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Many people have written and re-written over the months and what emerges is the story of peoples lives. Their fears, their happiness, their day to day struggles.

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Divine Knowledge

Friday July 29, 2016 -13:29

God needs you to accept your life of suffering, pain, misery, loneliness, sickness, death, unemployment, homelessness, poverty and every bad fortune that has been preordained by God so that he may bless his chosen few with a carefree life of happiness, many relations, good health, long life, mansions, great wealth and all good fortune. He must do this to put the universe in perfect balance. However there are those who are defiant and keep demanding for their demonic desires to be granted by God. And those are the ones weakening God in his fight to keep Satan from ruling the world. Just look today and you will see on television a show that makes Lucifer into a crime solving detective superhero who is good and God being the bad guy. A new generation will believe this and further imbalance the universe to give Satan all powers over God and command of the world. Remember that this could have happened 2,000 years ago if Jesus didn't accept his suffering and instead gave into his demonic desires. Do what Jesus did and accept your life of suffering to help God keep the universe in perfect balance to stop Satan from ruling the world. Doing otherwise will only quicken the end of days and your place in purgatory will be replaced with hell. Help God balance the universe by accepting your preordained life of suffering and not be tempted by Satan with your demonic desires. Don't be like Adam and Eve and fall into tempation by the serpent. Don't be like the people of Sodom and Gomorrah and end up on God's wrong side. Accepting your life of suffering will free you from the clutches of Satan.

God's little helper.

Friday July 29, 2016 -12:54


Keratinous has to do with hair follicles. But if you mean keratoconus then you have options like using contact lenses or corneal ring implant or corneal transplant. Ask you doctor more about these so God can guide you to the right choice for your condition. Sitting around and do nothing will only further your condition and could eventually lead to blindness.


Friday July 29, 2016 -12:53

Hey God, I just want to say thank u. Please give me patience. I need u. Don't abandon me. You made me and brought me. I didn't come here to fail. I came here to exalt your name and Glorify you. It's not easy and I'm sorry for my faults but help me be the best I can be. I love you. In Jesus name. Take care of my family back home. I miss them and it's hard ok. I try to make myself seem strong let me
Know ur with me. I love you. Goodnight.

Terrill TC

Friday July 29, 2016 -11:54

H's and T's of cardio arrest... I come to you about in Jesus Christ name!! Terrill TC!

Terrill TC

Friday July 29, 2016 -11:53

H's and T's of cardio arrest... I come to you about in Jesus Christ name!! Terrill TC!

Terrill TC

Friday July 29, 2016 -11:44

Our Magnetic Properties Mind Goes Haywired... And your Left flank into 2007-2016.. I come to you about in your name Jesus Christ name!! Terrill TC!

--no name sender--

Friday July 29, 2016 -11:39

Dear God,

Whatever your path is for me, whatever it is, I will do it. I am happy now, but my mom seems to not care. I hope that whoever I fall in love with, regardless of their color that my family may learn to accept because we are all made of one blood. I pray that I may move on, and same for anthony as well.

Terrill TC!

Friday July 29, 2016 -11:02

Ride Out Your Storm.... 16 letters... You gave me when up there with you for 2016... Dirty water wanting to hang out clean water..... Clean Water into Clean Water Dirty Water into Water... I come to you about in your name Jesus Christ!! Terrill TC!


Friday July 29, 2016 -10:48

Dear God its me again! Thank you for this far you have brought me, thank you for everything you will continue to do in my life. God I still badly need your healing hands to touch me and set me free for am suffering, please God the bible says by his stripes am healed, let your word come to pass in my life. Bless me with a family LORD for your word says go ye and fill the earth. Father your child is in dire need come to my rescue and deliver me 100%! LORD you know me in and out please please please answer my prayer. in JESUS MIGHTY NAME I PRAY AND BELIEVE AMEN!

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