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Gold Angel Letter to God began in August 2005.
In this time thousands of people have written
to God and thousands more have visited.

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Many people have written and re-written over the months and what emerges is the story of peoples lives. Their fears, their happiness, their day to day struggles.

Letters Sent In The Last 12 Hours

yo little Princess

Thursday July 24, 2014 -1:57

Dear Lord

I Am not telling u often that i feel your Love, and i love u so much.

When i say i love u Lord, i really mean it. I love u when i am in trouble, sad, hurt, misrable, happy, suceeding in life. I even love u when i am confused, and things get tough... i still love u.

I Love u even now, i am sick.... i love u even more, bcs i know that u will heal me, no one will stand yo way.

Sometimes, i loss my mind and have feeling that i need to visit u, but reality stricks.. i say to myself, where a my going to visit him i am on earth Ain't I?

Thank you for good and bad times.


Thursday July 24, 2014 -1:25

My heavenly father am writting you this letter first is to thank you for the far you have brought me without you i couldnt be where i am now .Thank you my God. Secondly i would like to confess my sins to you and am asking for your forgiveness my heavenly dad, Mostly you well know that offlate my life has been very difficult financialy dear God show some mercy to me because am suffering so much since i lost lmy job months ago,my life isstuck and am very stressful my Lord there is this interview i ve been very y earning and by your grace i was invited all i want is that job my God ,it will put end to my suffering and an end to job search. please my heavenly father give me that job anf i ll be your dedicated servant . Autosueco is the company i wqnt to be for the rest of my employment years please my Lord just say it and it ll come to happen dear God. bless me and each and every effort of my hands let me have a breakthrough in all positive thing i do. in your sons name Jesus christ our saviour i pray and believe, Ngai wakwa ninjetereire. AMEN


. . .

Thursday July 24, 2014 -1:00

Dear, Lord Jesus Christ!

I am so sorry for being me. I just can't help liking such disturbing stories. I enjoy reading scary and disturbing books. I feel guilty coz my sister told me not to watch or read things like that. Anyway, I just hope that you do not leave my side at all times. I have no ideas why I am interested with ghost and scary. I am sure that as long as you are by my side, nothing bad will happen to me. I would like to thank you too for saving me and my friends yesterday. It was scary, but I think it was not our time yet. I just hope that I have more time to spend on Earth so I would have more time to convince you that you should accept me in heaven. Thank you for watching over us and I hope that you would never get tired of it. Please take care of my sister, too. May she arrive home safe tonight. This is my prayer in Jesus name, amen!



Wednesday July 23, 2014 -23:07

Dear Lord Krishna,

You know what i'm going through. i have cried and begged You to please let him come back in my life. Please Lord. I am scared without him. Please let him come back into my life quickly without hurting anyone. Please. I cant hold it Lord. It is very difficult for me. PLease come and atleast sit by my side. Plese show me any sign that you would give him to me. PLease i love him so much. he makes me so happy adn wonderful,and beautiful. I know he loves me too but because of her he cant. Thats why he asked me to see as his best friend in the whole world. thats because he doesnt know what to do either. he believes its impossible. but i know anything is possible for You Lord. Anything!! then i want him back. i want him as my husband and happily togeher just as we were before. he might get angry but he told me that day adn YOu did hear hims aying that he still loves me as he had always. he told me in my arms he sees heaven. he has always told that he should have married me. it was my mistake. i lost that opportunity. plese Lord please give me 1 more opportunity. 1 more chance to have him back in my life. please give him to me quicly before everything becomes too late. i know You have your own time my Lord but still i feel so hopeless na desperate and everythign seems to be going out of my hands. i dont want to hurt anybody.without hurting anyone i want him back my Lord. I am yoyr daughter aren't I? please then...please give me what iw ant. pleae give my love back to me. i now he loves me a lot and wants to come back but he doesnt know what to do. i dont wan tot try any spells as i am afraid. i knwo You can see the greater picture but still i know that our life together would be awespome. i dont want another man in my life/. i wil not let him touch me if that happens!!! i know it will not happen because i will get my love back rihgt Lord? he's leaving now..please give him bavk to me...please protect him. please i beg of You my Lord. Your the only one who can help me. Your my only hope. PLease atleast give me sihgn yo'll give him to me. I cant wai for that day whe our marriage would e fixed. that day when i know he'll always be mine. that day i'll come running to you!! i'll come and kissu You and hug You!! i would foreve be greatful!! i am sorry for all the sins i hav committed. Please forgive me. Pelase.....I love him Krishna...i love him and he loves me too...and i want him back.

Your daughter,friend,the one who relies on you for everything


Wednesday July 23, 2014 -22:42

Hi God

Help me to get that very important deal together, help me to make great business, give me luck and lots of huge opportunities, I believe in you and you will do it, help me to make lots of money enough to buy my home and help my children too, also help us to walk the correct path, give us lots of joy, health and take cAre of us all, protect us from harm please. Love you

--no name sender--

Wednesday July 23, 2014 -19:45

thank u god for hearing my prayers and punishing them but
this is not enough for them so punish that bro and sis more
and that girl's husband should give divorce to her. Their
life should spoil.

--no name sender--

Wednesday July 23, 2014 -16:30

Hi god,
I don't want to tell what happened in my life till now,you would have seen everything as you only wrote my life story.You have given lots of twist and turns in my life.But I con't understand only one thing what you want me to do?why you are giving me this much pain.Please help me to come out of this.only you can help me


Wednesday July 23, 2014 -16:27

Dear Lord,
I thank you so much for all that you've done and given me my whole miserable life. I'm not worthy of you nor all that you've done for me. I'm sorry that I cannot rejoice for I see how much I have let you down my whole life. I'm truly sorry with every fiber of my being. Please forgive me, Lord? This wretched soul. I love you Lord.


Nathaniel Cannon

Wednesday July 23, 2014 -12:33

Dear Holy Father God

The last time I contacted you, it was about what life was going through & about me being scared & intimidated by women. Now I really you to help me gain the proper & maximum strength for me to change up my body style. I like who I really am but I know that without you and your son I'm nothing. It's really challenging to change from a medium-sized obese guy to a very natural muscular guy. I know I have to train hard but only you both can give me the best help you can give me so that I could go up against any odds. Life around all of us around the world has a very big weight balance between good & evil. People judge people on what they look like so that they could feel better about themselves. I just wish that people would just accept anyone for who they are and just follow up with them without being judgemental. Another thing for me to ask you; that may seem & feel a little strange but I wish that you can motivate me into having a bigger booty. I know it's a really weird thing that I'm requesting but I want my butt to become from the obest size & weight to a very muscular one. I'm not trying to have a female's charcteristic or even their personalities; I'm a really big fan of shaking my own booty my way. I just hope that you can help my booty become as big & strong as it can possibly. I just want to show the world that I have a booty & a 22 year old man wants to twerk it for them. Their are many things that love in life besides playing video games, play fighting, watching tv, & bad movies. I just love doing different things that could surprise me like booty shaking and other things I might end up doing in the future. I'm truly being mysels as well as say everything that comes to mind. I'm a straight person who does most things that you & your son wants me to do so that I could be on your rightful sides of like. I trust the both of you and that's a real promise. One last thing about you helping me build a better booty is to say that I wish that I can show you the love of twerking and maybe give a little demonstration to help you see what I'm really talking about. I wish that their was a very strong effective way for me to exercize the right way onlike how other people who cheat in exercising. So, what do you think about my booty currently; does it look nice the way it is or does it really need work so that my butt can be a big & killer one. The right motivation, courage, & heart from you is all I need for me to look like a much more bigger & stronger self. I will always leave my soul with both you & your son Jesus no matter what. I trust you both with my life after helping me in the past. Without you both I'm absolutely nothing. That's how I want to live life when I'm with you.

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