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Letter 10472
Dear God, I am 11 years old, as you know. I just wanted to thank you for all my friends and my family members. I feel like a am going to have a wonderful Christmas. I cannot wait to celebrate your son's life! I am struggling a little bit with friends.... I feel like some may be traitors. I am not thinking too well right now. I am falling into the hole of popularity. I want clothes, a phone, and more more friends whether they are even good friends. I have 2 wonderful friends that I would never give up. They are my whole life. I wish to have the clothing and things like that but I want to be ME. I have so many different personalitys and it can vary so much on the people I am around. I want to be with the people that bring out the best like my best friends and the boys that don't care what you wear. They problem is i'm just itching to be that popular girl. But I'm realizing more and more I can get rid of it. I'm not too good for my friends. And you, God, will help me out. Thank you so much. I do realize the person reading this on earth is indeed not God, but I do know god is reading this right now up in heaven! I love you. And whoever is reading this, you are beautiful and remember to give your worry's to God.
December 11, 2018

Letter 10471
Thank you kind Lord, Aum Namo Shiva !!
December 11, 2018

Letter 10467
Good Morning Dear God !, Thank you for all i have and am well at movement. Thank you kindly for my family and their health, We beg thy.s forgiveness and pray that let us win only if you win in the process. Amen, Aum
December 11, 2018

Letter 10456
Kind and Loving God, Thank you. Jai Bhagwan! Amen Aum

Letter 10455
Dear God, I want to pray for you people with cancer please help those people in your hands

Letter 10454
Jai Bhagwan, Dear God, Thank you and please lets win. Jai Hanuman Ji

Letter 10453
Jai Bhagwan, Dear God, Thank you and please lets win. Jai Hanuman Ji

Letter 10452

Letter 10451
Jai Mataji! Please bless me and Lets win Mata. Aum

Letter 10450
Please help me to see clearly and understand what it is I should be doing. Things are a bit tough at the moment and I don't seem to be able to see a clear path or answer to the problems.

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