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Hello God. I love you and trust in you. Will you know every thing about me. So I think you know my problem now. My parents. I'm trying hard and nothing is good enogh for them. I thank you my life is perfcet I know. But I wish if they listen to me more. Any way my father is smoking the'se days this is not good for his heart. I know you are with us always. But I want him to live long we need him I want him to see my kids. My brothers need to see him after this long years of distance. And my mom take care of her we need her I cant imagen my life without thim. I give you all my fears and worries to take it away. Away for ever. I trust in you. Its just human nature. I thank you so much. And love you. I will not say bye cause you are in my heart all the time.
Letter 963
Dear God! I beg to help mee to find the right pat for me and my little famely to find the most love, harmonI and joy inspiration in all what wee doo. And I ask you too find the most loveable man who wil inspire and grow with mee and my famely. Thank you God and bles the univers and all souls who is around the earth.
Letter 962
Dear God, I wanted to start off by saying thanks for everything you have provided me with and blessed me with. Thank you for watching over me and my family, our happiness, health, and love. I cound't ask for anything more. Thank you. But I would like to say please help me be strong and help my wife see the true me; loving, caring, honest, and joyful. She will be leaving me soon and everyday I ask that you bless her and let her see the light. Help keep me strong through the'se tough times. Give me the strength to carry on and face everyday with pride and dignity. Thanks. p. S. Please take care of my grandfather and grandmother who is watching us from above.
Letter 961
I called my self your fav and the reason u know very well.
Letter 959
Hye God, plz help me in any field b'coz I'm believe in u fully plz solve my problem, I'm wating a 3years plz help me.
Letter 958
HI God howr u? I am not fine here because I dont have father I have only mother. Idont have essential facilities. withiout mother I cant do anything. I have to study well and I have to become a software engineering with a good placement in a farign countriess. so for that u have to bless me God. and my surroundings people and my friends are to be in a good position always. for all of things u have to bless me God. finally my mother have to live a for long years
Letter 957
HI God, I know you r seeing me, with your kindness. God, I feel im too alone, problems comes to me. You know my father, he has gone now to live in a new place, he left us without any anxiety, he doesnt say I have a family, a wife daugther, God!I'm just 24, but I have to pay for my mom, for my sister, for everything, I work 30 days a month but at the end no money I hvae to save. No one is to help me. I am shattered, God, really shattered, next month is my wedding, no money I have for the party, oh God!Help me help me. Help me, see my tears, they are talking with you, they show how sad I am. God.
Letter 956
Dear God, I miss everything in my life. But I know everything 4 good. I accept everything u give 2 me. I submit my life to u. Plz accept me.
Letter 955
Dear God, right now I'm in big distressed, I can't think, can't eat, can't sleep because I'm far from the one I truly love. I'm writing you this letter to ask you if you can help me, can you please lend me some money, any money at all so I can take an airplane and visit my love ones back home, I really miss them, I think about them all the time especially lac, my wife to be, I'm trying hard not to cry whenever I think of her, but I can't help it, so please God, give me a sign that my life will be better soon, not with just money but with everything else, and please May I see lac soon, please May I have money soon aswel because I know money can bring me back to where I was from
Letter 954
God. Ive been wrong, I deserve death. Help me stay free, ive tried, it just seems I never try hard enough. When I do good I dont do good enough, when I do bad I do really bad. I'm probuably going to be locked up for a long time, I can take it. Well I have to, but I have to drop out of college, quit my jobs, and stop playing my music that I love. Hear me God, I hate my situation. I love life but this isnt life. Please listen, you are the only one who can help me. I moreso deserve what I get for my crimes. Help this 19 year old felon from getting another one, jail and prison isnt for me. I feel traped in the rut of pain and strugle. Help, I want college, work, and most of all freedom. I'm gona do so much good, but how can I do it in prison? You know what I need and im scared b/c I know youll give it to me. Shed mercy, not wrath please im scared of you. I dont know what to do, help, ill try to live for you, just help me want to, urge to long to, plant me in good soil, allow my roots to grow strong and deep, and my vines protected from the parasite. I can do it free, but if it is your will for me in prison ill do it there too, im just scared. I feel hopeless, I whish youd take me, but that obviosly isnt your will, abide your will in and threw me. In Jesus name I ask this amen.
Letter 953

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