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Many years ago I saw a TV program about Dead Letter Rooms. These are places in Post Offices where letters which cannot be delivered end up.

In these rooms a surprising number of letters are simply addressed to God. In fact in a post office in Jerusalem they have a special category just for God's letters. The idea stayed with me and fascinated by what these letters might contain. I came up with the idea to offer a site where people could Post a Letter to their God.

Armed with a very basic knowledge I set up a simple website which allowed people to post a letter and Read Letters left by others.
I was keen to always say to your God meaning a God personal to your particular religion or faith. You may have seen the small print at the bottom of the site which says Letter to God is not affiliated with any particular religious or political organization. It really is true it's not.

Interestingly the very first post at the site was signed from Satan, which made me smile, I think I replied with "Wow that didn't take you long" but what began to follow was moving, funny, frightening and very exciting.

Many people have posted and re posted over the months and what emerges is the story of peoples lives. Their fears their happiness their day to day struggles.

As the site grew I began to realise that it was becoming a catalogue of the human condition and that basically the letters, regardless of what country you were posting from, fell into a number of categories. This led me to want to present the letters in this form.

I needed help with this so I advertised for someone who understood databases and coding to work with me to develop the site. I decided that I was willing to pay for this as Letter to God was I felt an important resource and worth the investment. I was astounded when I was contacted by a young man who offered his services entirely free.

Together we have developed the site and now you can view peoples letters sorted into themes. I invite you to contact me if there are things you would like to see at Letter to God.

Letter to God is important to me in ways I don't fully understand yet. It has taken on a life of it's own and is growing. Thank-you for visiting and sharing Letter to God.

Letter to God is not affiliated with any religious or political group
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