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Thanks for ur help my God. He's not suffer. Owing to u. Thanks, thanks.
Letter 1374
Dear Lord, praise to you our father in heaven!Hi!!I have a great time today!I bought a jacket and some are really expensive!Even if im rich I will not buy a 6, 000$jacket!Hahaha!U know that im a miser. I lke my boots its my favorite color. My food were very delicious and I really enjoy it!Thank u Lord!You are really the best! I'm sorry if I'm sometimes touchy:-)I love u!Regards to the holy spirit, mama mary and to all saints in heaven. I also pray that the souls in purgatory will go to heaven asap. Thank u!Precious blood of Jesus save us!
Letter 1373
Help. You know.
Letter 1372
Why cant I stop thinking about you know who" ? ? "
Letter 1371
My God. Please. Help please. U know.
Letter 1370
Thank you so much, God for stepping my story somewhat ahead. Please forgive all my sins paul
Letter 1369
Thank you for your help this week please help us to work this through in the comming months and please try to help me with that other thing I asked about I love you amen
Letter 1368
Dear God. First I want to thank you God. I praise you to the highe'st. I am torn between my family and my boyfriend. I am a 40 year old widow that have had bad experiences with all my relationships. I have a controlling mother. She was fine with my boyfriend at the beginning, but one day he told her that I need to stand up for myself and I guess made her feel less controlling of my life. I can't stand up to her, but I love this man, and so do my kids. I want to still see him, but scared because my mom doesn't want me to. God, I need your guidance, and let my mom know. It's okay. He's a decent man. Thanking you and praising you everyday. I love you
Letter 1367
Please Lord am I following the right signs? am I doing the right thing?
Letter 1366
Dear God, please help me find peace in my job if it can't be found. Help me to find on that is. thank you for being with me.
Letter 1365

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