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Dear creater of all things supery dupery, I'm really glad you created your own website, now I can contact you whenever I like. I was just wondering if you accedentily fell over and banged your head when creating mr bush? Or was he sent up from the dark side of the force? I mean what an absolute spoon" I guess you must of pressed the red button instead of the green for that creation. Oh well doesn't matter. amen, your favorite buddy, spanky the horse shoe"
Letter 328
Dear God, I'm going through a bad patch right now with finances and the relationship with my husband of 33 years - pretty soon going to end up in a divorce if I cannot get my head on straight and start forgiving and loving more. Unfortunately, I have been the positive one in the family and no matter what, he is negative which seems to have taken me down to his level and I cannot seem to get back into the positive light. please help.
Letter 327
My dear father, I am very unhappy in the last years but I think you know this already. Maybe is my fault, Maybe I deserve so I don't complain. What I want to ask you is to help me to quit smoking and I want to make my son to love me a little and all people helped him to rise so beautiful today. Make him a better person or help him to choose the right way in his life because he is not happy at all now. thank you my God, please send me a sign. maria
Letter 326
Dear God, am here rightnow to thank you for all the things you have been doing for me, and to say that my younger brother- obaro, is having some problems at his working place, so please God, I want you to take absolute control of the situation, and help him to be stronge, let your glory cover him from the eyes of the evil ones, please God, do this for me, so I can tell of your good works, all the days of my life. thank you God.
Letter 325
Dear mother mary, queen of heaven, holy one, thank you for granting me peace, for protecting me and guiding me. Please let tonight be easy and tranquil. Let there be kindness and healing. Please give me the gift of confidence. Please let me feel all right. Please give me only burdens I can bear. I continue to feel frail. Please give me strength and stay with me all night long. May I feel the sweet presence of the bright angels. May I know their power. Thank you. I love you.
Letter 324
I have given up on everything, I don't want to live anymore. I don't have it in me to kill myself though. I guess it's just another example of how pathetic I am. Please don't make me continue here. I pray for cancer, that way I can enjoy knowing it will be over soon. I believe I won't be happy in life till I know tha it is coming to an end. If you are real why don't you help me with this. I am so sad and hate myself. I just don't want to do it anymore.
Letter 323
Dear Jesus heavenly Lordy Christ, please help me, I have been masturbating for too long now and have had enough of this dry period of no poom poom. Please bring me an eve do to have a little runmble in the jungle with you know some of thee ol spanky does sally! cheers, more tea vicar, amen (whatever that means) ps- do you read you e-mails regularly, if so please have a look at my website www. Spankyspank. Co. Burningfiresofhell
Letter 322
Sometimes I feel that nothing I do seems to matter. I try and try but everything I do fails. I know you know what I'm going through and how much I feel like I am worthless. I am in desperate need of financial assistance. I need some direction in my life. I can't get a job that pays all the bills even though I went to college. I feel that everything I do is futile. I will never be something special. I feel so low right now. Please help me!
Letter 321
Holy mary, beautiful ocean star, healing mother of humankind, thank you for the gifts of peace and love last night. Please work thorugh me tonight so that I can be a healer myself. Please let me think of others before myself. I still feel so frail, mother. I am asking you once again for another gift of peace and ease tonight and strength within myself as well. Please protect me. I love thee and I am please to be growing into what you plan for me to be.
Letter 320
Dear God feeling hurt again. Iv cried so much. My eyes hurt. They r swollen. Iv already got them operated 1c I don wanna get it doen again. I thot I was on the rite path. Wen will stability come to my life. theres a girl in my mirror cryin tonite n theres nothin I can do or say to make her feel alrite. Please could u. /? y does my sis. Mum. Every1 els do this? Am teh one whos dat bad? guide me help me be with me
Letter 319

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