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Dear Lord, please return my ex partner to me and be a family again. I love her with all my heart.
Letter 401
HI karin I hope avertng ok there when you want you can call me you know thet byy
Letter 400
God pleas help me find the church you want me to go to
Letter 399
Hello God!!!Lol hahahahh this is so dum. How can you send letterz to God. Bare dum I swear
Letter 398
All the time my body tells me I am responsible for something, but I don't know yet
Letter 397
For my children to like to be home more and not stay out late at night.
Letter 395
Dear holy mother, thank you for helping me to keep my head above water financially. Thank you for this lovely, soft morning. I am grateful to see the blackberry bushe's in bloom. I wish I could find a dress in just that shade of palest pinkish lavender. Please---my tooth hurts a little bit; I cann't even chew on that side. Yet when I look at it, there seems to be nothing wrong. Please let there be nothing wrong with it. I don't want any more health problems. Please let me be able to go to work tonight or if that is not your will, please let me be able to do without the pay. Please help me to be brave and strong. Sometimes{sometimes! Most of the time!!}I feel like I'm all bruised up inside. I want to feel better. I want to feel confident and I guess i'd like to not care what people think. It's very painful feeling the way I often do. Will you please help me overcome this? Please let tonight be very easy, peaceful, calm. Please shelter me from rita's meanness. She acts like she's still in 8th grade, mother. What did I ever do to her? You've gifted me with insight. I'm usually aware of my flaws, my shortcomings. When I examine my behavior, I can usually figure out if i've done something offensive; not in this case, though. That is why I think the problem May lie soley with her. Please let me know. You know I want to be good. I love you.
Letter 394
God forgive my sins. And hold me in your arms. Alwys be myside. I love you
Letter 393
HI God. Thanks for all. Send me prosperity and peace.
Letter 392
In careers we have to right an article about our idle. Whats happend in your life?
Letter 391

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