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Gold Angel Letter to God began in August 2005.
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Many people have written and re-written over the months and what emerges is the story of peoples lives. Their fears, their happiness, their day to day struggles.

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Sunday February 26, 2017 -9:11

why do you hate me? why have you made all this to me? i am not happy and you know exactly what i want.. and you took it away from me... all i have done is struggled.. i have not been happy for a very long time.... please help me

--no name sender--

Sunday February 26, 2017 -3:37

Dear Lord Jesus

What is this about?
I think she is out of her mind...

And I will take no shot from her...
I will be firm, and do what pleases me cause I hav a feeling that she crazy. Dealing with her crap... no I will rather exclude myself from being too friendly. Or too stupid... you know how she view me

Today she was disrepectful and full of herself.

She irritates me... and I don't have to for her silly behaviour.

Please excuse me

Alex Nadaf

Sunday February 26, 2017 -0:32

Dear God,
Its been a year my sister got her degree. She has been triying to get a job since then but had a hard luck each time. God recently she has been looking so dull and troubled with all the tension of future. God it looks like she has given up. She wakes late in the morning (depression) does all the chores and just watches soap operas. God do something to make her try harder she has the capability but lacks the confidence. She is not listening to me at all. Please look into this issue god she has never done anything wrong she is the kindest person i have ever known. Give me a lifetime of sorrow but God just give her one chance. Thats all she needs. Please God .


Saturday February 25, 2017 -23:33

Dear God

I am on my period and time of the month and got it today and last few days.


Saturday February 25, 2017 -23:31

Dear God

No diseases in life never and no diseases in life either for my family never. I want to have normal vision left eye cornea problem and never go blind never. I have keratoconus 11 years. I have blured vision. I need cure and now. No more terrsoim in the world and pray for peace in the world now. No more earthquakes, hurricanes, snowstorms, torodoes and no more bad weather either.


Saturday February 25, 2017 -18:39

You ever been a ugly lady,that nobody love,looks didnt fly in You direction and You didnt have the best body shape,but You Still wanted somebody to love You for you,because You were beautiful in the inside until You met me a ugly rotten man ugly on the outside,inside and all the way around, its is a ugly world

--no name sender--

Saturday February 25, 2017 -12:17

My head hurts from your bullying of me God! didn't you know it was antibullying day? Why do you still bully me since the beginning of my life? Why are you such a bully to me? Don't you regret what you are doing to me? I doubt it because you still continue to bully me. Shame on you God for doing that to me!

your child

Saturday February 25, 2017 -11:14

Dear God,

I am really upset today, my husband fights with me everyday for no reason i dont know what to do, we have too many people interfering in my life please help me that i pass this phase and become more strong. please accept my prayers and i know i am your child and you will help me with all my difficulties and bad phases.

I love you god please help me and show me the right direction.

Your child


Saturday February 25, 2017 -10:40

Dear God. I pray for people to open their eyes. I pray for people to become wiser, even on this site, people donīt know how to pray, they pray selfishly, it makes me feel sad. I pray that all these people understood that they have a responsibility for their own lives and how they act. A true prayer is not about money, or anything selfish, a true prayer is to pray for others, others who truly needs it. Do we need what we pray for??? a lot of us donīt need it. Are we homeless?, do we miss legs?, do we suffer??? These are the people who needs prayers, so God, i wish that you would rise your glory and blow your light and comfort into the people who needs it the most. I wish you would dry every tear on the suffering ones, i wish you would hold the hands of the lost, give hope where there is no hope left. Forgive us for our sins, forgive us, because we donīt know what we are doing. Have mercy on us dear lord. I love you so very much. Thank you for everything you have given to me, even every tear who has taught me things, every heartbreak, i know you have always been there and held my hand. You gave me life, my life belong to you! In Jesus name, Amen

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