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Gold Angel Letter to God began in August 2005.
In this time thousands of people have written
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Many people have written and re-written over the months and what emerges is the story of peoples lives. Their fears, their happiness, their day to day struggles.

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Monday July 6, 2015 -15:49

Dear Allah,

Thank you for looking out for me. I have been through alot in the recent past and these never ending trials have broken my spirit, but I still wake up in the morning and I have good health. I wish You could talk back to me. I wish You I had a confirmation that You have heard all I have said. I wish for so much more. Ya Allah, I have been told that nothing is too much for You. I have been asking You for this trial to end. I am reaching a point where I dont give a **** anymore. You have seen what is in my heart and You alone know what were my intentions. Please if there is even a little bit authenticity to this website, or the idea of writing a letter then please please HELP ME. I love You, not cause You always help me, but because I just do.

Good Night.


Monday July 6, 2015 -14:59

Dear God... While I know this sounds horrible I would like to ask that you get my husband through this surgery better than he is now... Or not at all. I do not think he could live with more pain than he has now and would be more miserable. We are ready for whatever your choosing is. But please lord make the decision a good one. Take him to your arms if he will not come out better. He's ready as am I.


Monday July 6, 2015 -10:37

Dear God

No diseases in life never and no diseases in life either for my family never. I want to have normal vision left eye cornea problem and never go blind never. I need cure and miracle now. i want to lose weight. I want to win lotto also. NO more terroism in the world and pray for peace now. No more earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and no more bad storms either.


Monday July 6, 2015 -9:36

Why don't you answer my prayers?

Terrill TC

Monday July 6, 2015 -6:51

Holy ghost/Holy spirit, I receive that when come proverbs 11:1 'faire scaled' You were ministering How on the other hand children who do not go through a traumatic experience for example, enjoy a childhood in a two parent home free from overall instability are more likely to have positive self-esteem, better social skills, and the ability to empathize with others. They are more protective from adverse outcomes such as poverty ,behavioral issues substance abuse, unplanned pregnancy and crime. Whatever the cause these experiences do have a lasting impact on our children and ultimately play a significant role in shaping their lives.. King Jesus you and your King Sphere came so close to me that night when I was rushed to the hospital only a second grader in elementary school Catholic school at that plus you and your penis God given and my penis 'me sounding like a father here'.. where actually in very close arm length distance' me able to catch the cause and effect of your radiance presence coming so close. Your bible speaks that it's the greatest in Heaven and in earth. And so going over my 39 years being in your earth as Human given the description of sex is a necessity.. There is that night that you came so close to me and now how sex had been flocking come my life every since 'like caught on camera and all'... There is psalm 10:17 You here, O ,Lord the desire of the afflicted, you encourage them, and you listen to their cry... The desire here being your second covenant come the truth of my sex life since I been born. And how like the forefathers I was about to close your bible because they couldn't grasp why did you allow the fatherless 'how cruel' an expression. But before they did they came across 'you brought relief to the fatherless and then you give them proof.. There was the sharing of my first 17 years being complete used as proof. This being how it was given to me. I was about to close the book I couldn't grasp why you allowed my sex life to be of a virgin status and at the same time gave criticism every sexual criticism remark under the sun. You in your scriptures ministered to me where you had these virgins as I believe you share it's two set's of them.. Come what you was doing with them... Which takes me back to psalm 10:17 you encourage them. Encouraged I continued on to understand that Traumatic events in childhood. Brings negative consequences later in life. In adulthood these children are most likely to experience mental health and substance abuse, engage in sexual promiscuity and have a poor overall physical health creating both directly environment that produce harmful experiences.. Hi Terrill I'm Immanuel.. This rhyme.. In comes the explicit environment. Your radiance presence is the greatest in the earth and in Heaven. In close arm length distance when you spoke Hi Terrill I'm Immanuel.. In comes the engaging in promiscuity sex. The First personality of the Godhead permitted me to meet the second personality where given was 'Hi Terrill I'm Immanuel.. Theses two personalities sharing with me that they are my Parents, God/Heavenly Father. In comes two parents but' God/Heavenly Father. 19 and 0 was the write up about me didn't have sex come wait in till you are married the scriptures teach. And so waiting I waited while I was continuing my school at college and at night working as campus police. In come the negative consequences, Father you permitted me to get from your second personality when I was a second grader 'Hi Terrill I'm Immanuel'!! My memory was given when I was around 17 years old and 18 years old 'walking in fellowship' an the ideal of it.. In comes mental health and the ideal of it...... First place band base ball M.V.P track and field championship and etc.. The ideal of kissing dating goodbye to get it right. Princess, not a meat market, patients..... Psalms 10:17 once more.. You here, O ,Lord the desire of the afflicted, you encouraged them and you listen to their cry . On the day I was born I heard you come what you was teaching about my sex life and then there is the spirits teaching against what your teaching. Right before I came into adulthood I heard you come finding a female resemblance of me and then given it some thought come kissing and holding hands.. And when I was 19 years old I heard there 'With my wisdom I breath on you Terrill'. I come to you about in Jesus Christ name. Terrill TC


Monday July 6, 2015 -5:23

God! I'm sorry I lost my hope on you answering my prayers.. I just dont want to pray one more time and lost even more hope.. I cannot change the things you pre-planned for me no matter how much I put effort, so I just accept it. If you give me another chance, I will do my best to succeed, if not I just live with it like I did for the past years...
The last thing happened to me hurt very very very badly..

Your daughter (7)

Monday July 6, 2015 -5:21

Dear God,

I really need your help. Please help me to meet him this Tuesday because after that he will go to holiday and so do I. Please dont let them know. Ive done everything for you. Please give me a sign and make them not know everything. After that, i will be go home please bless me so he can pick me up without their known. Dont make them curious about me and stuffs. Pleaseee i wish i could be free to choose😫😫😫 I believe in you Lord


Monday July 6, 2015 -4:06

bhagwan g plz hum dono ko ek krdo hmesha k liye...sacha pyar krte h hum dono ek dusre se..plz bhagwan g me koi glt kam ni krunga i promise plz hme ek krdo hmesha k liye<br />me uske bina nai reh paa ra<br />plz god help me<br />i knw ap help kroge


Monday July 6, 2015 -4:06

please give me a sign

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