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Dear God, I have made some wrong choices in my life. As you know I am only a teenager and hope that you can forgive me of my mistakes. I am not the strongest person out there or the biggest, butI like to feel that I help. But in order to do that I need your help too. Please give me the strength to over come my challenges and become a better person. Please let me become a bigger stronger person so taht way I can do good. I just wnt to be normal. Please help me and others like me. Let my family be in good health and May our love always be strong. Thank you so much. -love matt garbutt
Letter 693
Dear God I believe in you and I had some thing to ask for. See my big brother doesn't believe in you. He say that there isn't no way that there is a God, if it was then how were you created it. And that you didn't make the earth it was made out of gas. My brother makes some really good points but hey I still believe in you. I just wanted to ask you can you give him a little bit of faith. I know that he want to believe in you but just probably scared. So could u please help him. Oh yeah help him stop saying that you is imaginary and forgive me for writing his letter. Help me father to. See I need to start going back to church. It sometimes feels like the devil is trying to take over me. Like I be steat down minding my own bussiness and next thing you know I doing something terrible. But then it times when I want to do but don't know what you might think. So father give me the energy that I need to get up next Sunday and go to church. In Christ Jesus name amen
Letter 692
Dear God, you didn't write me back last time. I saw that my last letter appeared here though, and that was neat, but you still didn't write back. Lots of people here write you asking for money. Is that cool? Can you really just ask God for money? Would you rather take them out for pizza like some people I know take the homeless people for pizza so they can't spend the money on drugs? Next question: do you know santa clause? Are you guys friends? how do you let people do such awful things with the excuse that they're doing it because of you or for you? Things like that are destroying lots of parts of the world. Why not punish the capitalists and the people who burn oil and ruin our environment? Wouldn't that be a better use of their time than protesting abortions (that don't even happen) at liberal college campuses? Also, what do you think about those people with the antI abortion signs and brutal pictures of abortions that already aren't legal, who bring their kids with them? Those kids don't know what's up yet, why do you let them do that? do you ever feel like the world is spinning out of your control, or do you have a sick and twisted mind that wanted it that way? love, annie
Letter 690
All-revered God, I am locked in between the bundles of family problem making me impossible to overcome the crisis. Oh saviour, rescue me.
Letter 689
Thanking God for how he has been so good to me and my family in all things we do. I said hellow be his name. bless me Lord
Letter 688
Oh God as u know evrything, will u plzzzzzzzzz bring or gve me back ma lover
Letter 686
Please give me all the friends in the world xxxxx
Letter 684
I love u God ur so sexy u have sucha nice ass as well
Letter 683
Dear God, I want to win lotto and win 3 times each time 10 million dollars or more actually I want to win at least 30 million dollars and I want a date with travis fimmel the supermodel and actor thankyou God
Letter 682
Dear God, this years I have lost my highe'st reputation in this society which was vanish by a senior man and I never punish senior which was crossed above all limit and as we learn respect senior for age ground but this one is crossed all limit and senior love all senior family but senior never seen others griefs and upset family which I lost my happyness and line was construction by any one which was I lost and challange about my professional and I am biggest failure in my life more than end of my life and I had lose my confidence and please God I want one and I will defend and well response what senior has done with me dirty politics which was crossed all limit living in this world and only God possible I will return that land then my upset will be cool other wise I am living till end of my life dead living not real living, bye made,
Letter 665

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