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Please God look after your daughter this week as she faces trials and hard times. Please be with her an show the sun in your life thanks God rich
Letter 977
I working on my problems Lord. They are many and seem hard to solve. Everyday another stone seems to be placed on my necked. I keep wondering if I did the right thing by comming back here. I can't seem to get out from under any of the load that I put myself into. The ply just seem to get larger and larger with no top insite. I came back here because my husband lives here but I think I was better off at my mothers even if she and I are at each other throats. If I could stand up for myself I would not have put myself in this place but I always seem to put everything and everyone ahead of me. I know that I am not worth much and I am very low on the scale of people that need help. I have a good job I should be able to get myself out of this mess. I mean I don't smoke or drink. I have never taken any drugs or nor do I gamble. I don't spend money on frivous things but I still don't have a place to stay or a car to get back and forth to work. I work and make good money but by the time payday is here it is gone and I am left with nothing. I can't save anything. What am I doing wrong. I mean I have tried very hard to put my past life behind me but is my carma so bad that I can't rise above it. O well I know that things will get better they have to because I will see the sunshine through the'se dark clouds. I am somewhat healthy and everyone in my family is ok. So we will make it. Thanks for listening to me grumble. I put myself in this place and you always said that you help those who are helping themself so I will be alright.
Letter 976
Dear God my Lord Lord God almighty none is as mighty as you heaven is yours the earth also you made the world and everything in it. save us oh Lord protect me and my family. May those who try to kill us be defeated and confused May those who are happy because of my troubles be turned back and disgraced. Lord I have come to you for protection never let me be defeated because you are rghteous help me and rescue me. amen
Letter 975
Thanks Lord! Although I was utterly tempted to do the shameful deed. But I didn't do it! Thanks Lord! I love you, amen :)
Letter 974
God : just need your blessing I will be going to the operation today and be at my side thank you God for everything love ramesh
Letter 973
Dear God, this is me. I know u r never happy wid wat I had done or wat I m doing but still u always stand by me. I m a sinner who has commited so many sins and doesnt deserve ur mercy. Dear God, I love my family. I know u hav given me d best in d world. U hav given me d best papa, d best mom, d best sister and above all the best brother. But I hav never been even d good 4 them. Never been a good sister never d good daughter. I hav casted a slur 2 them. I dont worship daily so means I m not perfect for ur love and mercy. I hav never been a gud friend nor a gud human being. God, I deserve the worst but wy u always give me d best. U r so kind. Make me so kind hearted as u r. Make me gud. Show me d right path. My Lord, I wana b the gud one. I want ur grace n ur help. God plz hold my hand n make me correct coz I know I m never correct. God plz make me strong n a nice human. Destroy all the ill feelings in me. I want 2 submit my self to you. God plz help me. Help me. Help!Help! dear God, u hav send in my life a new person. Who I m going to get married with. God I wana be the best now. The best wife, the best daughter n daughter-in-law and the best mother as well. God plz help me d same way as u r doing 4 the last 25 years. Dear almighty, plz bless me n plz plz be with me. I shud see the very great image of urs wid d starting and the end of my day and the life as well. dear God, after getting married I wil no longer stay wid my family and plz God do care of my parents and siblings. Dear father, I know u take care of everyone esp. Me and my family. luv u God 4 everything ur child
Letter 972
You are my father mother-all my relations are with u only please guide me on every path my life. Always look forward for a guidance on every step. I feel I am not walking with my feet but God is holding me. Luv u in my utmost feelings.
Letter 970
Dear father please guild the way I feel as if am in love but I don't know if I can take it anymore. I have been hurt so many times I don't want to have to go thought the pain any more please give me answer does sara love me if not let it be were I don't need to think about her any more and if so please answer me. I am so lost I can express my expression its so hard please help me understand I don't want to play game but I feel as thou she is plase father help me
Letter 969
Dear God, I cant go through it again. I dont know what is wrong with her, Maybe just a cranky teen. But its so like before. Please help her!! Please help my other girl too, her illness, the insurance problems, my mom, the debt. I am sorry God I messed it all up. I am sorry I drink, I am sorry I messed up. Maybe I should of called myself worthless mom. Please help us all here, I dont know what to do anymore. I dont know how to cope, I thought if I let her drink, the drugs would go away, I dont think they did. I messed up bad, I am so sorry God. Please forgive me and please help me, please do not forsake this family
Letter 967
Dear God. . here I am again. I never leave you alone. I read some of the'se letters. Beloved. . And my heart ache's. It ache's because it streche's to the limit as you pour all this love out to the'se beautiful souls. God. Let your love pour out into the lives of all suffering beings in this world. Oh God. Let us heal this world. Oh God. Let your loving light heal this world now. Let your loving light heal this world now. . All of it. It is time. All of it. All of it. All of it. . All of it. And so it is. . And peace now prevails. . And peace now prevails. And peace is. Peace is and we are all safe. We are all safe in the palm of God. As we just allow peace to fill us. We are fully there in the palm of God. And all is well. infinite blessings to all. jasmine
Letter 966

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