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Brian James
Dear Lord: was watching a video about animal abuse, this badly Lord. This is not for me please give me the knowledge to start the animal rescue I want to start. The three area's I want to rescue are the children, elderly, the animals, all three need help Lord. A lot of children are abused by there family members. The ones who do the'se kind of crimes sometimes get away with it and others are bully's in school. Where ever this is going on it needs to stop. Lord they are waiting for the help and everyday that goes by they are suffering. Lord I need to get this started and help the'se people and the animals from living a life of pain. Lord just give me the wisdom and the knowledge to save the'se people and animals. Lord all of the fame glory and what ever else will go to you and your kingdom. As for me I just want to save them all. Lord. Watching the'se video just make me mad as hell that this kind of abuse is going on in this day and age of the inter net. I know my bar-b-que sauce will sell like hot cakes and Maybe I start a rib and chicken bar-b- que. Well thanks Lord for listening and May I get this off the ground. Soon and start helping every one I can. Lord in heaven please guide me and give me the knowledge to save who I can. In your holy name jehovah and your son Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord and love you like a child loves his father.
Letter 21431
July 22, 2019, 5:20 pm
Jai Bhole Nath. Aum Namo Shiva.
Mahadev aum.
Letter 21430
July 22, 2019, 4:53 pm
Dear God, I truly haven’t the words to say to you at this moment. It is hard for me to be vulnerable. I just feel overcome with emotion because of the love I have for you…more importantly, because of the love you have for me. I cannot give you an inkling of what you have given for us all. Lord, I ask that you allow me to lead a life that serves you in every way. I don’t want to succumb to desires of money, social status, beauty or anything else. I ask that, if you find me worthy enough, please allow me to be a beacon to others in your name. I want to be filled with the holy spirit. I want to live a life that I can truly look back on and not feel that I have wasted. You know what is best, I ask that you please guide me to the righteous path. If that means I have my entire life plan flipped upside down on its head, then that is okay too. I want to provide for others. I want to fill them with the life-changing love that I have found ever since you entered into my life. I feel your presence around me at every moment. I hope that you can forgive me for all the sins that I have ever committed. I thank you for the sacrifice that you made for me. I am no longer afraid of death. My home is in you. I will be reunited with my Lord. I just hope to be in your good graces. I am truly, whole-heartedly pouring out my entire heart to you. I love you and I feel you always. I pray that everyone that has ever lived could come to know Christ. I pray for the extinguishing of evil. I repent to you for the evil that I have contributed to. I want to be the sign that people see so that they May turn to you, Lord. Thank you. - z
Letter 21429
July 22, 2019, 3:47 pm
Bhagwan Jai Ho
Dear God, kindly thank you. Amen.
Letter 21428
July 22, 2019, 6:40 am
Dear God I have earlier written two letters and you actually heard my plea. This time again I am writing hoping that you will again help me. I have two issues this time. I want to go back to my husband for this I need to get transferred but my bank is denying me this transfer. Second thing is that I m 35 years old now and I still have no baby. We want to have a baby but unless I stay with my husband how can we have a baby? Transfer is only solution. God please help me get transferred to my home please. I am very hopeful after writing you this letter.
Letter 21427
July 22, 2019, 1:54 am
Brian James
Lord I pray to you to show me the path to getting my business off the ground and do what it takes to make the business very successful, Lord i'll work long hours and make the business boom. Thank you Lord for helping me. Brian
Letter 21426
July 22, 2019, 12:04 am
Brian James
Dear Lord: this is my third attempt in trying to write you a letter. Please Lord put a hedge of protection around me while I write you this letter. Lord my brother son has gotten in trouble for selling drugs and he is still in jail and I know that if gets someone to bond him he will jump bond and leave and town and go who knows where. His mother linda is torn up over this, she has been she has been carrying the bag for so many years. His father my brother did not work and she carried the bills for many years and then her son was. The same as his dad my brother. She worked as teacher for forth years and she deserve better. Lord guide time through this time of darkness Lord, I don't really want to deal with him. In my heart I know that he will do what ever it takes to do what he thinks he has to do to survive this darkness in his life. I hate to say this Lord but I really don't want to do anything with him now. Is that a bad thing Lord, I know he will do what ever it takes to survive. Lord I do what I can do for myself to survive and chris I don't put it past him to get what he wants even if it hurting someone or lying to them to get what he wants. I ask him about the business he has, he sell health food and other health type of food. Lord I do pray to you to help chris doing this dark period time of his life. I do know that he will do what ever it takes to survive and stay out of jail. Maybe this is what it takes for him to change his life. It changed my life. Lord I come to you in prayer to help him and change his life for the better. Thank you Lord in heaven your humble servant brian
Letter 21425
July 21, 2019, 9:25 pm
Dear God. Amen.
Letter 21424
July 21, 2019, 5:27 pm
Dear God, thank you. I cannot comprehend this life that you have blessed me with. The unrequited love you have shown to me and all of humanity, even in our most undeserving states. I thank you. I am learning about you more and more every day and I truly feel like I am growing closer to you. You are on my mind throughout the day, not just a thought that flows to me right before I fall asleep. I love you. I will stand by you forever. Please never let me stray again…I want to be in your presence forever. You are the only one who matters. How foolish we have been as humanity…I am sorry. Please forgive me for the evil things that I have done and the pain that I have caused to others. I am someone who has been so unkind to the ones I love. I quickly forget the importance of family, God and my faith when I am blinded by things that don’t matter. Money, anger, greed, pride, hate, lust, revenge, etc. but you always come back for me. I will never be able to fully understand why but the truth is I can never appreciate you as rightfully as you deserve. My spirit beams for you. I want everyone to know you and I want everyone to hear the gospel. God, allow me to continue to grow closer to you. Please. I trust in you, I want to keep my faith strong. Thank you. I thank you. I thank you. - z
Letter 21423
July 21, 2019, 2:24 pm
Jai Bhagwan
Dear God. Lord amen
Letter 21422
July 21, 2019, 7:23 am

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