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HI krishna, I got that opportunity, I have done enough prepration( I think so). I will try to revise everything. But krishna if you will not support me nobody can give me that job. Please krishna, forgive for my sins and please give me this job. I shall be very thankfull. Please krishna come for my help. Please come. your son
Letter 1514
HI God, I haven't heard from you yet, forgot my prayer fifty years ago, didn't you? I believe you are a dumb-ass. I dare you to prove me wrong
Letter 1513
God thank you for being with me expecially this week with my baby being in the hospital you releive both of are pain and made it managable. Now my family can get ready to celebrate your birth. With very little this year but I know with my prayer you will provide us with enough. We are stilling going down hill but you will send down hope to us I know it. So I will just wait so I May praise you even more no matter how every thing seems so hard and going down hill I can walk into your house of worship and smile and feel your presence and everything fades back. Please keep it coming. All I would like to ask in my proayers is the health of my family expecially my youngest daughter and for my children to experiance the joy of your birth. And I will continue to help those I can. And please put your healing hand on maryanne she still needs you.
Letter 1512
Dear God, please. Please. Please. Take care of my husband. Please give him peace of mind. Please give him very good health. Please. Oh my God. I love him very much and want to see him very happy and healthy. Please take care of him. I love you urs child
Letter 1511
One more thing. My great beloved God. Please take care of my husband. Please take away all his tensions. Please take care of his health. He's very weak. Please help him to it. I'm very worried. Please do it. Please. U can do all. Please take care of him. urs
Letter 1510
Dear God, thankyou again for all ur blessings. Thankyou for keeping me cool. Thanks for giving me patience. Oh God. I want the very true love of my husband. I don't want to hurt him anymore. Please help me so I can make him glad. Please. Oh my God. U r so grateful. Also give me strength so I can work very hard in order get self satisfaction. Thanks again urs child
Letter 1509
Mr. God, what where you smoking when you decided to create mankind, I mean the idea is good but you forgot to take care of the details. Well, doesn't matter, wanna go and smoke some? Jimmy made a bong and alex has some fine mary jane
Letter 1508
Dear God can't you anything about reality shows, r'n'b music and other crap? I don't mean killing the people involved in that s$$$, just show them the light
Letter 1507
HI Lord!How are u up there? I hope you are still ok with all the stupidities u have seen and things that we do thats not according to your will. I have a problem Lord and u know its' about my father. I really cant understand why he's like that!He worries a lot about other people!I really cant undertand it!Lord I pray to that person that you will gave him job of Lord and May he pass the test that you gve to him. I'm tired Lord I really want to go home. Why I'm like this? I always not satisfied about what I have!I know this is a bad thing Lord, pls. Guide and help me to be satisfied with what I have. Thanks for being with me and for giving me an angel to guide me everday. Bye Lord good night! :-)
Letter 1506
I'm sorry God. I was so harsh. I should had not typed all that in your site. I was just so helpless when I typed all that. Last night I was depressed because I was hoping that he will do something for my job in that company but circumstances do not let me, and he also stepped back. I need a job seriously. I know you have better plans for me:)I can be more patient. No worrie:). Just I ask for forgivness, and that you blessings my family and me. Hope you have happiness stored for us:)amen! thankyou God.
Letter 1505

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