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Gold Angel Letter to God began in August 2005.
In this time thousands of people have written
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Many people have written and re-written over the months and what emerges is the story of peoples lives. Their fears, their happiness, their day to day struggles.

Letters Sent In The Last 12 Hours

Yo baby Girl

Monday September 22, 2014 -23:32

Dear Lord Jesus<br /><br />Thank you for every thing that u have done in my life, i am extremely happy for all the blessing i have received from you.<br /><br />Thanks for an Understanding husband, thanks for our Marriage, u know sometimes i just wonder that i will forever going to need u all the days of my life. In bad and in good times.<br /><br />when i need advice, favor i simply connect with u, by praying u know i just realize that curses have started now as my Dady is prepared to box all the money.. for our coming ceremony, u hear him what he said? he said that cannot be asked if a Father Box all the money by drinking it all. it doesn't matter. that means he doesn't care about my wedding.<br /><br />Why u say Men are head of house while they abuse that power? if i done ask where is the money for my ceremony who is going to help me on that day because i am alone.. no one is working? i really get a comfort knowing that u will help me.<br /><br />i dont think that u become happy when u see male abuse the title of being a head of the house, u define in the bible what is the responsibility/ Role of that. <br /><br />i place every thing in your hands, thanks because i was calm when talking to him, he is full of lies.. but u place your Mighty Angel next to me, and u help me to speak whats in my heart.<br /><br />Thank you, Please protect my mom from his evilness. let him see her and be afraid of her. right away send your Angels to protect her from him.<br /><br />All the curses... remove it in the name of Jesus Christ.

<a href="mailto:Holylifiefy">&lt;a href=&quot;mailto:roe.kaitlyn@ymail.com&quot;&gt;Kaitlyn&lt;/a&gt;</a>

Monday September 22, 2014 -23:31

Hey god I really need help !!! I have a lot going on and I need you I know I have messes up in the past and I'm still messing up but I'm just asking for forgiveness !!! Please I know I've said sorry so many time and I'm sure your getting tired of hearing it but I really am sorry !! I really do love you and want you in my life !!! Please forgive me


Monday September 22, 2014 -23:31


Why dont you listen to me and showing me that you dont give a damn?! I am tired of thinking when mikhai mano be aramesh e abadi beresooni! Khosh be halet k niaz nadari be chizi k dark koni hale adamo! Saadatie bi niazi. Nmidoonesti bedoon!


one small bhakt

Monday September 22, 2014 -22:11

dear go please help me, I am desperate my parents want me to marry a girl of their choice, but I don't want to marry her, please god help me in this matter, dear god, I am helpless in this matter, only you the almighty can help me other wise I don't have any one to help me, god please help me don't leave me alone in this cruel world

<a href="mailto:Holylifiefy">Terrill Crookshank</a>

Monday September 22, 2014 -21:06

Francis Street,Terrell Texas.... Holy ghost. In Jesus name I come to you about... Terrill TC/Relic

Terrill Crookshank

Monday September 22, 2014 -21:03

Gods signature. I come to you about Holy ghost in Jesus name. Terrill TC,/Relic


Monday September 22, 2014 -18:44

I Don't know that do I believe in you or not because the problem happening with my life are worst it makes me believe that you doesn't exist but when I see u a hope in my eyes that you really do some favor for me.... make me out of this hell please I cant bear it any more all the things going wrong I did not do anything wrong at all so of whom mistakes I have been punishing help me.... please


Monday September 22, 2014 -17:53

Dear God,is me again.Ke tla go wena letsatsing la ka jeno,ke tla ka di theto le di tebogo go tsohle tse o ntirelans tsana,my life and the protection.They have phone my reference this morning and God everything is in your hands.I trust and believe in you with all my heart.Good God I know your thoughts are not my thoughts,but Lord I pray and ask and surrender this thoughts of ETC interview in your hands.God bless evry man who will be doing the final decisions.I am asking all this in Jesus name.


Monday September 22, 2014 -17:15

GOD ALMIGHTY...Help me........help me ...help me ...

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