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Gold Angel Letter to God began in August 2005.
In this time thousands of people have written
to God and thousands more have visited.

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Many people have written and re-written over the months and what emerges is the story of peoples lives. Their fears, their happiness, their day to day struggles.

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Wednesday September 3, 2014 -3:47

Dear Lord, I just wanted to come back to let my heart bleed over this letter to you. Just wanted to let you know again that I love you. Im so grateful hat my dark days are behind me - I mean when I think back to some of my past, im thankful that im not dead, in jail or I don't know where else. I could have easily been there & although it didn't seem like - even in my dark times, you were there. My dream is to be an inspiration & role model to the youth of our country. I also would love to leave a legacy that lives forever like the greats of history & I'd like to build schools and facilities for the underprivileged & come up with a solution for them to realise their own greatness. It always seems impossible until its done, right? I ask you to send me angels to hold my hand & guide me to this dream. Lord, please also send a lovely wife of the same religion to me - I pray that she's something out of another one of my dreams & that we will happily ever after. Once again - I love you my Lord... Goodnight.

Mercy upon my soul

Wednesday September 3, 2014 -2:46

Dear God: I looked into the eyes of your beautiful son Jesus today. I ask for forgiveness for what I have done, I ask for mercy and cleansing. May the blood of the spirit pour upon our home to love, protect, have good health true guidance through you and to lead us to where we need to be an to let our finances improve along with our credit. Please let my son get his drivers license and my father who is 70 decide against the major back surgery. Bless my snakes an they be well cared for by Joe. Bless the snake I have an may she be will me for life like my beloved companion deserved to be. Help me put you first, take my body to a strong fitness level, to be closer to family an friends, and I promise I will never ever take in or care for another family companion again. I am sorry lord I deserve pain and guilt. I am sorry for what I have done please forgive.


Wednesday September 3, 2014 -1:58

please god help me to get mayoclinic rochester project asap. please god help me for that long term project. i want to stay with my friend.


Tuesday September 2, 2014 -21:30

Liewe Here

Ek het so lanklaas n brief geskryf aan U ek wil net se dankie vir alles wat U vir my gedoen het,en dat U saam my was met my was en deur gewerk het met my grooste probleem ek kon dit nie doen sonder U aan my sy nie. Ek is so lief vir U en wens ek kon meer vir U doen om te wys ek is net so lief vir U soos U my het,dankie dat Here altyd daar was as ek om hulp gevra het en dat U my gebede beantwoord het.Die lewe is nie maklik nie en dis hoekom ons partykeer struikel en af dwaal,maar ons het U en dit is die beste geskenk ooit,Here ek sit my vertoue in U dat U alles sal gee waarvoor ons bid en vra en dat U vir my man sy pos sal gee waarvoor hy so hard werk,Here U is in beheer oor ons 2 se paaitjies...en ek weet dis beter as wat ons kan droom.Dankie vir U liefde en dat U altyd daar is vir my en dat ek U kind mag wees!!!


Tuesday September 2, 2014 -17:05

Good morning my Lord,

It is good to be able to write to you again. Thank you for the healing that you are bringing to my body. Thank you for the good people of the world!It is tough to return to work again and I have great expectations for myself in the future that is to come. I hope that you are still with me every day and that you hear my prayers. Lord? I am not sure if you know how I am as you have so many to listen to and help but none the less I believe you do know and that you are guiding my life to a prosperous future for my family through me.
My injuries this year have changed me. I am different.The change has also brought about a need for change in my life...

There is a possibility for change in my career coming soon and I pray for you to be there with me. It has not been an easy year my father and it looks to continue to be difficult to the end....

I am a sinner my father and this follows me everyday... it keeps me from moving forward. In the greater scheme of things me sins may be simple and petty ones compared to murder or other violent things, but you know me and how gentle my heart is.

Please give me the strength to bear my sins up to you my father and to let them go?
I need to be free to live a good life again... one without this anxiety and fear.
Please my father ... hear my prayer!
Use me to your best ends and show me how to be confident again! To be strong again! For everyone in my life!

I need to feel my worth again.... to be me again.

Please.... I know I can make a difference, I know I can...

In the name of you son Jesus I pray my prayer.

I am yours always,


Thank u Lord

Tuesday September 2, 2014 -15:46

Dear Lord Jesus

I Wanna thank u, from bottom of my heart. I realize that i am not capable in doing things on my own, every time i call up on you, i am helpless, when situations happens i think of u first.

I Wanted to get married, u bless me with marriage, now in our custom, a bride must be there to the in laws, cook, clean, iron,wash, and so on.

Pls give me strengh Lord, to be a good daughter in law. On my side let me do things well. I dont want to sin against u.

But No one should take an advantage of me, those who will think they will be Abusive to me, deal with them, embarased them, i wanna go for 3month do house chores,once or twice a month get it done with it.

Bcs im working i cannot stay there monday to monday. But i thank u so much Lord even if its bit difficult to busy doing chores in the in laws but i will do it, and get it done.

Thank u Lord. 3Months its not bad.



Tuesday September 2, 2014 -14:54

Lord, please watch me while I am having an interview today. I hope to get the job that you want for me.



Tuesday September 2, 2014 -14:31

Dear, Lord Jesus Christ!

Thank you so much for reaching me out through my dreams. I understand what you mean and I am thankful my Lord that you are giving me plenty of time to repent and go back to you. I might be forgetting you at times, and I am sorry for that. I feel bless that you talk to me and show yourself to me in my dreams. Please don't let me die na hindi pa handa Lord. I don't want to go to hell. I want to be with you in heaven. Your promise land is so wonderful and who wouldn't want that. Sana po ma feel ko yung love for you my, Lord. Sana po mahalin kita ng sobra sobra para maging karapat dapat ako sa inyong kaharian. I bless nyo rin po and family and friends ko. Again, thank you so much Lord for showing me your kindness and miracles. I am so blessed! This is my today's prayer in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, amen!



Tuesday September 2, 2014 -13:39

Dear Father, please protect my baby from any evil attack & please help get money before I give birth to pay for the hospital bills & buy enough food for myself. Please don't let me a shame your Name on that. Day give me strength to push out my princes. Amen

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