God yet thinking what is it? Well say God give me good job soon so I could start of my career of life and could be second hend of my father and build confidence.
Letter 78
Dear God, why arent women interested in me? I'm a nice guy thats funny, intelligent, and decent looking. Anytime im interested in a woman they never return my interest. I see happy couples together all the time. It feels like you put a mark on me that warns off women. I'm so very lonely. I dont know how much more I can stand. Please, please send a woman to me.
Letter 77
Dear God and the holy spirits, I also want to thank for all the nice people in this world who make this world beautiful and live-able. Even if I end up alone in my life, atleast I have started to understand the purpose of my life. thankyou iris for praying for me and understanding my situation. I also pray for you and all the others who are in distress.
Letter 76
Dear God and the holy spirits, I want to thankyou for all your blessings and all your love that you shower on me. Thankyou for making me see your little miracles in my life and also for making me understand that its you who sees the whole picture and we can only see one side of it. Thankyou for giving me contentment at my heart. After seeing the miracles I can understand that whatever you do is right and you are never unjust. Whatever happens turns out to be good in the long run if we try to see the blessing that you provide us in disguise, thankyou and I love you. Whether you give me what I want or not. Because whatever you do is right.
Letter 75
I like a girl which is my student and I am already engaged with other girl but I absolutely want get my love in this life as soon as I can. I require advice for it and what I should do for it. the circumstances are very critics for me because she is my student and I am already engaged
Letter 74
I dont want any answers from him. I just want to tell him. I give up. I totally give up. All my life I have don nothing wrong. And I have suffer all my life, I keep hoping praying. Wishing. For something good to happen to me. And all I get is nothing, all bad, I lost my husband to infedelitty I have lost my house. I have lost my car, cuz I dint have money to pay on time. I have nothing, nothing. My kids. Wich I am grateful for them. But as if today, . , 12 of May. I resing everything it dint work being with him, how much worse can it be, being with out him? I am getting to the point that I dont want to live. But I dont know how to kill myself, so please tell me God. Tell me. How do I keep on goin g? I dont have the strengh, the know, how, the faith, to go on. You have taken from me so many tnhing. My mother, my dad, my house, my car. So tell me how? I am homeless. And carless, and now, faithless, I have tried. So this is my goodbye,
Letter 73
Yo God hI ho its me. Well I am in a though situation now. I really don't know if I am gay. Ya you must be wondering why I am asking you this rite. As I really don't know why I like guys and gals. Also I fear that my friends May not want to be with me if they found out. Why did you create me like this its hard to live like this. But know this I still love you lots but I just like need a sign you know to say its okay to be like this and no need to be like the other guys. I also fear that my parents won't want me around in the house and might kick me out of the house. I am just really confused. About myself and a beleiver in your word. Further more you said that being gay is wrong so what am I going to do I know u still love me even if I am gay or bi. But its like going against your teachings and I don't want you to be upset with what I do. I really need some help. I am scared to tell my friends this. As they think I am normal and I see the way the talk about special" people it really makes me wonder if they would except it. So I really need your help to at least send me some comfort or sign please. I have never asked for anything big before but this is big as I want to make you happy. please please help me. "
Letter 72

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