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Gold Angel Letter to God began in August 2005.
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Many people have written and re-written over the months and what emerges is the story of peoples lives. Their fears, their happiness, their day to day struggles.

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Sunday January 22, 2017 -9:43

Come and post your prayer at sendtogod.com. Where there is no or little advertisement and we guarantee your prayers will reach God's ears. Don't waste your time on fake sites.

--no name sender--

Sunday January 22, 2017 -9:39

Please help me help with everything .I need help from you. im confused again.Please dont let it happen to me just like before.Please return me to myselgf my hest self before this happen.

--no name sender--

Sunday January 22, 2017 -9:36

Please stop this. I want it forever gone not temporarily.Why must so hard to sleep no it beyond hard it just cant sleep when i need or i want to.I was a little bit relieved on a couple of months 6 or month before and i thought it gone so why must the insomnia come back?
Pleas3 god help me get rid of my insomnia forever and made me forget about it ever.

--no name sender--

Sunday January 22, 2017 -9:31

Why does this site have so much advertisement? Is this site truly sending the prayers to you God? Or is it just the devils tool to make money for someone who really doesn't care for anything but money just like Bernard Madoff. Looks like most people who post here have sold their souls to Satan with their selfish requests and ignoring the fact this site is most likely the devils tool to build his numbers of legion.

--no name sender--

Sunday January 22, 2017 -7:11

God I'm so tired of feeling lonely I know I need to work on myself and focus on things i need to get done but why is it that no relationship ever works out I feel like a try so hard and I keep getting hurt no matter who I choose I'm hurting inside I know things will get better one day. I just want to find happiness in all aspects of my life


Sunday January 22, 2017 -4:31


God i always think of getting closer to you when i still in University. I always pray until i graduated and everything just look fine. However, i stop praying after i start working.I am lost in my life. Everyday i feel anxiety, depression and stress about everything. Life don't give me a easy way to live on and sometime i start wondering God existence. Why bad or non god believer are somehow live better than a sincere Christian or a good guy? What is your plan or actually YOU do not exist?All the cruelty of life that i experience in society have shaken my faith to GOD. If you do exist and have read my letter to you, please let me have inner peace and able to go through all difficulties in life.

Gurinder singh

Sunday January 22, 2017 -3:34

Dear God i am so sorry that i always disturbed you for small things i know i am failure in life and weak in everything god i understand everything i am not good like other and not even intelligent thatswhy all leave me one day. God i always yelled at others without any reason and it was all my fault that i dreamed big that you may love me and will give me all things best. I dont deserves happiness in life. God please last time i want to write you a letter please if you cant send victoria in my life again atleast do something so that i completly forget about her please god i request you please i want to completly forget about her as it makes me feel bad. I dont want any remembrence of her please god i beg you i am really in problem help me please do something that at night i forget everything of past i know i am not good i am sinner but help me please help me....help me


Sunday January 22, 2017 -3:20

I guess its meant to talk all day I just woke up and back to talking so I guess I better not open my mouth,I can't be joking because im not a comdain.

--no name sender--

Saturday January 21, 2017 -22:30

Aap har bar nere sath aisa kun krte ho mujhe smjh ni aata ab dhruv ne baat bnd krdi yaarrr na aap mujhecsundar hone dere na aap kisi aise ladke ko bhj re ab dhruv ne baat bnd kun ki u knw na i have soft corner for good looking guys toh y dnt they have soft corner for me...aapse itne din se request kr ri hun ki bhagwan ke naam pe 1 msg bhjdo uska aap meri sunn hi ni re ab aisi situation nei toh pgk hi jeh ksungi na aao bhi kun partialyt ni krte kuch ladkio ko sundar bhi bnate ho intelkigent bhi rich bbi ache dost bhi or mujhe??? Mere doston ka te tak ni pta ki mere sath rhenge ya nhi or aapko kya probln ths mere dhruv ki dosti shi jaari thi kyaa dikkat thi apko aap ye smhgao mujhe merko ye btao mai logo ke kiye marti katt ti rhti hun mere liye koi aisa kun ni krta koi mujhe mere jitna oyaat ya dosti kun ni krta aapke aqfe har cheez ki bheekh maang kr thak chuki hun mai thak tiredddd bd krooo pls help meee plsss

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