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Dear God, thank you for being with me up until this yaer. Lord please help me with my academic life, I feel like it has reached the dead end, so has my whole life. I nolonger have the will to live. I know i've asked you to help me do well while I was at school and you did. And now I need to go to the university and do economics but I did not do well in mathematics. So God help me, to be admitted into doing economics at the university which has always been my dream. Please dont let me down oh! God. I pray.
Letter 91
Dear God please help me & save me I feel very alone in this world bcoz my father has deid in 2005 he was very dear to me 7 I was very dear to me. My mom & brother dont like me I dont know why. I am 29 years old I have two daughters & my husband also dont love me & dont care me & my children. But I am very mutch attracted to a man who loves me a lot & do care of me. He is like a God for me, like God has given me the great gift(that man). He ha sdone a lot of things for me, he supports me in every thing. I cant live without him but at the same time we are not disturbing our families, we both are very matchured. I am doing the business which he had open for me, can I get sucess in this business (travel agency). I want to become very rich, I want to make my future very secure, I am very much worried about, because I have two daughters, & I am worried about their studies, their marriage their all responsiblities are on me. Can I do that all. Please help me
Letter 90
I pray God to help to do well in my studies. I pray God to help me to be a good person to every one, to be with my family wherever they are and to make all their dreams come true. I pray God to help me to find a boyfriend who'll love me and make me believe in love again. Thank you God for all the things you;ve done for me, for blessings, for my beautiful mom and siblings, for my caring friends and life. I thank you and I know you'll answer me. I love you God. Thank you.
Letter 89
Dear God I use to love all my family and help every one in trouble. But idon't understand what has happend every one has turned away from me and I have started heating every one iam sad and lonely even my husband who I loved so much has turned against me and I heat him also so much. I also used to pray but I don't even do that any more and no matter what I try to do I don't succedded please help me God and show me the straight way. I also have a son who suffers from eplipcy and has a very bad temper and short memory he doesn't seem to understand any thing and never does anything right I pray for him and ask you to make him well and give him wisdom. I love you God please help me. Josephine.
Letter 88
God how r u, God im really miss u lot, God plz come to my life, I want see u, I want hear u, and I want hold u, please God I love u, I know u love me lot, God ur my good friend plz always help me, I need u anytime, I love u God bye take care
Letter 87
My dear father, l come to you in prayer to thank you for everything you have blessed me with and also to ask you to heal me from this lung desese. L truly believe by my faith that l will be healed in Jesus name amen
Letter 85
Oh God! I want to give a very happy & comfortable life to my son. Please help me.
Letter 84
I believe in God and I am a Christian but I dont have a Bible could you please send me a kjv Bible through the address below tema happy home complex school p. O. Box tt343 tema-new town ghana west africa
Letter 83
Thank you for being so patient with me, for always forgiving me for what I always do wrong. It means a lot to me. I love you for loving me.
Letter 82
Dear God, please wash the turds of human flesh off of this planet, before this planet becomes just a memory. Thanks!
Letter 81

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