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Letter 653
Dear God, thank you so much for all the blessings you have given me and my family. Thank you for always giving us the strength always even if life is so unfair to us. Thank you because you always listen to me and you never let me down. Thank you for giving me a wonderful family who stays in tact no matter what problems go our way. You always make sure that youll be the one ill come running into in those times I feel troubled and depressed. I'm sorry if at times I dont remember you and at times I put other things first instead of you. But I know that you feel deep down in my heart that everything I do is for the good of my family and other people. I love them so much and ill do anything for them. Today, I promised to sacrifice one thing just to have my father;s medical result normal. I even promised that you can just amputate my finger in exchange for that. And I mo so thankful Lord that once again like always, so saved me and my family. I love you so much and im asking for forgiveness for everything that I have done wrong to you, my family and other people. zzej
Letter 652
Dear God, please help me to find someone who will help me in my life. I lost everything when my house and store was demolish. Now im back to zero. I dont have a man, and I dont know how can I survived. My brothers, dont help me, not even my son. From gloria
Letter 651
Dear God, how is it tht you could still love me even though I am a failure. I know what I should do. I know I should get up and pray. I know I should not care what others think, I know I shouldn't swear but I still do it anyway. Lately I haven't even been trying to be the person you want. I just put it off until tommorrow. But when I look really deep into my heart I know that it is you that I want. At the moment it just feels like a memory. Something htat I once wanted but don't feel now. But I'm still holding onto it because I remember what it felt like to be so certian, to be completely in your control. That was the best time of my life. I felt the most secure. The most safe. The most loved. I don't know why I can't go back to that place, why I keep looking for it in the world, worrying that i'll never find it. anyway if you could please take care of me and lead me back (even though I don't deserve it. Whatever it takes please get me back to where you are. I don't know if I'm willing to give up things like my friends and unI and stuff for you but I want to go back to the place where I would. I just don't want to hurt anymore. Please love anne
Letter 650
Dear God, I am sitting in a cypris tree right now talking in whispers with an owl, a big black and white owl, they're common. Well what do you think of this? I think that you are an all knowing and all seeing foot and that when ever you are angery you have a club foot. One day I yelled for my shrink to take me to mass. I dressed up like little Lord fontleroy and jumped into the car. My shrink looked at me all funny so I yelled does foot give a ***** what I'm wearing!" And ever since that day I can't stop dreaming about kafkah talking to bed bugs. ( And frankly God, I don't think you would know kafka from betty davis. ) What do you think I should do? I 4got"
Letter 649
Dear God, make please sergiu be with me with love cynthia
Letter 648
Dear God" I dont believe in you. I had never a sign for youre real existence. why I should believe that somebody is here with me and watch over me all teh time? earlier, when I was young, I was a really, really, really Christian person. I went to the church evry Sunday. I prayed evry day, in the morning and evening and some other times, too. I prayed for my gold fish, his name is michael, but he died. Michale was very ill. The doctor told me, just a wonder could help him. And I thought God would help him. I really believed!! But michael died. I cried and asked God: why? Why had michael to die? Why? a very Christian person told me, if God want, a person or an animal (like michael) will die because its better for you and me and the whole world. But I never understand. but I was still believing in you, God. until the day which changed my life. I was in church and I heard the paters voice saying: "all the stupid people. Theyre believing in something, which dont exists! Theyre spending their money, time and nerves in something, which never shows their love back" now I understood. God doesnt exist. theres nobody. "
Letter 647
Oh dear Lord, how can I say about your name, what can I sing of u, how can I manifest your love for u have done much to me this year. father, make me one of those saints of old age, like enoch who, by knowing you was taken to heaven, like moses who served you faithfully and was rewarded. I need thee every hour for if I am alone, I can stumble, fail, fall, sin and grow weary so help me God to be what you want me to be
Letter 646
Thank you God today is very good day for me, I have passed in 12th class exam. I want a girl for true friendship & love, please send one for me. .
Letter 645
I don't really know what to say, I hold so much inside. First of all I am sorry for all the things i've done wrong, so many times I made you sad. I chose to follow you, but where is my strength? Where is my courage? Where is my will? I am soo weak, I know I dissapoint you more each day and for this I ask forgiveness again. Lord, I know you gave your only son to die for me, please don't let his sacrifice be in vain. I want you in my life, take my hand, draw me closer to you. When the sky is full of clouds, bring me closer on a cloud to you. Let me see your plan for me, let me hear your voice encouraging me, let me work for you, help me tell others about you. I need you!!!Come in my life!Washmy life, my thoughts, my heart. I felt inlove so many times, each time was wrong. It hurts to see so many mean people. God, my only desire is to help me find that special someone, you have for me. Please take my sorrows, wash my tears, hug me, take me on your arms and walk with me. With you I know i'll find true love. I want to worship you with the one i'll love. I thank you for being with me along the way, and for answearing my so many prayers. This is my only deep desire, to find the one, who can love you first of all, love me so we could both give thanks to you. I need someone, this is what I feel. I am so weak without someone who can trust in me, someone who can say that everything is going to be alright, someone I can lean on. I know now you're my only hope. And love is the greatest, because is the gift of grace. Help me love you more your child, adriana
Letter 644

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