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Dieve aciu tau uz vepakartojama diena uz draugus be kuriu butu sunku uz meile kuria tu man dovanojI uz kiekviena sekunde kaI tu mane saugai. Prasau padek man taptI nebe tokia didele savanaude, padek man isvalytI mela is savo lupu is sirdies ir proto atleisk man uz mano issidirbinejimus uz nepagarba tevams uz nedoras mintis uz baisius darbus. Atleisk man uz taI ka padariau ne taip kaip tu liepI daryt savo vaikams. Padek man taptI laisvu zmogum laisvu nuo nuodemiu. Aciu uz taI kad sukureI mane tokia grazia protinga ir suteikeI man dau draugu. Tavo pagalba ir meile daro pasaulI nuostabu. Dieve aciu uz viska ir prasau taves sustiprink mano tikejima meile. Neleisk man abejotI tavimI ir padek apsisprestI del juliaus. Tik su tavo pagalba man galI kazkas iseiti. Aciu tau uz taI kad tu esi.
Letter 49
Dear God. I love you. And thank you fr all the beautifull things u have blessed me wth. My father is not well. Please make him absolutely hale and hearty by tomorrw. I love my parents too much. Give them long life, health, happiness. Plz. They deserve it. After all the years of stuggle and sincere belief in u. Take care f my brother. giveme peace. I have an exam coming up. Plz gimme superior concentration. So that I May succeed. Bless me achieve my goals. And plz answer my one question. Why do some very bad things happen to sme very good people fr no fault of there own. . I need u God. Be with me. Help me win.
Letter 48
Dear God, thanks for my new job. Thanks also for my band and thanks for neil. I love neil very much and I love my band. I wonder if I will love my job too.
Letter 47
Dear God I am so sick of being single. Why won't you send me my husband? I can't hear from you as to whether to keep praying that shane and I will be reunited, or whether to pray in general for a husband. I'm 38 as you know. What is the hold-up? This is the one thing I want more than anything in my life, and you have blessed me so richly in every other area. Why won't you send me my husband? My mind is worn out praying for this, and exhausted thinking about it constantly. I am so terrified that I will be alone and childless for the rest of my life. You never left anyone in the old testament alone and childless for ever. Please don't ask me to be single all my life. I think that if you do, you haven't a clue about me or my needs, and if that's true, there's no point in knowing you. I am so worried that I will never meet anyone to fall in love with and who will fall in love with me. Plus I'm terrified it will be too late to have children. Why are you doing this to me? You send everyone else a mate. Please please please God send me my husband by the end of 2006.
Letter 46
Dear God please, please help me with my finances. Feel like I'm being suffocated by debt. Thank you for always being there for me and helping me.
Letter 45
Dear God! I know u r every where except three place. But u know the'se three place and u dont want to go there. Oh God! Help me what I intend to do as soon as posible. So please help me in this regard. thanks
Letter 44
Dear God, please take care about me in canada.
Letter 43
God I love you soo much ut iwant to no if my family is ok and if I can say 1 fing I love them and I want my cusin to to be ok because he's locked up please write back thank you dearly I Maybe only a young girl but ive got a heart I love you grandad and unces and me cuzin garry whos ;locked up
Letter 42
Thank you for everything you do to me.
Letter 41
Dear father, God almighty I beg you to bless this my visa application so that it will be granted to me. And equally beg you to provide the finance to with which to undertake the trip. All this iask in Jesus mighty name. Amen.
Letter 40

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