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Danny Master Skipper
Dear Jesus I thank you for choosing Christine and I to be saved for the inherited salvation and grace. Thank you God for doing the same for our children and grand kids, family and relatives. You are the very best and have a holy purpose for our real lives that exist in Jesus and his love - the favor he has shown each life is great it a pretty awesome thing to have good things going in our lives and for us to do as well as we have done and do because of you. The friendship in family you bring together all the things that have meaning that meaningful and the people that have been in and out of our lives. you are the high priest you make prayer and atonement for my prayers and each and everyone of us and those that we pray for you make the greater things about the way special and spirtful and rich in our lives our feelings and emotions are examples of it and life pro life things we value. You give us wisdom insight and bright minds the soul you restore. You lead us not into temptations but lead us to living wells of water you plant good seeds into our lives and make the trees that exist bloom and produce you are the flower the holy spirit that protects and delivers cares for all our inner personal - person needs weather we are man women who or child male or female no matter what our numbers are you make all things possible and organized for pleasure and grace. There is joy and peace in your heavenly and holy ways though we are just merely humans and the children of adam and the seeds of the women. We are the seed in d the one who delivered us his people we are protected like the women and child in the wilderness free from satins sin forgiven of adam and eves sins and our own. You are king you are holy you are rich and powerful in your spirit and presence in each individual and corporate life. You are quite assenting to everything and every event life situation circumstance relationship(s) - friendship(s) and fellowship(s). With out you most people would never come together or be a family or made whole even corrected for a holy and good purpose with edifying reason and intelligence. thank you Jesus for working in my life and the lives of those that have made a impact holding a dear position with us. You are my leader and counselor - husband and life you are my significant other with our you nothing would exist even the lovely children you put into my world and life their spouses and our grand children - there are no step grand children but one whole family that supports each other and the other one no matter what always looking and expecting the very best from me and each of us even the little ones. thank you for making it great - enjoyable to know you and worth while and epic in every situation and every way everyday giving us energy blessings inspiration and life soundness mind body and soul the heart of your spirit that grows in each of us willingly by you and our praying father. thank you for better and glad hearts peace and rest power for each day and night - life. you have seen us through deep darkness shadows shallow pits danger and fear you have walked us through in the light awakened the holy spirit in each of us making it all us our emotions and feeling rewards real though the processes and changes. Amen
Letter 20179
February 24, 2019, 3:06 pm
Jai Sri Ram, Sita And Hanumanji.
JaI 33 carore devI and devta. JaI bhagwan. Aum
Letter 20178
February 24, 2019, 9:38 am
Brian James
dear Lord. Again this is my second time trying to write you Lord. Lenard just called me and he told me that he let several people try the sauce and everyone like the sauce but they ask for prices on shipping and container sizes which we did not talk about before he left. So next week we are going to get together and talk with the packers and shipping companies to come up with the prices, so this was not bad news it was just good news I guess. Some of the chief's would not try it because there are laws about them trying doing this and they could get sued over just trying the sauce. So next week we are going to get together and get with the packing companies and the shipping companies and then come with what the cost will be to make it. So there is still a chance that this will still get off the ground. I know that the sauce is outstanding and once it is out there for everyone to try that it will do well. Keep your fingers crossed Lord. Thank you for everything you give me. Brian
Letter 20177
February 24, 2019, 3:38 am
Dear God, I have been honest as much as possible. I married and I felt all members of my husband's family to be my own family, but I was called to be hatred spreader and I am still being accused of responsible for brain washing my husband to leave his family! I'm simply reciding here doing my duty as a wife and mother but status is no more than that of a maid. Every important thing and matters are kept as a secret from me. I cook, I look after baby that's it. Other than that I have no status. But when time comes and leads to quarrel, I'm blamed for every small issue which nobody would imagine to be a matter of discussion. I will be then accused of different mistakes which I would not even done. I will be called with all sorts of bad names. Me and my family are charged with swear words. at my parents, I was and I'm still treated as a princess. But here I'm experiencing how it is to be treated as a slave. I was waiting that one or the other day my husband will develop good thoughts about me. Years passed but it did not happen. I was praying to you to give good behavior to my husband and make him treat me well. But after the recent quarrel, my heart has broken beyond repair. I now know, no matter how good I try to be from heart and how much of a favor my family does to his and no matter what how much his family run away from their responsibilities and step back when need arise and behave with bad attitude with me and my family, he stands by his own family and to cover up the misdeeds of his family he can accuse me and my family with all sorts of incidents he creates in his brain and utters swear words in order to hit emotionally and make us stop arguing! now my heart is numb. I don't want his love any longer. I don't expect anything good from his side. All I want is to be happy and peaceful and my happiness doesn't lie in his behavior and treatment towards me. dear God, he used so many derogatory statements towards me. He mocked me, used too much of swear words and literally killed my self respect and confidence in every possible way. dear God, you are almighty. Please make me successful, happy and strong. My answers to him for his accuses and bad behaviors must be my success, happiness, wealth and a good social status. I don't know how to go for the'se. But I am sure that you will definitely show me a path to achieve my goal. Please always be on my side and guide me. Thank you.
Letter 20176
February 24, 2019, 12:00 am
Brian James
Lord just wanted to say thank you and bless the people who go out and rescue wild animals like the elephant raju in india. They do such great work rescuing elephants and other wild animals. Rescuing animals is what I would love to do Lord that is why I hope my sauce takes off and I get a lot of orders for it and for sure it will change my life for the better. Then I would have the money to go all over the world and help animals and people. Thank you Lord. Brian
Letter 20175
February 23, 2019, 11:05 pm
Brian James
Dear Lord: just wanted to write you a short letter for I know you are very busy. I am so grateful for my sister, you made her well and I thank you Lord. Lenard will be back soon from florida and I hope he has good news about selling my sauce to the cruse lines, that would for sure change my life. I could really start doing my animal rescue and I would really want to help children who are in need. Watching the you tube video's on animal abuse just weigh's my heart down and then to read about children being abuse by there parents or who ever they really need help from everybody that cares about children Lord. tonight Lord I was thinking about my friend who passed away a few months ago, bill died from cancer. He just went to the doctor for a check up and they found the cancer and only gave him only a few weeks to live. Bill was a ex marine like myself Lord and that along with being one of my oldest friends makes his passing a hard thing to accept but I guess that is life. Lord I am really nerves about what kind news lenard found out in florida, I sure hope it is good news. There are a few things I would do around the house and then sell the house and buy a house with hundreds of acre's to start my animal preserve, I would take in every animal that needs a home and food and some one who would care for them. Thank you Lord for everything you have given me also thank you for your son Jesus who died and the cross for the sins of man, Jesus will always be my hero. Your humble servant brian
Letter 20174
February 23, 2019, 10:17 pm
Jai Bhagwan, Jai 33 Carore Devi & Devta. Aum
Dear God, thank you, please forgive me/us, bless and guide us. Amen
Letter 20173
February 23, 2019, 9:29 pm
My dearest heavenly father, the one who watche's over me, the most merciful and compassionate father, the one who is not easily moved to anger, good morning and thank you for my life. my Lord and my God, please forgive my sins; forgive me for taking you for granted; forgive me for every unfaithfulness and disobedience; forgive me my secret faults and hidden sins and wash me with the blood of Jesus; restore me and make me whole again in Jesus mighty name. I just want to dwell in your presence; I want you to hide me under your wings in Jesus mighty name, amen. please, my heavenly father, I have so many debts and my creditors are on my neck. Forgive me for accumulating so many debts. Help me, my father, help me, yahweh, to repay my debts; I just want to be debts free. I cannot pay my rents or live a comfortable life. I need a total of 10 million to settle my debts. I know nothing is impossible with you neither is anything is too hard for you. Father, I desperately need the money now. While you are preparing to bless me, please touch the hearts of my creditors especially n. To be patient and gentle with me. Save me from humiliation and disgrace in Jesus mighty name. please, father, c. Owes me money for over 4 years today. Please, speak to her heart to repay my money so that I can settle other debts. my father, touch papa sna who is sick to recover fully. Let your mercy speak for him in Jesus name, amen. I promise to always love you; I love you, Jesus. from your lovely daughter destiny.
Letter 20172
February 23, 2019, 5:31 pm
Mataji Jai Ho
MatajI thank you, sorry please forgive me/us, bless and guide us/me. JaI 33 carore devI ana devta. HarI aum.
Letter 20171
February 23, 2019, 9:40 am
Renae Forbes
Dear God I need you to provide three thousand nine hundred and eight nine do for me can you please provide right away now so that I can get the money and give it uncle aldane I have waited so long and now I can't wait any longer for it to come thank you so much God it will make me so happy to get batteries
Letter 20170
February 22, 2019, 10:10 pm

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