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Hey God, who" is the "king" of all God? "
Letter 664
Anxiety is starting to settle in me dear Lord. I am starting to think that I am never going to escape my past. The more things happen the more they remind me of how that one person really hurt me. Is it that this cycle is going to continue? How is it possible that five years have passed and I cannot move on with my life? Everytime I think I am on the move something keeps pulling me back. I deserve to be happy and to move on. I deserve to not let my past nor have my past haunt me. I really want to enjoy life because it is short, but how can I sometimes when it seems like this cycle never ends. . Will it occur over and over again, knowing that I am trying my best to do the best and be the best. Make my heart strong and pure like yours. Help me to finally move on and not to be scared of the past. I need your help. Help me! I am tired and weak and I need strength to go on. Don't let this cycle continue with me. Have mercy on me to stop this. At least for a lil bit. Thank you for listening to me. I love you dear Lord.
Letter 663
Dear God, I'm one of ur children who's calling u again whenever facin a problem. God, I'm thinkin of the days of happiness that went away soon. They've just left a memorial 4 me and make me 2 say pity as I see my presence life. I know i've forgetten u in my happy days n have called u whenever needing help. God, u're the only one for me. I give my heart to u. I gave it to the others and they broke it. Be careful with it. U warm my heart, you give me peace. No amount to say how much I love u n no language for telling my feelings. you haven't forsaken me God. You've always been there for me but I couldn't see you. Now my eyes are open and also the doors of my heart. I won't let the others enter and ruin it. help people to understand how much different life seems with you and without you. Just thinkin about you gives me the power to go on and see everything with their real meaning. God, now you're the only one who I count on. Don't let me down.
Letter 662
Istenem, miert van ennyI botrany csaladunkban, es miert nem torodik velem az akit annyira szeretek? Segits nekunk/nekem! amen
Letter 661
Dear queen of heaven, thank you for this beautiful morning. Please let me start to feel good again. I'm starting to feel sick after several hours of well-being. Please make it go away. I want to go to work tonight. Please let it be an easy night at work. Please give me confidence and strength and energy. Thank you for my little dog and the cat who has decided she wants to live here and thank you for stevie's love. I love him so much and I am so grateful that you sent him right to my doorstep. What a special blessing! I wonder how often that happens;but it's because you answered my prayer a year ago this last spring. Love, me
Letter 659
God, I'm sorry for being so angry at you the other day and not trusting in you anymore. You have blessed me again when I did not deserve it. I'm still waiting on the other answer that I prayed to you about. Are you still thinking about it considering it please say yes.
Letter 658
Thank you God for every thing u did for me & my family. Pls help me that I should be a good wife to my husband. That I should be a good mother to my children. That to be a good daughter to my father & good sister to my brothers. Pls help me God that my children should be honest, careful, loving, & they should takecare of me & my husband when we become old. God pls help me what we are thinking for our children to be pls bless our plans & hear my prayers
Letter 657
Oh God thank you for what you have done to me up to now I thank you for blessing my family and my country I love kenya
Letter 656
Dear who ever reading this letter because I know there no God so who the hell am I writing to. I dont believe in a God if it was a God where is he at what color he is why was we put on this earth and who the hell am I writing to becuse there is no posssible explantion that there is a God and tell someone answer my question I want believe in a imaginary person. And bump all you'll who believe in imaginary people
Letter 655
Dear God, I believe in you, just not in the church or the Bible. So called Christians tell me I will burn in hell forever, but I forgive them, for they don't know any better. I love my life so far, it's been (almost) perfect, and I thank you and especially my guardians for that. Right now, there's just one thing bugging me: that freaking particular love that won't disappear. It's been more than seven years now. How much longer? He's out of my reach, I don't want to stop loving him, I can't and don't want to force him to love me, but now it's just heart ache, and well, that just sucks. Please do something about it. Thank you.
Letter 654

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