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Gold Angel Letter to God began in August 2005.
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Many people have written and re-written over the months and what emerges is the story of peoples lives. Their fears, their happiness, their day to day struggles.

Letters Sent In The Last 12 Hours

Healah Anveka

Monday March 2, 2015 -17:36

Dear Lord Jesus,
I don't know where am I destined. I need to find a career to earn money a lot as well as to have a secure job. Help me to choose a career.

with love ,
Healah Anveka


Monday March 2, 2015 -16:22

God, how are you??
Me im not okay... God will you please help me.
in our punishment.. God tell me kung paano kaya babalik yung date. Kung paano kaya magiging masaya ang bawat pamilya
At my isa akong wish na sana gumaling na ang pamilya ano man ang sakit nila, i dont kung may sakit cla pero kung meron sana pagalingin mo po cla and sana manumbalik ang saya


Monday March 2, 2015 -16:18

Dear, God

I'm not the type of person to do this but i feel the need to. Not sure if you know the stress I've have been going through but i just want to tell you i have been holding up pretty good. a lot of things changed over the course of time, mostly over the past year or so; even though i seem ungrateful i thank you for introducing new people into my life even though they may seem to just want to put pressure on me, or so i think. I met this girl over the summer of 2014 it felt like i had everything and i started to feel something that i never felt before which was happiness. it fell through in November, i never thought i be the type of person to stress over a girl with past relationships and experiences but this one was different. it's not that i do not care i just choose not to show emotion maybe cause i do not want to look weak or something like that. it's kinda like a rule where i'm from to not show emotion cause it can get you killed. it's hard growing up in New York where most of the youth is stuck on violence, drugs, and other temptations i don't know how i'm gonna make it out but i learned to survive, which is too adapt. it's not my intention to hurt anyone but i guess under some circumstances things just happen to be that way. i get haunted by the mistakes i have done or by the risk i should have take mostly caused by my over-thinking. i still believe that me and her can make it work while i achieve everything i ever wanted but i get lost and nervous along the way. i have found music like most teens do as an escape or so; i write and record my own music as well as produce my own beats. i'm mostly into rap and hip hop (typical) like most kids in my area are but other music like rock seem to interest me too. i do not know why i keep thinking about my ex but i just do and i also have to deal with seeing her everyday cause yet i'm still in high school about to graduate or maybe not. ever since the breakup a lot of my peers say i act different but i see no changes whatsoever the only change i see is that i am now drug heavy. i have been abusing drugs but now it is on another level. i use to just smoke marijuana but now i have tried LSD, cough syrup, and cigarettes. i drink too, you would have thought i learned from my fathers mistakes but i guess not, i was only 14 when he got cancer now he wont even look at me. i was trying to sell the powder from my ADHD pills in school but my sister found it and gave it to my mother then gave it too my dad. i have told many lies like how i got it what i was doing with it so on and so forth. I guess you can say i wanted to show off, that's what i always want to do show off whatever i got but it's kinda hard when you barley have any money and no way to get it. My whole life i have been living lies and i can just say i wish i can be forgiven but i guess i'm in too deep. i would do anything to get my ex back and have my life in track, i even resulted to trying to sell my soul but i guess it was a failure. i don't blame you for anything that happens next, guess i deserved it , i just want to show you where i was coming from. My final thoughts, well it's both a thank you and a apology; I'm sorry that i could not see what you have blessed me with but i still thank you for it.


Monday March 2, 2015 -13:11

Dear God,
Right now I am in the search of something, happiness. I'm not sure what I need exactly to be happy and im not asking for you to give me happiness, but the resources and strength to see that my life has already given me so opportunities to be happy about. I live in a world where I am stuck in this dark whole and I just want to be happy and grateful and joyful but like a typhoon water thingy, I am being sucked in by this black whole deeper and deeper. Im on a search for happiness and strength and clarity. this has been the hardest year of my life and everything has been put into perspective. my family problems, financial problems, friend problems. when will I be happy? when I don't have problems? when will I have the strength to solve these problems. I feel trapped. I can't breathe like an anchor on me suffocating me and the more I try to save myself the harder it becomes for me to breathe. I don't want to sound like I'm ungrateful for that is not the case I am.. I just need help. help. help. I am aware that others have it worse but is that an excuse to act as if I'm fine and not upset? because I would be living a lie. I am living a lie that I need to get out of. I need your help, you know how. I can not wait for this hardship in my life to be over. I can't wait to be happy again, for my whole family to be happy again. till then I pray to you and ask you to give us all the stength to face our daily battlers. other then that I would like to thank you for all my blessings.

Kaelyn Betts

Monday March 2, 2015 -6:33

Dear God, I only have 2 wishes. I hope you can make them both come true. My first wish is: I wish to become a mermaid because I have worked so hard! I need to become a mermaid please! My second wish is: I wish I had no eczema because it has ruined my life! I am going to hate summer because of this eczema. Please Lord these are the most important wishes I want to come true please! If I was a mermaid and had no eczema I would focus on my math always be happy and be awesome and be smart but I need you to make me a mermaid and have no eczema. You're the only person who can make my wishes come true. You're the only one who can do this so please I'm begging you Lord.

Love Kaelyn AMEN

God's child

Monday March 2, 2015 -5:51

Dear God,

I feel like my life is upside down. My husband cheated on me, he said he would never do it again and asked for one more chance! I did forgive him and gave a chance. But he is still betraying me. Still in touch with women. I don't know what to do. I have kids n have to think twice to take any decision. Please help me lord!! I have been a nice wife and mother but why do I have to go thru this. You are watching everything!! Pls do something, help me!! I am very depressed!! Really lost my future is really a question mark??


Monday March 2, 2015 -5:48

Dear God ,

I have taken a decision n I hope this is written by you.I hope I m correct path chosen right direction .pls God live me n be my side . I need u the most this hour.

<a href="mailto:terrillcrookshank@gmail.com">Terrill TC</a>

Monday March 2, 2015 -5:11

Come the new era in America Terrill was born and the dragon showed up.. Terrill ended up in the Lords chamber in the 3rd realm a place we cant reach with anything in the earth money sex fame travel but here he was come Christ's family. At the finish line come Christ's family and sitting back and bask in sweet silence of a warm moment.... come 2007-2015....... Also there is . that is not what Terrill is doing a psychological experiment .God is rewarding the good he has been up to.. Also form 1976 to 2015 I never got into no real trouble using a un skewed sense of how crime fighting really works.. Also there is.. That's Incredibly foolish .. so you have no more right to privacy.. step 1 step 2 step 3... you have not been sharing no information I need to know so I get to snoop.. (crossing your crosses).... In conclusion the Art Of Illusion ... Think like true masters of illusion. When a magician wants to make sure you don't notice what he's doing with his left hand, he waves his wand with his right hand and produces a flash of light and a puff of smoke. I come to you about in the King of Kings and Lord of Lords name Jesus Christ!! Amen and thanks!!! Relic/Church Boy Nehemiah/Terrill TC

--no name sender--

Monday March 2, 2015 -5:09

Dear God,

This year started with so much optimism as I had registered with an organisation and thought I had met a good guy. But it turned out that I was too lonely and had accepted him just to fill a gap in my life. My mom and his family got deeply involved as it was a matrimony issue and in the process I started interacting with him regularly, where I started liking some of his traits and gestures. Things were not perfect between us as we did not have that connection. However, I could not adjust with his family and he posed this condition in order to go ahead with the relationship. He wouldn't even like me if I did not adjust to his circumstances and situation and his mother kept quoting how the mythical Indian 'Sita' had to sacrifice in order to get acceptance from her husband. This incident has demolished my spirits as I have just returned from a strenuous programme and trying my hands in a very demanding work environment. I feel so low and it seems my mind keeps rushing to this negative incident. I was quite anxious about things to work out as I am 29 and single. I have not been in a relationship for last 3-4 years as my career needed that kind of time. I also feel so absorbed in my own comfort level. I am scared both for being manipulated and waking up so late in this relationship (which was although 1.5 months) but too absorbing. I need a way out and I want to start dating someone soon. I am worried if I have what it takes to be a successful wife who can also do exceedingly well on the professional front. Dear God, who will I marry? I am so worried as both my parents are deeply concerned. My mother, who has raised me alone is in particular very disturbed.

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