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Gold Angel Letter to God began in August 2005.
In this time thousands of people have written
to God and thousands more have visited.

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Many people have written and re-written over the months and what emerges is the story of peoples lives. Their fears, their happiness, their day to day struggles.

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Sunday December 21, 2014 -0:20

Maa kya insaan tumse bda ho gya h...ab wo decide krega ki mera future h ki nhi uske sath...maa is baat ko jhutlaa do...mai bhut visvaas krta hu
Aap k siwa kisi ki baat pe visvaas nhi hota...plzzz ye baat sach mat hone dena...mera bhi future h na uske sath...mai bita paugaa na apna jeewan us ke sath...maa mere sath rahna mere vivaas mat tootne dena maa..


Sunday December 21, 2014 -0:09

Papa Jesus,
Maraming salamat po at maayos ang ga laro ko sa basketball ;) hehe. Papa Jesus sana po pla maayos na bukas ung sa bata ah. Please :) kayo na pong bahala ah :* maraming salamat po :*


Saturday December 20, 2014 -23:38

Dear God

NO diseases in life never and no diseases in life either for my family never. No cancer, no stroke, no heart attack, no diabetics, no gall stones, no gall bladder, no high blood pressure, no Alzmehemer disease, no ulcers, no parkinson's disease, no blindness, no heat stroke, no heart disease, no bypass surgery, no heart failure, no kidney stones, no kidney failure, no diaysis, no blood clots, no blood disorders, no hospitals, no infections, no back problems, no surgery, no transplants, no rare diseases, no breast cancer, no colon cancer, no liver cancer, no blood cancer, no stomach cancer, no lung cancer, no pancreatic cancer, no prostate cancer, no brain cancer, no lymporia, no cancers nothing and no accidents or injuries in life never and no accidents or injuries in life either for my family never. I want to have normal vision left eye cornea problem and never go blind never. I have keratoaconus nine years now. I have blured vision. I need cure and healing now and never go blind never. I want to lose weight. I want to win lotto also. I want to meet nice women now. I never had girlfriend and never married. I am nice guy. I am catholic. I go to church every sunday and pray everyday. I wish I wasn't disabled anymore. NO more terroism in the world and pray for peace in the world now. No more earthquakes, hurricanes, torodoes, snowstorms and no more bad weather either.


Saturday December 20, 2014 -23:30

He meri maa mere bhole nath
Hey pita parmeshwar

Kyu mere sath itna bura ho rha h kya mai itna bura hu...mjhe is sawaal ka jwaab nhi mil rha mjhe samjh nhi aa rha kuch...aap kyu sath nhi ho mere kyu itni takleef de rhe ho...meri takleef kam kro mere maa me khuda meri takleef kam kr....mere sath do mera sath do


Saturday December 20, 2014 -22:45

Dear God

Please watch over by little baby boy Daniel. Please always keep him safe from all harm. Thank you so much for giving us the blessing of being his parents. Love you so much and we will always be thankful. Please also watch the entire family And thanks again for everything.



Saturday December 20, 2014 -19:53

Dear God,
Give me the strength to have faith in you again, in these hard times of my youth. To some my struggles may seem minuscule, but I know what does not kill you makes you stronger. Although, I am 18 years of age I have grown up in a very Catholic household and had a very strong faith. I fell off my relationship with God in my late teenage years. I am a freshmen in college who has felt severe loneliness. I have had doubts about the school I am enrolled too, and am in need of Your guidance God... to help me find where I belong. I am struggling confiding in the love I have for my best friend, who has drawn me very far away from God and I know I don't want to give up on him. I need Your strength Lord to get me through these hard times. I have been suffering belemic attacks due to lack of confidence. I believe I have been drawn down by my friend I am talking about. I want positive change and I believe that the best way to start is allowing God back into my life. My biggest prayer is guidance on what to do in these situations. I need strength, hope for the future, faith and saving...


Saturday December 20, 2014 -19:29

Dear god I pray to ask that you gives us these gifts like becoming heroes,turning Rebecca hell into sailor moon and moon princes for real life and that my boyfriend Alex Mcinnes becomes tuxedo mask in real life and my good friend Amanda Hintz becomes sailor mars in real life and my friend Rebecca Mackrow becomes sailor Jupiter in real life and my good friend Molly becomes sailor mercury and my other good friend Emily Baylis becomes sailor Venus so please give us these gifts as our destiny we won't let you Down my lord of the heaven ;)

--no name sender--

Saturday December 20, 2014 -17:21

Dear God,

I know that Isaac likes me. I hear it every single day. I see it in his actions. I tell my friend to directly give him subtle hints that I also like him back as well, but he just does not get it. I feel like he thinks it's too good to be true. Too good to be true that I can fall in love with him. Well I never thought I was going to fall in love with him, but something happened. I am in love with my best friend. God please give Isaac the strength to ask me out already... He is so slow.

Also God... Please let me get into Berea God. Please.

Also God... I really don't want to go to this debut... But anyways thank you for everything ! I love you.


Saturday December 20, 2014 -13:51

Hey it's me again just wanted to thank u for all u have done for me I am truly bless. But some things in my life feel incomplete and don't know why god for once I would like to be happy in my life but it seems like i can't alot of things in my life is not letting me feel that way i just want you know as long as i got you i'm happy and that's all that matter Amen

Love Always Shamyia :)

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